Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Love Beyond The Borders Of The World – 10 August 2012

God said:

The Divine Feminine. There is a lot of talk about the Divine Feminine in spiritual circles. It is a name given to love, yet love has no gender. Love belongs to the men in the world. Love belongs to the women in the world. Oneness is love, and men are not excluded from Oneness. As the symbolic story goes, Eve was made from Adam’s rib, yet there is much more to the story, for you as well as Adam and Eve are indisputably far more than your physical body. The physical is marvelous. Yet the physical of you is the least of you. It is a covering of you. It allows physical motion.

I am neither masculine nor feminine, or, We can say that I am both masculine and feminine. I am Love, and you are love. We do not need to call love masculine or feminine or neuter or anything at all but love. There are far more levels than the body. Love is way beyond the borders of the world, the fictional borders of the world. Borders have to be fiction, or love would not exist, and love exists, and love is all.

It is well worth it to love. It is well worth it to keep love viable. Strong love. Tender strength. They are the same. Love is strength. Love is power. Love is the most powerful of all. Tenderness is love. Strength is love. Love is the dynamo of the Universe.

Mind is powerful, and, yet the mind, with its preconceived ideas, has limited the expression of love. From fear, the mind has repressed love. The mind can activate love. The mind has cautioned love, so the mind can enliven love as well. The mind can do lots and lots, yet love can do more. Love can flow and reach everywhere and win over everything.

Love is not a passive role. Love is not for shirkers. It is not for the timid. Love is for the powerful. Love is a force. The force of love is love.

It is love that is Divine. Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are a dividing, a sub-category. It is a defining. Let love not be defined.

The fact is that We are entering the Age of Love. And what an age this is. The heart of the world is opening, and love is playing music on your heartstrings. I am playing love on your heartstrings. I play beautiful music. I have captured your heart. And yet I have given all of My heart to you. Will you accept that We are One, and Our Love is One, and love deserves exaltation?

Hurray for love. About time more love alit on Earth through the portals of open hearts. About time that love becomes the only expression. With love, there is peace. With love, there is intelligence. Love is going to be dancing in the streets. Love is dancing on the rooftops and in the streets and in dancehalls. Love is changing the world, and love is changing you. Love is the baton. It is the magic wand. Love is the common denominator of the world.

You, Divine Love, are heralding a new age. This new age could be called the Age of Heaven on Earth, yet Age of Love will do. Three simple words. Age of Love. I like it.

It took ages before the world could accept its Divinity. There is nothing for you to do except to accept. Accept love from everywhere. Accept love from yourself for yourself. Then love is so easy to spend. link to original article



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