Lisa Gawlas – We Have Reached The Our Goal : Peanuts And Manna To All! (Smile) – 8 August 2012

What is happening to us, energetically, inside and how is truly awe-inspiring and down right humbling!!  What is being made available to humanity now is not the effort of one person, 10 people, a hundred… but hundreds of thousands reaching for the Light of their soul thru their hearts.  And each day, more and more reach for the Light within and join the chorus of accelerated vibration that is now our collective consciousness!!

With that said, take a moment and celebrate yourself!!  Celebrate what you have done within to give such an amazing and life serving gift to ALL of humanity.  Truth be told, your effort has also been and IS a celebrated gift thru the cosmos and even back Home on the other side of the veil!

Please don’t underscore this precious moment in time and your part of getting us all to Here.  Every melt down, ache, pain, elation and so on you have endured brought all of humanity to this Heavenly point in our Story!  Thank you for all of your hard work and determination!!

Granted, it may not feel much different today than it did yesterday or last week, last month… but it IS very different.  We are now receiving an energy elixir the earth has never known before… undiluted and straight from what we would call the other side of the veil in purity!!

So what does that mean to us??  A lot!!  Of course we had to scrape the sludge from every crevice of our (earthly) Being to arrive here, now we are going into overtime to re-member exactly what this means to us and how to use it!!

But let me tell you, yesterdays connections really showed us what is happening in our present moment.  3 phone readings and one 2 hour massage, the message was pretty much the same (more or less)… WE HAVE ARRIVED AT THE FINISH LINE!!

Keep in mind we (all those who have done the inner work to fully use what is now available) have arrived in this moment of Glory uniquely.  So how this energy will unfold within you and ask you to use it, will be as unique as you are!  But here are some insights as to what is happening to all of us prepared for this amazing time!!

All three of my readings opened up at what I will call that mid-point, in an area between above and below.  We can look at it as the intersection of the figure 8, where the two circles meet in the middle.  For many, you will feel this energy deeply in your solar plexus (upper digestion and lower diaphragm.)

There were two common things happening with my first two readings, the merging of the new energy into the physical body and the body was the catalyst of of bringing this new energy deep into the earth.  The earth is taking all this new energy running thru the biology and mixing it up deep within her core and pumping it back out into creation as air.

Let me assure you, this is no ordinary air we are now breathing.  (Any one seem to be having a harder time breathing these days?  Don’t get worried, your lungs are just adjusting.  Which of course affects the heart, again, everything is adjusting.)

As with my 3rd appointment for the day, some of you may feel like you have gone completely off-line, we will just call this your complete reboot period!!

I do want to point out something really interesting with this 3rd appointment, something everyone needs to really be aware of.  In my attempt to connect to her in the reading, all I could feel was a big gray box of energy, at that mid-line point.  If I didn’t have that gray image the day prior, I know I would never have understood where she was at within her own energy field.  The entirety of her life, her energy, is completely offline and rebooting.  But there was an element I found as I kept trying to “see more” for her.  This is the important part:

There was a dark gray slide  connecting her past to her current moment of rebooting.  This “slide” only had one directional flow of energy, from her past upwards to the center of her figure 8 area.  What I clearly understand about this today is she is bringing in every single aspect of mastery from her past (collective past, not just this lifetime) but also… KEY POINT here… all the things left unaccomplished as well, which will be the first thing in our face as we come out of our reboot period.

Those unresolved worries within us!  Let me tell you, whatever may be staring you in the face to resolve, celebrate it, embrace it, and plow thru it because it means you are at the greatest breakthrough of y/our collective life(s).

Here is the bonus feature within it all, you now hold the master keys to breakthrough it all.  There is nothing being withheld from you, every key you can imagine is now strung around your heart…. USE THEM!!

Which really gives me understanding to something I experienced in between my reading appointments and my Hands of Light massage appointment.

I was down to my last two cigarettes thanx to being pinned to my seat the day before (I didn’t move or do much of anything.)  So I had a 2 hour gap in time, I decided to run to the store on the reservation to get my tax-free carton of smokes (a very short 5 mile journey.)

My drive there was uneventful.  My drive back home… filled with details!!

As I was getting closer to my home, I suddenly seen a massive network of energy sprawling in every conceivable direction.  Now considering my first appointment of the day had a basketball pole and hoop appear at the end of his reading, and the moment he mentioned the “net” of this basketball hoop… I felt the importance of the hoop (but really didn’t understand it fully until last evening, I will get to that in a moment.)

As I was driving and seeing this thick net-work of new energy what happened next was just weird.  Once again, in every direction, I could see something that looked like shelled peanuts falling out of the sky everywhere.  As I watched the rain of peanuts I realized each one found a place within the netting and housed itself there.  Altho all the peanuts had shells on them, I knew each shell contained two nuts inside the shell.  Our job now is to break open the shell and use the energy of the peanuts inside (perfectly balanced masculine and feminine energy.)

As I was watching and understanding this, a voice so clearly said “There is a new manna now available.”  Kewl beans???

Now let me go back to my first client of the day and the end of his reading.  He was brought out into a timeline that felt like mid-august where he will arrive on the other side of his 8:8 download/upload/reboot period and standing there was a basketball hoop like you would see on a playground.  A tall black pole holding a single round rim with a net hanging down.

He was holding an energy filled, gel-like ball in his right hand (the size of a basketball) and the hoop itself was about 6 inches above his face and a foot in front of him… there was no way of missing this moment in time!  His job was to place his radiant gel-ball of energy into the hoop.  I could not see a single detail beyond that.  Which also means, I didn’t understand the profound thing being shown to him either.

I do now!!

I have forgotten about the magnetic poles of intense attraction hidden in various months.  I know we have one coming up on the fall equinox, but what I never realized until last evening, we also have what I will just call the opposite pole to deal with as well.  The full on, purposeful releasing of our previously activated magnetic field.

I will do my very best to make this important footnote clear!

We are all magnetic Beings.  We attract to us what we need for our experiences. Once we have achieved that experience to the fullest, it is time to release that back into the field of energy.  Many of us brought many collective experiences to this particular timeline and now… we must deactivate that magnetic field so that we may fully and completely align to the new magnetic field of what I will just call our new life.  The new netting.

This makes sense to the hoop itself.  Circles in readings always represent endings… a cycle of completion.  He (we) must place our new energy thru the hoop of completion consciously (I have no idea how yet… gimmie time and more readings lol.)  This ball activates the new net beneath the hoop.

And we all get peanuts as a bonus!!  (giggle)

I also need to point out something from yesterdays readings too.  Our crazy timelines are vertical now instead of horizontal (for the most part.)  I am watching your work in the (perceived) future happening at the same time as your present moment.   So there is an aspect of you already looking at that basketball net and working the energy into your consciousness “now” as to how to allow all to unfold.

If you are feeling increasingly lost in time… this is why!!

Let me also include my amazing man on my massage table.  I have been working with his energy field since I moved to New Mexico about 2 years ago.  I have watched him grow and change over the years… but man oh man, energetically, he was a brand new man on my table yesterday… as so many of us are!!

He is being super infused with new energy in his throat chakra (he is an attorney by profession) but with an amazing pink in his blue throat chakra.  The pink is no longer the ordinary pink… but looks like a faceted crystal of pink.  The light that is held within the pink energy made my heart sing.  I watched as the work being done in this throat created a whole new network of energy up into his brains.  A brand new grid of radiant light infused energy.

This light infused pink was also starting to emerge outwards from his body to his physical life side.  Even the green of his base heart was no longer like the green I had become accustomed to seeing thru anyone… it was now Light infused and reminded me a cross between an emerald and a peridot when the light hits it.

WE are changing and becoming Light infused in our natural Being!

If you are anything like me these days (and of course you have to be, since we are all one…smile) my brain, which multi-tasks all day long to begin with… has gone onto overdrive with its multi-tasking.  No doubt the vertical timelines are a major catalyst for this craziness inside.

We have spent the last few years waiting to be “busy” again… hang onto your pants… your about to fly in many directions at once!!

I want to add this little tid-bit of info.  I have been wearing both my Maju necklace as well as my Wisdom Apple Tree necklace and last night my neck was sweating to beat the band.  I never would have thought it was the energy of these two combo’s until this morning.  I was dripping sweat from my neck, and only my neck since the moment I woke up.  I finally took off my necklaces and my body tempature returned to normal.  Phew!!  Kinda kewl, I mean, sweaty!

Happy 8:8 Lions Gateway Opening.  New Peanuts and Manna to everyone who is hungry!

I love you and thank you sooooooo much!!  (((((HUGZ))))

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