Drake – Update – 12 August 2012

(Lucas: Discern yourselves!)

Get Ready…Get Set…

Today’s show will be different than any you have heard before.
As most know, I was on radio with Mr. Webber. I explained some sciences
only a very few have a working knowledge of.
You might want to listen very closely and carefully, as this is the personal
application of those sciences…just for you and everyone, everywhere.
Everyone has been wanting freedom and during all that time, also
see evil things all over the place.
That evil is not limited to general things, but makes life stink.
This show will give everyone the true freedom they have always known
is there somewhere.
Just like in The Matrix, there is something you know, that things are just
not right. You know it’s there, like a question in your mind you can’t even ask.
This pricks your mind like a splinter, always there, asking…?
This is classified and ‘they’ do not want you to know.
You will need to take notes. WHY?
Because when a person hears something, they only get a part of it. When
a person hears and writes, the knowledge is passed into your memory. You
are forced to pay attention to the subject, think about it, and retain it.
Get ready to be set free.

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