Greg Giles – Message From The Ashtar Command – 8 August 2012

(Lucas: my first post of this article mentioned the galactic federation but it had to be ashtar command, I corrected it.)
All is so very close that you can almost touch everything that you have wanted, everything that you have dreamed of. The reason all this has been made possible for you is through all your own selfless efforts here in this 3D land of illusion and struggle, hard times and confusion, often chaos, war, fear, love, life and happiness. We have all come so very far on our journeys, for we of the Ashtar Command have also been on a long journey. It is just that we have chosen to journey on this side of this thick curtain and you have chosen a different path, a path that brought you through all of these things that you now are finally passing, leaving behind you, releasing, forgetting and in some cases to always remember, as there have been so many parts of your journey that you have loved.
It has not always been a struggle for you, it has not always been pain for you. Many times you reached such great heights of joy and even ecstasy, and you do not wish to forget these moments. You made that very clear before you said goodbye and stepped out our front door to come here. You said you wished to be able to cherish all your fond moments of family and friends, successes and triumphs, and you will have just that as this is your gift, you have earned it, you have earned all of the gifts you are to receive for all your valiant and tireless efforts here for others and for yourself as well, as both of these aspects of yourself are important and it is not fair to overlook either of them.
Do you understand what we mean when we say these differing aspects of yourself? Do these words ring a bell of truth for you? When we say your world is filled with other aspects of yourself, what image does this conjure up for you? Does this image conjure up millions, even billions of others, living and experiencing the same things as you, or instead, does a vision materialize where there are many different aspects of one being, one body, if you will, experiencing many different things on many different levels here in your world? The difference is truth and reality, or fiction and fable. That is the difference, for only one of these is truth. It is either one or it is the other and we will leave it up to you to choose for yourselves which of these characterizations of your current journey you feel you resonate with, and we will move on to a fresh topic at this time.
Here in your world are strikingly contrasting pictures and movies of different lives, different people, different personalities, different races, different ages, different levels of income, different levels of intelligence, different levels of kindness, love, understanding, patience and tolerance, even different levels of some negative aspects of yourself, but here in your world there is something so similar that all of you possess, something so unique to you, the human race, but something not unique between yourselves. Do you know what this is? Do you know what this rare gift is that you as a member of this race possess and keeps within you deep down inside for safekeeping and protection? It is love. All have this deep down inside. It is love which pours like a fountain, waters gifted from a wellspring of love, for nothing that you possess comes from anywhere and anything but love. Love is the hope you have, love is the dreams you have, love is the empathy you have for another, your drive, your determination, your courage and your bravery, the winding that makes tick the great clock, keeping in time the rhythm of your heart and the journey of your soul walking over the sands of time.
We are here and we watch over you. We protect you, we guide you, for we love you, and deep down inside many more of you than realize today or can admit today even to themselves love us too. Of course you do, we are you. We are your families, we are your friends, we are your coworkers, your co-creators of all of this. We together created all of this. This is our creation. Is there anything else you can think of that would bring people together more closely, more lovingly, kindly and embracing than creating an entire reality together from scratch, from complete empty void of space and time? This is what we have done. This is what we have created. This is our child. We together are the parents of this baby. She is ours. We are raising her together, and even though it may seem we have mistreated her in her very early and formative years it was all part of her plan and our plan to grow together, to become stronger parents and child and this is what we have done, and now it is time to take what we have learned and turn everything around and make everything beautiful, perfect, healthy, clean, fun, adventurous, exciting, prosperous, rewarding, safe, secure and eternal.
These are the plans we have for our child and she loves these plans too, and together we will make our dreams become a reality, for our dreams are all the same for we are the same. We had the same dreams many years ago when you left to begin your walk through the journey of your lives and we remained here as your guides, and nothing has changed. Our dreams remain the same, and we have both been caring for our child, just in different ways, but now it is time to come together and make our family whole again, mother, father, child. Wouldn’t this be wonderful? Wouldn’t this be beautiful? Wouldn’t this become a better household to raise a child, rather than having parents separated through a veil and through time? It is the time for this family to become one again, to become whole again, to become everything that we were together before this temporary dividing of our family. It is time, and we are as you are preparing for this reunion.
It will not be long. All is moving forward very quickly now, very efficiently, and although many of you still do not see any outward signs of anything that you would accept as tangible proof, we say to you we did not come here to fill you with lies, fill you with stories, fill you with doubt. These are all aspects of your 3rd dimensional imaginations, for there is only truth to what we say, to what we share with you. There are no lies being propagated, there is no fraud, there is no deceit or deception, trickery or charade. We read on occasion mean spirited words coming from some of you and this is understandable, for you are merely showing the signs of stress and frustration, and in some cases inner anguish, for you are confused, you do not know which way to turn or whom to trust. This is quite understandable, and we offer to you a simpler means for you to know who to trust at this time. Trust yourselves.
You do not have to, and no one is asking you to trust anyone else. By this we do not mean to read the messages from us or read the messages from other sources of higher dimensional information or sources who are merely offering you their reflected 3rd dimensional perspectives and discern for yourselves which are true and which are inaccurate, or in some cases outright untrue. What we are suggesting to those of you who are having and demonstrating a great deal of difficulty with these types of communications is to walk away from them, to ignore them, to no longer make them a daily part of your experience. This is what we mean by trusting yourself, for if you cannot trust our words, why do you read them? Have you considered the fact that the reason you do not resonate with these words is because these words are not made for you, that what we are discussing does not include you?
We do not wish to be cold about this, for we love you. You are our family as well. It is just that many of you have reached different levels of your journey and not all of this information and even a great deal of this information is just not for you, for it does not concern you as some of the things we speak of are not at this time possibilities for you, and this is overwhelmingly the reason that some of you are not and cannot resonate with our messages. Do you understand that what we are saying is that we are having a conversation with those of you who have reached a certain level of your advancement and who are now ready for some of the things that we are discussing, but some of you have not reached the same level of advancement and some of these gifts, these projects, these affirmations, these hints and clues and descriptions of us are only for some and not for all of those who may come here to read these communications? This is the truth, although it may be a cold hard truth for some of you to accept today.
Our love and our prayers go out to those of you who may feel wounded in any way by what we have just explained to you. We have not wanted to have to discuss this in such a way. We had hoped that though on occasion there would be those who had found their way to our messages but who did not resonate with them, they would walk away, ignore them and forget them. This is really the only way we could have approached sending you communications in this way. We felt it was all or nothing, what else could we do from our position? We cannot mark our messages ‘For Certain Eyes Only’, for whose eyes would make this list and whose eyes would not? We cannot put thousands upon thousands of names on the title of our messages to you asking you to only read them if your name is listed. Of course, this is implausible. What we felt was the appropriate means was to make these messages available to all, and it was up to each and every one of you to decide for yourselves if this information resonated with you. We felt more often than not those of you who did not resonate with these words would simply stop reading them. This is not too hard to imagine, is it?
We feel we have not erred in this regard, and we will continue to make our messages available to each and every one of you who wishes to read them, we just wish to make this clear at this time and we will continue to make this point clear for all that these messages may not be for you, and we mean you that is at this very moment reading this sentence and are not resonating with it. You are not resonating with our love, with our vibration, with our energy, with our information, with our history, with our plans for this world or our imminent reunion. If you are not resonating with any of these subjects, then this message is not, at least at this time, for you. You can always and are very welcome to come back to these messages any time you wish to and reread them, or just begin to read our new messages and find once again if you resonate with them.
There has been a time for all of you, even those who resonate absolutely with these messages, when you would not have resonated with them. Some of you have reached certain levels of your advancement quite recently, even in this very incarnation, and if these messages were read by you just a few years or a decade ago you would not have resonated with them and you may have made your feelings strongly known about this, just as some of you are doing today. So we say to those of you who are not resonating with these words and who are lashing out in confusion and anger, hatred and slander to walk away, leave these words for others, they are not for you, at least at this time. Come back another day when perhaps something has changed in your life, something has changed within you, something has made you see something that you do not see today.
This is all we suggest, and we would like to see your comments beneath our message today giving us an idea of how you feel about our discussion and if you feel that what we have said makes a lot of sense or not to you. We love you all, our brothers and sisters, and for those of you who do resonate with our words we say to you that you can trust us, you can have faith in us, you can love us and you can expect to meet us once again, for we are your family and this time has come.
Peace, love and light to all of you, our wonderful, enlightened family. We are the Ashtar Command.

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