Visionkeeper – The Paradigm Of L – 8 August 2012


The new world we are creating, the new paradigm we are moving into, is the paradigm of L.  L stands for Live, Love and Laugh. We need to all be living our lives this way, for to do so sets our intentions of how our new world will be. The dark ones are working overtime to create fear and insecurity by bringing violence to our own shores. Do not be fooled by these attempts to throw you out of balance. Stand firm and refuse to fall prey to the antics, remain in your heart and find ways to live, love and laugh. To do so is living from our hearts and puts forth powerful energy.

The people are beginning to awaken to what is going on, they are seeing through the lies faster and the truth is beginning to spill out onto the internet. If you think the mass shootings are random, think again. These heinous outbursts are designed to provide a platform to disarm this country. If we have guns we can defend ourselves, if we don’t have guns we are helpless. I am not going to go into this in depth, I merely say it to show you an example of the madness and as always, nothing is ever as it seems. What you are told is not the way it really is, it is twisted facts to fit an agenda. Sad but true but if you are awake you will begin to quickly spot these distortions as they occur.

It is so important to create our own world now that allows us to live, love and laugh. The other world crumbling around you is nothing but illusion, it is not the way the world really is. Make a conscious effort to look for what is right in the world everyday. There are many positive things taking place but are not receiving any media coverage. They are happening and we need to keep them in our thoughts everyday. Little was mentioned about the departure of Cass Sunstein from the Obama administration. Cass who you ask? Precisely! Cass Sunstein was Obama’s master mind of evil. His departure is a breath of fresh air for everyone. Good things are happening if you make the effort to look for them.

It is important to know about and look for the good things. Seeing the alternative, positive things that are occurring help to keep our hope alive during such depressing times.  We can only be pulled down into the disturbing world of the dark ones if we allow ourselves to be. But we are human and reacting to a constant barrage of evil can get us down and create imbalance. We must fight against this by staying above the evil, by concentrating on what is right and good in the world and not giving in to the pressure. It is wise to keep company with positive people, to laugh and live a happy life and stay on the bright side. Trying to live this way around negative people is next to impossible. Make life easier for yourself.

Laugh and be happy. Life around you may be going down the tubes, but that doesn’t mean your life has to. Read positive books, watch positive tv shows, entertain with happy friends, eat well and avoid genetically modified foods, avoid processed foods, spend your free time doing things that give meaning to your life. It is up to each of us what kind of quality of life we have. We have to seek out a positive life for now, but hopefully in time all of this will change and life will be happy and positive and full of meaning naturally. If we don’t fight back to save our sanity and awaken, I fear we will become so unaware, eventually we won’t even know we are prisoners. It has already happened to far too many. Stay awake at all costs and demand of yourself to stay that way. He who stays awake survives!

Blessings to you all,

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