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Der Spiegel – Florian Gathmann And Philipp Wittrock – More Power To Brussels? Germany Considers Holding EU Referendum – 12 August 2012

Chancellor Angela Merkel wants Europe to move toward an ever closer union in a bid to solve the euro crisis. But she is already pushing at the limits of what is possible under the constitution. The debate about holding a referendum on transferring power to Brussels is gathering momentum in Germany.

A bottle of liquor and a half-empty glass stand on the table next to Angela Merkel, who is studying a confidential document with a sullen expression. “How to Break Up the Euro,” is the title.

That, at least, is how Britain’s Economist imagines the chancellor’s predicament these days. “Tempted, Angela?” is the headline on the cover of the current issue.

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Jon Rappoport – Are Black Budget Ops Stealing Their Money From The Stock Market? – 12 August 2012

The Surveillance State has created an apparatus whose implications are staggering. It’s a different world now. And sometimes it takes a writer of fiction to flesh out the larger landscape.

Brad Thor’s new novel, Black List, posits the existence of a monster corporation, ATS, that stands along side the NSA in collecting information on every move we make. ATS’ intelligence-gathering capability is unmatched anywhere in the world. Continue reading

TedTalks – Pam Warhurst : How We Can Eat Our Landscapes – 12 August 2012

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Interview With A Media Manipulator – 12 August 2012

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2 Minutes News – 2012: Quakes, M Flare, Weather – 12 August 2012

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Jafree Ozwald – Enlightened Beings – The Hidden Power Of Relaxation – 12 August 2012

Along your journey through life, you’ve probably experienced personal success and accomplishment from intense amounts of efforting. Most of us contain this deeply conditioned belief system inside that says, “In order to reach my goals in life, it will require a lot of hard work and persistence”. This belief that we achieve our desires only through intense effort is an oldie and a goodie which contains a solid work ethic. Yet, when it comes to mastering your life I find that working hard is completely over-rated, and is mostly filled with dogmatic beliefs derived from some archaic limited minded consciousness. Continue reading

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 12 August 2012

Beloved Ones,

There have been and will continue to be many, many downloads of energy, information and activations as is resonant with each person’s ability to safely integrate. You will find that each day the changes within you are taking place in a rapid manner and will find yourselves feeling more vitality, clarity and empowerment as the weeks and months continue. Whatever is still left within you that must be released will come up for review, understanding and transmutation into Light. All that was of lower density must be eliminated from every cell of your Being and there is no escape except through this purification process. Those who have been doing the work will find themselves feeling greater lightness and joy for greater periods of time. This is a sign that you have been on the right path and that all is well. Continue reading