Laura Bruno – The Challenge Of Rudolf Steiner – 9 August 2012

I have never directly studied Rudolf Steiner; however, my diverse spiral of studies continues to lead me back to him. I first learned of his work through talking with friends whose children attended Waldorf Schools. Years later, I encountered him through the concept of biodynamic agriculture. Most recently, I’ve found references to him in a seemingly random place, Tanis Helliwell’s book, “Summer with the Leprechauns,” which continues to surprise me by describing experiences and conclusions I’ve had and made since childhood. (Thanks to Shelley for pointing me in that direction!)

Layers of synchronicity, aha moments and curiosity led me to research a bit more, and I discovered this fascinating article about Rudolf Steiner and Economics. It’s dense but well worth the read! At a time when our culture, economy and legal/political systems are inside out, upside down and backwards, I find his insights refreshingly simple. I now have Rudolf Steiner books in my ever-growing queue, which continues to morph and spiral regardless of the order in which I think I’ll be reading! For those not aware of Steiner’s prolific influence in so many areas, including the soul, healing and life purpose, I thought I’d share this little video below. It’s the trailer for a longer film, but even the four minutes sparkle with smiles, encouragement and reminders of who and what we really are. Enjoy!

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