When I Grow Up – A Short Film About Growing Up, Living Your Dreams and Remaining Childllike [video] – 11 August 2012

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A short film about growing up, living your dreams and always remaining a child.  Support Tedshots next project, The Dream Box: http://kck.st/Q4KD63
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When I grow up.
I want to live my dreams.
Dreams that I dream when I’m awake.
Dreams that I know that I can make.

When I grow up.
I want to be a doctor.
So I can save your life one day.
And make you awake so you can play.

When I grow up.
I want to be tall so all can see.
I want to talk clear so all can hear.
I want to be me so you can be you.
When I grow up I want to be true.

I want to be new.
So shiny and bright.
So sparkly it will bring day to your night.

When I grow up.
I want to inspire.
And learn how to spin, like I was on fire.
Twirling and whirling so bright and so free.
When I grow up I want to be me.

Now I’m grown up.
And I’ve seen many things.
I’ve been many mees and crossed many seas.

But now I’m grown up.
There’s one thing that I know.
I’ll never grow up.
Cause I’ll never let go.

Of when I was a kid.
And I played and I played.
And and I looked up to others.
Because they knew their ways.

Now as I look back.
As to who I am now.
I lift up my chin.
I lift it up proud.

Cause I have spent time.
And gone many miles.
But as I look back.
I remain a child.

With so much to learn and more to explore.
One day I’ll grow up.
But now I want more.

One day I’ll grow up.
Or maybe I won’t.

Because grown ups are dumb.
So today I’ll be young.


Written, directed, and edited by:
Teddy Saunders – tedshots.com

Sound by:
Tyler Payne

Hair & makeup by:
Paola Baldion

Lighting by:
Chris Correa

Original music score by:
Alysia Michelle James

(in order of age and appearance)
Rane D’Angora
Colm Barton
Henrique Saltias
Esmay Deltak
Sasha Wike
Jack Nelson
Julian Tompkins
John John Tompkins
Ian Cook
Marcus Burkes-Nossiter
Langston Bealum
Cassandra Phillips
Angelo Rocco
Jessica Eve
Audrey Egan
Camille Young
Elizabeth Lizbits Fraley
Jill Evyn
Paola Baldion
William Jackmore
Amae Love
Jarrett Worley
Aileen Lawlor
Terry Amard
Travis Gonzales
Megan Gazzo
Evan Carroll
Emily Burkes-Nossiter
Mimi Gibbon
Bill Gilman
Lynn Drilling
Briana Chaney
Jahn Whitfield
Gigi Nomensen
Gregg Fleishman
Dr. Solar

Special Thanks to:
Anja Indirani
Ceci Castelblanco
Hannah Mooney
Kamala Mathis
Monica Dangerpants
The LIB Staff
The LIB Volunteers


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