Stephen Cook – The Olympic Spirit (Part 3) : London Closing – The The Galactic Magic Begin – 12 August 2012

By Stephen Cook – 12 August 2012

So here we are, on the historic day of the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

As expected, and as we all, deep down ’knew’ (and had been told) would be the case, it has been a Light-filled celebration of humanity, on every level. Magic!

This is the true evidence of what some people call the Olympic Spirit. But, in reality, this is actually the ‘human’ spirit. Or what I prefer to call, our ‘combined seven-billion soul group’ spirit.

The all-impressionable Opening Ceremony was laced with many weird, often ugly, dark moments – from strange symbolism, monsters and frightening children’s story characters (which prompted even my 11-year-old nephew to ask his mum, my sister, to turn it off as he didn’t like the ‘dark stuff’!) to confronting moments in British (and the world’s) history that were just plain ‘dark’. (I can think of a lot more uplifting moments in British history that would have been far more fun to watch!)

The Opening also contained, in my personal opinion, the downright maudlin: when it showed a video photo montage of the audience’s relatives and friends who had passed on, as the solemn hymn ‘Abide With Me’ was sung, a Capella. This was the strangest ever segue to the moment the world’s athletes, with all their unbridled excitement and energy, parade into the arena. Actually, I found most of the Opening Ceremony’s music to be messy, thrashy, heavy and dark in tone.

Yet the London Opening Ceremony also came with three of the most poignantly beautiful moments I‘ve ever seen at any Olympic Opening Ceremony.

These were pure magic. And just a teaser for what is to come…

First up, came the 75 beautiful lighted ‘doves’ on bicycles to represent the release of the doves of peace. One even ascended to the heavens!

Next, instead of a single Olympian of the past, came the symbolic use of seven, ‘new generation’, young athletes who arrived carrying their own Olympic Torches and went on to light the Olympic Cauldron. To me, these seven kids represented the seven chakras of our current embodiment joining to light the one – the new future.

The seven youngsters do the honour of lighting the 205 ‘petals” of the London Olympic cauldron

This was immediately followed by the most beautiful and spectacular Olympic cauldron and cauldron-lighting ceremony I have ever seen: as each youngster lit one of a series of beautiful flowers on single stems representing the 205 competing nations (the most ever) which then joined together with mechanical and visual artistry as each stem lifted to the heavens to form a united, lighted single stem and flame. To me, this was symbolic of our planet coming together as one, fully-conscious, humanity: the flame of rising unity consciousness. Again, pure, delightful and magical.

Over the past 16 days, we have seen incredible moments of unbridled joy. The Games themselves have gone off with little issue. And in a country littered with so many historically-dark moments; it has brought out the best in the people, who in turn have done their service by igniting the flame of humanity and opening the London ley lines and, hence, the planet’s Earth Star Chakra.

Surprisingly, despite a heavy workload, I have managed to watch more of these Games than many others (in Sydney, despite working there, I saw three events!).

The petals came together in one flame, demonstrating unity consciousness.

I have also found myself doing a lot – and I mean a LOT – of crying.

What I have been crying about I can’t tell you, but it was usually the joy I have seen in a winner’s face or even the person who was simply proud to be there; the expression on their family and supporters’ faces. Or maybe I have been empathically releasing more of the world’s darkness through my tears, all the while raising the Light as I weep. (Oh goodness, here I go again…more tears…)

I also found there is still magic in the humanity of the Olympic Games.

I was in awe as the first ever female runner from Saudi Arabia, Sarah Attar, made her way to the 800m finish line in a track time that may have been twice as long as the rest of the field but who, in doing so, did all the oppressed women of her country proud.

Sarah Attar from Saudi Arabia finishing her 800m heat

Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan both sent female athletes to these Games for the first time. But the media in Sarah’s home country of Saudi Arabia shied away from even mentioning her and her fellow team mate, female judo competitor, Wojdan Shaherkani,

“We were the only newspaper to write about it,” said Hahled Al-Maeena, editor of the English-language publication Saudi Gazette. “I believe these girls are heroines, and we should celebrate as a nation. Unfortunately, other people do not agree.”

Saudi women sit in a house in Riyadh as they watch and film, using a tablet, Sarah Attar competing. Picture: Fayez NureldineSource: AFP

Speaking after the race, Sarah Attar said: “It is such an honour to be representing Saudi Arabia. Hopefully this can make such a huge difference. It was such a unique opportunity [to represent Saudi Arabia], they invited me and welcomed me and to make that first step for women is just the most amazing feeling ever.”

And she did make a difference for her country’s women – whom she inspired on every level.

I also found myself sobbing as two brave Australian athletes, cyclist Anna Meares (who broke her neck in a race in 2008) and sailor Nathan Outteridge (who fell asleep at the wheel of his car in 2005 and broke his back), both beat all the odds to win Gold medals.

I was moved by the man they called ‘Blade Runner’ – South African Oscar Pistorius, who lost his lower legs at 11 months of age and who, after reaching the semi-finals in the men’s 400m run, quoted his own mother’s mantra: “A loser isn’t the person who gets involved and comes last; it’s the person who doesn’t get involved in the first place”.

South Africa’s Oscar Pistorius in the 400m semi-final

I marvelled at the timing and fluidity of the women rhythmic gymnasts, who moved as one with their ribbons, balls and hoops, becoming ‘united’ with the supposedly inanimate objects they often kissed at the end of each routine; showing that mind over matter and love will often get us all through. They showed us all a glimpse of the telepathic future that awaits us in the way they really ‘loved’ their chosen ‘equipment’ and ‘willed’ it to work with – not for – them.

And I lost it completely when the British father of a sailor who didn’t win was so joyously hugging the parents of two sailors who did win and admitted “how much better can it get than this!” as he laughed and laughed and laughed. His jubilation was magically infectious.

I also watched as countries who have never won major medals before, like Colombia, Tunisia, Tibet (albeit competing for China), Grenada, Gabon, Guatemala and others, found hearts and glory at these Games. Yep, cried again.

And I joined in as the world watched a very tall man from a tiny country bring joy to everyone with his superstar wins, including leading his country to take the top three places in the men’s 100m run. Yes, the great Usain “Light-ning” Bolt of Jamaica – a ‘mon’ who did it all with grace, class and a wonderful dose of humour. Just the way we like everyone to be! And yes, I cried again!

Then there were the thousands of other athletes who did their best – and also those who had some vasanas to deal with as they faced what they may have felt was ‘failure’ for the first time. And the excited crowds who felt euphoric just from going along to watch all these spirited young men and women from all around the world do their best, whatever that was.

As Diana Cooper, author of Keys to the Universe, wrote in her latest Newsletter this week:

Diana Cooper

“The wonderful Olympic Games is another reminder that the cosmic moment is coming nearer. The Games were organised by the spiritual realms to be in London, which is the Earth Star Chakra of the planet, so that the celebration, vibrancy, enthusiasm, happiness and sheer energy would help to light up the Earth Star.

“London is being prepared for the kundalini or spiritual essence of the planet when it rises on 21st December and wakes up all the fifth dimensional chakras on Earth. Wow!”

So what will tonight’s Closing Ceremony include – and what will it be remembered for?

For starters, it will be a celebration of all the above – and much, much more…

Firstly, the Closing ceremony falls in the same week as the Harmonic Convergence of 2012, the fulfillment of the 25-year Harmonic Convergence initiated on 16-17 August 1987. At that time, the call went out for a minimum of 144,000 “sun dancers” to gather at sunrise on those dates at sacred sites everywhere around the planet, and to create a synchronized meditation for world peace. An untold number – perhaps millions – answered the call.

While many saw it as an end in itself, the opening to the New Age, in actuality the Harmonic Convergence is the fulfillment of an ancient Mayan prophecy, announcing the conclusion of a major cycle of 1,144 years, and the beginning of a final transitional period of 25 years. This 25-year cycle (the time of prophecy) spans the period between 16 August 1987 to 21 December 2012 – the Closing of the Cycle, the last day of the Mayan Great Cycle of 5,125 years or thirteen baktuns of 144,000 days each; a total of 1,872,000 days.

Gaia Portal

We also just passed through the Lion’s Gate this past week – 08/08/12. As Eire Port at Gaia Portal wrote on August 10:

“Requisite harmonization of all anharmonics in 3-5D is complete, as all negatively directed vectors have been reversed. Duality paradigm illusion is finished, as consciousness levels have increased exponentially during the 8-8-12 gate.

Mechanical operators (machines) are quickly dissolved into the Violet Ray. Those groups of machines now consume each other as no other food is available. All Light-aligned beings come together as barriers have been released. Full planetary awakening follows.”

Gaia Portal’s Eire Port has also just posted this more predicative message today, August 12, with the heading Synchronization of Gaia Portals and Galactic Stargates Commences:

“Galactic Stargates requisite for ascending species of Gaia commence process of synchronization with Gaia time portals. All necessary adjustments to be finished prior to the 8-20.

Vast releases may be expected internally and externally from the viewpoint of individual ascendants. These will be intense, yet rapid.

Astrophysical anomalies manifest as synchronizations occur with Star Craft travelling via Gaiaportal stargates. All permissions have been granted for full synchronization process.”

And, as Archangel Metatron said, through channeller Natalie Glasson, this week:

Natalie Glasson

‘The Closing Ceremony of the Olympics (Sunday August 12) will be a focus for many people around the world. Many eyes will be focused upon similar images which will create a united consciousness where each person’s mind is open and linked into the consciousness created by humanity.

He went on: “Many people who have not yet consciously accepted their truth will watch the Olympic Closing Ceremony with an open and receptive mind. The joy of the Ceremony will activate their heart chakras, and this means that you as a light worker can support these people in receiving divine frequencies of light allowing their truth to unfold.”

My suggestion is that we all ensure that this Closing Ceremony is actually the Opening Ceremony of Light and an Opening Ceremony for Disclosure. We can each make it our intention to add our own Light and desire for Disclosure to the already-euphoric energy of all those watching and in attendance.

We have seen the footage of the UFO above the Opening Ceremony: (Interestingly, two of the featured videos have since been pulled due to alleged copyright infringements; one from the International Olympic Committee!)

There have also been some more videos this week, supposedly of other UFOs above the Olympics. Whether they are all real – or simply cabal holograms, as I have been informed – I cannot say. But I believe that the video that showed a thunderstorm with a possible UFO presence within the lightning was made with computer-generated graphics and was fake. The language and wording used in that video also gave it away as not coming from a good heartspace.

If this is the case, such misleading videos only allow the Cabal and non-believers to say: “Well, these actually weren’t real”. They love these unreal videos, because they think that when real thing comes along very, very soon, they will be still able to say: “Well, those others were fake and so is this”.

But what I feel is being planned right now will never, ever be able to be proven to be fake.

The reality ‘illusion’ we have all been living in will be broken by the most real moments any of us have ever witnessed!

As I said in my two previous The Olympic Spirit articles (see links below) – and as we know from various sources who have told us that we passed a Divine deadline with regards Disclosure as far back as several weeks ago – “if the 2012 Olympics is to be the avenue for Disclosure it is likely to be done within the context or shortly after of the Closing Ceremony”. I meant what I said.

Why? Because the human spirit has now been truly ignited by the Olympic Games. With the ley lines of London and the Earth Star Chakra now activated by the joy, love and light experienced by all participating in, attending and the billions watching London’s Olympic Games, London now offers the precise stargates of euphoria through which transformational energies and entities can – and will – come.

My hunch is that people are now very, very ‘open’ and joyous – and thus will readily accept seeing and feeling some further wonderful, delightful magic!

What I can also reveal is that a new ‘star constellation’ appeared in our skies this week.

I saw it on my Tuesday night to the north east of my home in Sydney, Australia. I knew instantly what it was.

I have since had this confirmed by others, including leading Lightworkers and Galactic emissaries who live on the west side of the United States and elsewhere, and from where this ‘star constellation’ appears in the south-western sky.

Nancy Tate, who is my guest this coming week on The Light Agenda, even included mention of  this news in her August 10 message from Hatonn: “Take the new awareness of the triangle of stars in the south-western sky that is being seen all over the world. That is a fifth dimensional ship from Andromeda. Many of you are seeing it because it is there to help guide you to the reaches of the outer world that you are seeing reflected from within.”

I also ‘knew’ instantly it was a giant ship and I have since been ‘told’ it has just arrived and hat it is not alone. I have also been ‘told’ it is over 150 miles wide… and is watching over everything, ready to make its true presence known at exactly the right – or is that the Light?- moment.

Then, there is this message today, August 11, from a channel I do not know, but who goes by the name of Amuna Ra, and which contains a similar message to mine. This one is said to be from the Star Councils of Light. Please note, it says “if the conditions are favourable”:

Amuna Ra

“Tonight we come close to you as we have said. We wish to show ourselves tomorrow if the conditions are favourable, and we wish you all to prepare to meet us within your beings. Meditate and pray for our favourable reception and welcome, dear ones, for we need your help. We need the assistance of all Lightworkers on your planet who know of our existence and have pledged themselves to work for the forces of light.

And it goes on: “We are now completely within the atmosphere of the earth, breathing along with Gaia, and we wish to breathe along with you in all consciousness, dear Lightworkers! Become conscious co-workers with us, by giving us your unconditional trust, dear ones, we pray of you.

“Your consciousness makes a very big difference to the frequency of the earth, for every vibration which emanates from you affects the whole. Let your light shine out with pure love and with the trust that all will work out for the good in the best way possible. Then we may be welcomed when we are able to reveal ourselves to your planet Earth. Our gratitude to you, dear ones, in advance for your help.”

Meanwhile, I have also been serendipitously re-directed this past week to a song that has long been a favourite of mine. A song with the title ‘Magic’. I also now realised its true, magical meaning…and its lyrics could not be more prophetic at this moment of impending Galactic magic (see video below).

So, while the superstars of British pop – including, possibly, the spiritual and reclusive Kate Bush, the outspoken Elton John and George Michael, the legendary Rolling Stones, Cold Play, The Who, current chart-toppers Adele and One Direction and even the anti-Cabal comedian Russell Brand – are touted to join over 4,100 Closing Ceremony performers, I think we could also be seeing some truly magical moments as some other ‘stars’ may come out to play.

As London 2012 Closing Ceremony director David Arnold admits: “‘To me, this should be the greatest after-party in the world. If the Opening Ceremony was the wedding, then we’re the wedding reception. It’s a big ‘arms around the world’ event, where we are going to be asking people to get involved. Hopefully, it will be a big party.”

A party the Galactics will be watching – and quite possibly waiting for that perfect moment to make their own grand entry; whether it is during the Closing Ceremony itself or in the immediate, euphoric afterglow that will continue for several days.

Whatever happens, our world will be watching…

Incredibly, one mainstream newspaper ironically wrote today: “This Closing Ceremony will feature a ‘galaxy of stars”…Ha!

So, as they always say: ‘ when one ceremony closes, another one always opens…’

Let the Galactic ‘Games’ – and the real magic – begin!

Magic by Olivia Newton John

I found this particular clip to be rather Galatically-appropriate, with its Countdown set and spinning lights… Can I suggest you actively listen to the words… which I have placed below. Enjoy!

Magic – lyrics

Come take my hand
You should know me
I’ve always been in your mind
You know I will be kind
I’ll be guiding you

Building your dream
Has to start now
There’s no other road to take
You won’t make a mistake
I’ll be guiding you

You have to believe we are magic
Nothin’ can stand in our way
You have to believe we are magic
Don’t let your aim ever stray
And if all your hopes survive
Destiny will arrive
And bring all your dreams alive, for you
And bring all your dreams alive, for you

From where I stand
You are home free
The planets align, so rare
There’s promise in the air
And I’m guiding you

Through every turn
I’ll be near you
I’ll come anytime you call
I’ll catch you when you fall
I’ll be guiding you

You have to believe we are magic
Nothin’ can stand in our way
You have to believe we are magic
Don’t let your aim ever stray
And if all your hopes survive,
Destiny will arrive
And bring all your dreams alive, for you
And bring all your dreams alive, for you

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And finally, in case you’ve not seen the film, Xanadu, from which Olivia Newton-John’s song Magic comes, here is a short and somewhat ironic synopsis:
Xanadu, is named after Kublai Khan’s famous walled city, as espoused in Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s famous poem which begins: “In Xanadu did Kublai Khan, a stately pleasure-dome decree“. The film’s lead character, Sonny, is assigned to paint an LP album cover for a musical group called The Nine Sisters. The cover features a beautiful woman passing in front of an art deco auditorium. This same woman – who collided with him earlier in the day, kissed him, then roller-skated away – turns out to be Kira (played by Olivia Newton-John), one of nine mysterious and beautiful young women who literally sprang to life from a local town mural. As the film progresses, we find that Kira has been back and forth between Earth and her home in the heavens. But when she falls in love with Sonny, this presents a problem because she is actually an Olympian Muse. Kira’s real name is Terpsichore, and she is the Muse of dancing and chorus. The other eight women from The Nine Sisters are her sisters and fellow goddesses, the Muses; and the mural is actually a portal: their point of entry to Earth as the Muses visit Earth often to help inspire others to pursue their dreams and desires. link to original article

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