Keshe Foundation – Keshe Foundation Seminars And Teaching Program Announcement – 8 August 2012

In line with our programs and the opening of the Keshe Foundation research and development program, the Foundation has set out to prepare and publish 4 new books in PDF form.

These books are based on the published and unpublished patents of the Foundation and will become the core books for the Institute’s teaching. From now we will be teaching the full technology to those who we think are ready to learn and to add to the resources of mankind.

These books will be published in the coming months and will be made available free of charge in PDF format so that everybody on earth will have access to this knowledge at the same time. The hardback copy will be the same price as other books on the site.

Through our seminars we have learned that there are very many people who would like to be a student of the Foundation, and who are all from different technologies and disciplines. Therefore we are preparing to launch our worldwide direct teaching in the coming months.

Through our experience we have decided to bring old and new together so that people can understand the new technology and its connection and relationship with the knowledge of the past.

To this effect the Foundation is inviting world leading scientists to give a one-day conference on the old technology and it’s parallel with the new technology from the Foundation, which will be explained and taught on the same occasion.

Conference topics for example will be Tesla and his magnetic field theory and system, and the Keshe Foundation Magravs systems.

Leading scientists in MS and psychologists, doctors in different disciplines, energy scientists and plasma technology specialists and so forth will be invited in the coming months to give lectures at the Center.

The first of these one-day seminars to inaugurate the Keshe Foundation Institute teaching program will be held in September in the Foundation Center in Belgium. Our first guest lecturer will be Professor Konstantin Meyl, the eminent world renowned scientist in Tesla systems and the founder of the Scalar Waves.

This lecture will take place on Friday 21 September 2012 from 10am to 5pm. The schedule of the seminar will be published on the calendar of events next week.

There are only 100 seats available for this seminar but it will be taped and be added to the Foundation website as part of our teaching program latter on. We are ready to launch our technology on an international basis and we plan to have the seminar on livestream so that scientists around the world can participate. This will be by subscription only.

We are here to make a change and I hope that by then we will carry the governments with us. link to original article


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