Visionkeeper – Peace Be With You – 11 August 2012

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There is so much truth within this wonderful quote, it is a prime example of what it means to be centered in our hearts. If we can master this ability then we are well on our way to the new world and we have already begun to free ourselves from the illusion of lies. If you can remain calm and at peace within no matter how much chaos is swirling all around you then you are free in so many ways. This is one of our goals on this journey. If we are able to remain calm and at peace within, the dark ones no longer have control over our emotions. I hope everyone reading this understands the importance of staying in a high enough frequency to remain above and out of their control. If we cannot be controlled we are again free.

The time has come for each and everyone one of us to no longer need the Government in our lives. For far too long we have allowed them in one way or another, and in doing so we have given away our own power. We have everything we need without the aid of our controllers. It is up to us to learn how to manifest our needs and desires, for we have that capability within each of us. As a nation, we have given away so much of our personal power, partially because life was easier that way. In the short-term perhaps it was, but in the long-term it is anything but. Once hooked to all the dark ones have to offer, the harder it is to become unhooked.

For some reason so many of us are not aware of the power we hold. We seem fragile and lacking, needy and requiring aid to be complete. Nothing could be further from the truth. We have all we ever need if we would just believe the universe will provide for us. We can’t just ask for something and expect it to appear if we don’t believe it from our hearts. To truly believe it from our heart we always just know our needs will be provided for, there is never a doubt in our mind. If we are disconnected from ourselves, from our spirits and from the universe we cannot expect to tap into these gifts we have been given.

We are in a very precarious time right now. Lives are on the line and the life of this planet as well. If we desire peace to cover the earth, then we must eat, sleep and breathe the desire for peace. But how can we if we really are not able to comprehend it? We have lived at war in one form or another our entire lives. Our sons and husbands and brothers and sisters head off to distant shores to fight in unnecessary wars and often lose their lives, and we are left to live our lives with gaping holes in our hearts when they don’t come home. Our Government in its quest for world domination spends its entire time saber-rattling and pumping fear down our throats to justify what they are doing. We have never known peace, the world has never known peace, we talk about it, say we want it, but in reality we have no earthly idea what the concept of peace entails. Are we even able to envision what it might be like?

To begin to acquire peace we must live a personal life of peace, and the closest description I can imagine for what peace must be like, is to once again say, live from your hearts. To feel love for all those around you, to hold no judgments or hatred or envy towards anyone, to be accepting of all as it is, to be kind and giving and compassionate and gentle. If each and every person who has awakened can shift their anger towards the dark ones who have done them wrong to forgiving them (they will still have to face their executioners for their evil deeds), and live their lives as I mentioned above, then we each will begin to know peace within our own lives. If we can imagine it a little bit in our own lives then eventually we will be able to imagine it enveloping the whole world.

Blessings to you all,

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