Dutchsinse – USA Shutting Down Nuclear Reactors When They Come Up For Review !! – 10 August 2012

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This is a great development !! The USA is revoking NEW nuclear reactors, and cancelling permits for plants when the come up for review — until the “nuclear waste problem is solved” !!!!

Japan and Germany did the same thing this past year…. shut down the nuclear plants when they come up for review.

I started a petition to have the plants shut down when they come up for review… started that petition at the whitehouse a few months ago…. got a few thousand signatures ….

Move forward to today.. August 9, 2012 — they announce ALL nuclear plants (new ones not being built.. current plants being shut )

AMAZING !! Awesome victory !


thanks to JoeyB613 for getting this out to the world: http://www.youtube.com/user/JoeyB613


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