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John Ward – Man United IPO : Price Slashed To $14 A Share, But New York Shows A Yellow Card On The First Day – Just How Desperate Are The Glazers? – 10 August 2012

ImageMalcolm Glazer

Talk in New York of ‘directionalised buying’

First of all last year, the Glazer family tried Hong Kong and Singapore, neither of whom was dumb enough to bite at a deal where the shares had no power, and the company was buried under a dung-heap of Delaware debt. Continue reading


Lisa Gawlas – The Dentist, The Doctor And When What “Appears” Wrong Is Really Whats Right! – 10 August 2012

There are some days that feel just too good to be true.  Yesterday was one of those days in my world.  I have clearly realized there is something magical that happens when so many people purposely send you love, courage, reiki.  I felt it like a joyful cloud shortly after I published yesterdays sharing.  That feeling grew and accelerated by the hour. Continue reading

Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Hatonn – 10 August 2012

Today I would like to speak of what is coming to be for many of you. I am Hatonn and I see that many of you are in a form of intellectual muddle. This comes with various incidences in your lives and they are interrupted by the energies that are erratic right now.
As you go through the trials of the day and find that you cannot cope with them as well as you could over the years, it is important to realize that you are undergoing a stress factor that is more intense than it ever was before. With the onslaught of stress, comes the clearing out of what it is that has triggered it in the past. That is why it is so intense in these times. It is not only releasing and triggering old incidences of stress that have not been released, it is also addressing those of the present time. Continue reading

Cobra – Portal 2012 – Beyond The Veil – 10 August 2012

Beyond the Veil, beyond the confines of quarantine Earth, there is a totally different reality, a totally different universe.

If you climb above the tachyonic membrane that exists 8.6 miles above the surface of this planet, you enter a universe of Love. Continue reading

RT – TSA Gone Wild – 10 August 2012

Uploaded on 9 August2012 by RTAmerica Continue reading

2 Minutes News – 2012: Arctic Cyclone, Quake Ramp-up, Official ‘Watches’ [Quakes/Flares] – 10 August 2012

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Visionkeeper – Offer Your Love And Light To Everything – 10 August 2012

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Wherever we go, whomever we meet, whatever we do, let us share our love and light as we go through life. You never know when someone may really need it. A smile, a handshake, just taking five minutes of your time to listen to someone else. We have lived very isolated and self centered lives and sharing ourselves with others often times is not something we think about doing. We have been closed off and protective of our privacy so long now we have forgotten how to remain open and welcoming to others. Now is the time to revisit our abilities to be open to others. Making an effort to smile at someone, hold a door for someone, speak to someone, comfort someone all are keys to opening our hearts and finding refuge there. If we open our hearts to others they in turn will hopefully open their hearts to others as well. Once we begin to understand how we make others feel by offering ourselves to them, the more we want to do it, as will others. If we make others feel good we feel good. Continue reading