Jafree Ozwald – Enlightened Beings – The Hidden Power Of Relaxation – 12 August 2012

Along your journey through life, you’ve probably experienced personal success and accomplishment from intense amounts of efforting. Most of us contain this deeply conditioned belief system inside that says, “In order to reach my goals in life, it will require a lot of hard work and persistence”. This belief that we achieve our desires only through intense effort is an oldie and a goodie which contains a solid work ethic. Yet, when it comes to mastering your life I find that working hard is completely over-rated, and is mostly filled with dogmatic beliefs derived from some archaic limited minded consciousness.

The illusion many of us are still living under is that we are not all-powerful infinite beings who can manifest anything we want. We’ve forgotten we are spiritual beings, who are tapped into a web of energy, thought and power. We’ve been blinded by the material world, thinking it is real, and have forgotten to look behind the curtain as Toto finally did in the movie, “The Wizard of Oz”. This means it is our basic animal nature and instincts that will reveal what’s really going on. The truth that you already have the ability to create whatever version of “Reality” that you desire, merely pulling back your shades and seeing what beliefs you are holding as “true or real” in your imagination.

The real power and science of manifesting is one that most people do not understand at first, as it breaks all boundaries of what is real and what is not real. Manifesting is meant to take us beyond our normal accepted paradigm of understanding, and once you get a taste of how real and easy it actually is, you can never go back. The ordinary day becomes extraordinary because you know the golden trick to life.

Most people would think you’re silly to think you can manifest something with less effort instead of more. Yet these beings don’t understand one fundamental principle. That all the real work in life is not done in the outer world, it’s all about elevating your inner world. This experience of inner elevation, is like taking a high speed elevator to the penthouse floor at the top. I wouldn’t call this ride work at all, as it is much better described as an enjoyable letting go process that is filled with deep joy, gratitude, trust and a true release.

You can effortlessly leap over your blocks, instead of pound through them to reach your goals and dreams. You simply ask for what you want, and wait as the benevolent Universe makes its way to deliver your desired outcome to you. In the world of manifesting its always essential to focus on feeling the “end result first”. If you want a new relationship, what will it FEEL like when you’re in one? This is your way of communicating to all creation that you are fully aligned with your highest soul’s mission on this planet at this time.

“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.” ~Zen Saying

One highly effective technique to start on the path of relaxation is to practice meditation. Simply experiment with sitting quietly and doing nothing but following your breath (not your mind). If you have an overly active mind and need assistance, you can say out loud, “I AM” as you’re breathing. Try saying “I” on the inhalation and “AM” on your exhalation. Doing this practice after 10 minutes will cultivate a relaxed body and peaceful mind within as long as you have no expectation on what should or shouldn’t happen.

When you start meditating daily you’ll soon discover how noisy and chaotic your inner world can be, and what it really takes to tame the mind and get super silent inside. As you discover that you can approach your mind from this more relaxed expansive space, trusting that each moment and experience is the “right” one, you’ll find a deep cosmic-like peaceful feeling at the core of your body and mind. It’s from living daily from this space that you find the power to start attracting some truly miraculous manifestations.

When you stop all efforting to get somewhere, and let life carry you, you can actually love your life as it is right now and taste this simple sweet experience of bliss that lives inside you. From a non-efforting approach, you are still doing what you enjoy doing, helping others and making this world a better place. You’re simply doing it from a relaxed body and mind. It’s 1000 times easier for the divine power to enter your consciousness and start flowing through your actions more fully. It is like trying to create a foundation for a new house and receiving help from a bulldozer, when you’ve picking at it this entire time with a white plastic spoon. When you hand your life over to Spirit, the sacred Spirit takes over you, and you discover Heaven exists on Earth, as the Human Being in you meets the Divine.

You could never imagine how easy it is to manifest anything you want until you put 100% of your faith in letting go and relaxing about the outcome you want to occur. The moment you stop trying sooo hard, and really let go about how everything should happen, the Universe FEELS this divine trust and then decides to fill you with it’s reward. Yes, the Universe is truly benevolent and a very attentive listener indeed. You may look back at your life and think this thought is completely erroneous, and the world is a horrible place, yet before you go there, please hear my words. You are love itself. There is nothing different than you and the source of love.

This perhaps the greatest key I’ve found to reaching your highest vibration in life. It is so simple and ridiculously profound that you might just overlook it. When you realize it’s truth, you start relaxing so deeply inside yourself that you simply let go of the lowest vibrational thought forms and feelings. Who would have guessed that you just need to relax into the Source of love itself in order to elevate your consciousness and truly master this world. This world is filled with paradoxes, the main one being that you think you are powerless and unloved while in truth you are deeply powerful and the Source of Love. Love is not something that comes from somebody else, this is a mere reflection of the real light that is always found within.

“Once you have conquered greed nothing can limit your freedom.” ~Buddha

Once you become totally relaxed, you find that your body and mind is proof that you are an all-intelligent, powerful, loving, conscious presence that is deeply connected to Source. Being relaxed is empirical evidence that you are ONE with the Universe. Now this doesn’t mean you’re checking out in a lazy coma through drugs, cigarettes, TV or alcohol. Your mind would be too busy processing the chemicals to take a real vacation, where it can reach your natural state of bliss within. A relaxed body and mind is like stepping into the house of blissful abundance. Your chakras (energy channels) transform into a receiving mode, allowing your highest possible self to show up with effortless joy and ease.

I refer to relaxation as a “hidden” power in this article because it’s not very obvious how powerful you are when you’re truly relaxed. You may feel peaceful, yet not always powerful. When you are super active in life, moving rapidly, talking quickly and getting tons accomplished in your day, it’s easier to think that you are an empowered being. Yet, if you could do the same outer work, yet from a consciously relaxed space, you’d feel aligned with the Universal God-Source and then would know what real empowerment actually is.

Anytime we are attempting to be overly successful, achieve too much in life and propel ourselves forward faster to reach our highest goals quicker, we are missing the real goal of life. To enjoy each moment of the journey, and appreciate it all. How much can you enjoy the beauty of the Grand Canyon when if you’re driving 120 MPH along side it? Not very much…

Relaxation is absolutely vital to your success as a human being and as a conscious enlightened manifestor. If you think this approach is about not getting anything done and becoming more lazy… think again. This is relaxation that takes you to the Source of conscious intent as you truly let go of attachment to outcome. What could be lazy in that? It takes you consciously diving deeper inside your God-Self, trusting your connection to its wisdom, where you feel Grace is supporting your every breath. It is only here you can remain centered in the highest vibrations of love, peace and oneness without even trying. This is the only way you can experience what it means to truly be alive.

“Misery and despair is what is left after you have gone through all the trouble of trying to satisfy the Ego with money, knowledge, things, and power, only to find that the Lower Self can never be satisfied.” ~Babaji

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