Lucas – The Way To Go – 8 August 2012

The way to go is like a  bottle of heaven falling on your canvas, splashes of rainbow and crystals lighting up  geometric figures dancing in the picture.

The way to go is like remembering your deepest feeling of gratitude and love towards all living on this beautiful creature Gaia that provides our home.  

The way to go is experiencing unconditional love that turns your heart and being in a radiant star that shines your laughing  joyous being in all its glory.

The way to go is  dreaming the world you always wanted to have and being surprised you have manifested it by just doing so.

The way to go is an open book you can fill with all your explorations and journeys you will undertake from the starting point of your heart center.

The way to go is  feeling oneness and unity with the source and all that is  and seeing the true lessons  of  duality experience you left behind with a  laugh.

The way to go is going inside and living your dream in the now and see that all is  good and all is at its rightful place.

The way to go is  going all the way within and make this all happen.

Love and Light,


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