Lisa Gawlas – The Dentist, The Doctor And When What “Appears” Wrong Is Really Whats Right! – 10 August 2012

There are some days that feel just too good to be true.  Yesterday was one of those days in my world.  I have clearly realized there is something magical that happens when so many people purposely send you love, courage, reiki.  I felt it like a joyful cloud shortly after I published yesterdays sharing.  That feeling grew and accelerated by the hour.

Let me tell you, what you do… matters.  What you send from your heart, goes to its target and is felt to the core of the receiving heart.  It fills the airspace around that person (or place, or thing) and moves with them wherever they go!

I could feel the energy y’all sent yesterday in my hour-long car ride to the dentist.  I could feel you sitting in the waiting room with me.  I focused on that feeling as I sat in the dentist chair.

I equally love my dentist, his kind heart, the compassion for what he does.  He asked me how I was feeling and I smiled and simply responded: as well as I could be feeling considering where I am at right now.

As he was putting Novocaine in the root that was going to leave my mouth, he called for a blood pressure machine.  I laughed at him and said I promise I won’t pass out!   He giggled and said no worries, the machine is for me.  I looked at him and said don’t  YOU dare pass out!!

He took my blood pressure.  Geez… 157 over 96.  He was not thrilled with my numbers.  I was not thrilled with my numbers!!  He said that is borderline high blood pressure.  Of course now, my over protective mind started remembering the last two months of heart palpitations getting so strong I could feel them in my solar plexus.  A flint of worry creeped in, what if it isn’t just the energy and it is something to worry about.  I know heart disease runs strong on both sides of my family tree.  There was a health clinic adjoined to the same waiting room, I made a note to visit that area when I was finished.

That root tip was extracted in less than a whole minute.  When he said I was done I was baffled… but you didn’t even get started!  Of course my eyeballs were clinched closed thru the whole process, so what did I know.  He had already mentioned before I got numb, if I wanted, I can have two teeth pulled today.  I was shocked to hear my own words come out of my now gauze filled mouth… lets do the other one, now!

Where the hell did that come from?  Musta been y’all the room filled with courage and love that I was basking in.  I even seen a large angel hoovering above my body as I opened my mouth to start the extraction process.

There are some things I can be a great procrastinator on, dental work is at the top of that list!!

He didn’t even give me as much Novocaine or time to let the Novocaine spread with the second root, which was on the opposite side of my jaw line… zip zip and once again, less than a whole minute I was done.

Then the news got even better!!  I thought I was looking at a total of 6-8 extractions… nope, just four and I was now half way thru that journey!!  Plus, I was only charged $30 per extraction!  This is a fantastic day so far!!

Thank You!!!  I know I have said this before, many times before, but I have got to echo it out once again.  What you do…. matters!!  So much!!  The love you send, the positive energy… surrounds and embeds in the source target.  (Whisper… so does the opposite… so in all you think and do, stay centered in the positive.)

What really surprised me when both sides of my face were finished, I could still feel both sides of my face.  The only thing that was number was my gums!

Of course, now I looked like a chipmunk as I strolled over to the health clinic and waited for my appointment.  I have also had this crazy growth on my back, right side of the heart center.  I assumed, because of its growth and appearance, it was skin cancer.  I have been trying to address this thing in my meditations for the last year plus… really trying to understand what may still be eating at the surface of my emotional field.

All it would ever tell me, is you have nothing to worry about.  Well… WebMD would like to differ!!

Now that I qualify for affordable health care, we are going to look at my blood pressure and this growth on my back!!

The waiting room for medical care was packed.  It took hours before I was actually seen.  Which gave me plenty of time to get to whatever would be my “normal” blood pressure.  Can I tell you the sigh of relief that swept over me when the lady said my BP was 112 over 80!   NORMAL!!  Yay!!!

When my new (to me) Doctor came into the room, she was so incredibly jovial!  Now, I know she had been working her ass off all day long with patient after patient there, and yet, she greeted me as if I was the first person on her day with an energy that filled the room with Lightness!

She took a look at my back and instantly said that is not skin cancer!  I heard the hallelujah chorus sing inside of me!!  Mostly because I had been so worried I was keeping something from myself in my long journey to access what was eating me and consistently coming back with nothing.

This was an acceleration of growth engorged with blood (life.)

She assured me it was nothing to worry about at all.  She told me the medical name of this growth, but I couldn’t pronounce it, forget spell it, if I tried.

She started to take a medical history on me.  Something really amazing, and can I say… refreshing started to happen.  I never felt so utterly healthy in all my life.  It wasn’t just a feeling but a deep inner knowing and it permeated every ounce of the air around me and within me.  Phew!!

It is amazing the undue stress our minds carry.  The unlimited information now available to us via the internet… the inaccuracy of information out there.  The flipping fear that goes along with it.

In a single sweep of one day, the fear of dentists… gone.  The fear of my body lying to me(which would really be the ego devaluing what the body is saying) or failing me… gone.  I will never not trust my body’s assurance again!

On my hours long drive home I thought about the mirrors now in my life, the magnetic field of attraction that is pulling certain people to me in my desires all have the same theme:  Compassionate, loving, joyful, caring, in service from their hearts desires.

Yes, this includes you!!  YOU have always been my greatest reflection of myself!  And equally, I Am Your mirror as well!!  Aren’t we beautifully magnificent!!

Before I close this post, there is another aspect knocking on my mind to share.  Something I couldn’t have understood until today, because of the “fear” blocking the significance of what my body was telling me.

This growth on my back first appeared by my own hand.  It was originally a zit back in 2002 when I was living on the mountainside of Vermont.  I picked at it so much that it pretty much petrified under my skin.  In those days, I could not stand the thought of an outward blemish anywhere on my skin (even tho this one was always covered by my shirt.., didn’t matter, I knew it was there.)

By the time I moved to Idaho in 2004 this crazy thing on my back started changing color and growing.  I had it removed by freezing it.  I had been fine until the end of February last year (2011) just before I moved to the desert in South Albuquerque and lived off the grid as a part of my spiritual retreat/growth process.  That is when this thing started to come back to life.

It accelerated in growth as I moved back to Virginia, then back here to New Mexico.  The very first time I asked it what it was, it stated exactly what it was to me… accelerated growth of the emotional field.  It actually fit the process I was undergoing.

Until I googled skin issues.  Man, fear!  I did have a Doctor look at it last year when I was in Virginia… I assumed she wasn’t worried because she didn’t know what it was exactly.  She could not line me up with a “reduced fee” dermatologist either.  For a long minute, I trusted that if this was something to worry about, it would have been taken care of then.

When I moved into this place here in Jemez, it more than doubled in size and height.  This time I was now googling skin cancer and a basal cell carcinoma looked exactly like what was on my back.     Into the tub I would go, day after day… asking that thing on my back… whats eating me?  What do I need to heal? Do I have some sort of unresolved issues with my kids?  My parents?

I would get a blank stare back at me and the reassuring words “everything is fine.”  Well, me, my ego, and the pictorials on WebMD would really like to differ on that point.

Our body is a canvass of messages back to ourselves.  It will always tell you how you are doing in the only way it can.  It will give us clarity of what is happening if we ask the right questions.  Spirit (being one with the body) is very much like that too.  I never once asked what is right with me… I was sure something was wrong with me.

I realized so fully last night we have become a world obsessed with “healing” …meaning…. something has to be wrong with us if we do not appear like the normal image projected to our consciousnesses.

WE are changing and our bodies are changing with us!  Our spiritual teams want us to focus on whats right within us… when that is our focus, nothing can be wrong.

My lord this gives me such insight into the only reading I had time to do yesterday before my big adventure!

The lovely lady on the other end of the phone was a new client who booked an hour reading.  The first half of her reading we were looking at her life field, what is happening and where it may be taking her.  Then she reminded me of something I so often forget… to look at the body, the chakras and energy system within the body as part of the hour reading package.

We did just that.  I will never be more grateful for the timeliness of this lady’s presence in our world of understanding.

Ohhh my goodness, I even get this more clearly today!!  The first thing I had seen was a bunch of elementals working on her right lung.  They were threading the new energy, the intense new light energy into every aveolar sac (which collect air to be distributed to your blood) as a way of removing a black growth I had seen in the exterior of her upper right lung.  What was really strange, this black thing on her right lung was in the shape of an ear.  Now I fully understand that it was showing itself like that because what she has “heard” creates fear, creates the perception of un-wellness.

How many of us fall into that category!!  I know, as recently as yesterday morning, I sure as hell did!!

What we hear, we believe, what we believe we create!

She had asked about her lower abdomen.  Her team was not in a rush to get to that at all!

The next thing I had seen was a pig, so real looking I swear I could feel its skin… jumping into her stomach thru her solar plexus.  Of course, I had to look up pig as a totem!  Part of the message of pig is: Shows self-reliance, independence and fearlessness in trials and tribulations. 

She once again asked about her abdomen… once again, her team went elsewhere.  We went down her crown chakra in the most amazing multi-colored spectrum of energy.  I am sooooo loving who we are now and what we look like!!

Once again there was a message at her solar plexus, this time inside as opposed to the pig jumping in from the outside.  There was a little girl aspect of her, crying but only out of the left eye and she was standing to the left side of the pig snout penetrating into her belly.  I knew she had “seen” something in her physical life that still affects her today.  Yet, she will use this as her source of power and help others thru it all.  Her tears were beautiful… granted, filled with sadness but sparkly and energetic.

She mentioned that her mom got very sick about that time and eventually her mom passed when she was 11.

She once again mentioned her abdomen.  There was nowhere else for me to go… so finally there we are… in her large and small intestines with a family tree root system squeezing the ba-jesus out of her digestive system.

What I didn’t pay attention to yesterday, but today really see with clarity, the roots of this tree were external to her intestines.  The tips of the roots wrapped around just about every inch of her small intestines like a circle clinging to remain in place.  It was dark and dreary in there… especially in contrast to the sheer light field in her upper body.

Then I had seen the new light of her upper chakra system start to trickle down into her lower chakra system.  With its arrival the old tree system could no longer hang onto her.  Over the coming weeks, the old tree strangling her digestive system would fully release itself as the new energy took hold.

How many of us carry with us the “story” of our family tree (what we hear about that, we fear… hence the black ear on her breath of life… her lung.)

She then told me she has dealt with ringworm all her life.  The old family tree… root system… made manifest via the skin.

The one thing I knew for sure, the new light, the new energy will flush this out of her system once and for all over the coming weeks, via the digestive system. Diarrhea is a blessing!

I mention all of this because we have got to stop looking at whats wrong with us… and focus on whats right.  When we amp up the energy that is right with us, what could possibly be wrong?

Healing is yesterdays much-needed focus… today… focusing on growth and acceleration will do so much more, and much more quickly!!

Ohhhhh….. ohhhhh man… what was waiting in its place to emerge within her… a root from the Tree of Life!  Can I tell you the pure excitement I felt in seeing and understanding this!!  This root was Light filled.  Reminded me of a cross between the opaqueness of selenite crystal and the radiance of quartz crystal.

No wonder spirit has been saying let go of y/our identities, associations, etc. etc.  You must release the old story… the family tree that got you to here… if you want to be the new story… truly and deeply connected to the Love of the All in our Heavenly family tree.

Boy, I am more excited now than I was when I woke up this morning!!  I hope you are too!!

I so love and honor and cherish each and every one of you… the reflections of me made manifest (vise versa too…smile.)

What a great day it IS!!  Have I mentioned how much I love You?????

((((HUGZ)))) of pure excitement to All

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