Celia Fenn – Archangel Michael – The Lion’s Gate And Beyond… Towards The Multi-Dimensional New Earth – The Energies Of August – 13 August 2012

Image by Nyako Nakar at www.nyakonakar.com and based on a Crop Circle of 3rd of August 2012.

Beloved Family of Light, in this year of 2012 you have just passed a Singular Time Marker…the Lion’s Gate of 8 : 8, the 8th of August 2012. This marks the beginning of the Planetary New Year and the New Cycle of Energies leading into 2013 and the Manifestation of the Multi-Dimensional New Earth into your Reality.

What a Joy, Beloved Family, to welcome this Blessed time and the Transformations of the Earth to her Higher Reality and her New Destiny. Yes, your Earth is in the process of ascending into her new role as a Member of the Galactic Council, and into a time when the Planet/Star will be guided in her further Evolution by her own Councils of Light.

The Lion’s Gate was always a particular celebration of the Sirius energy in collaboration with the Ancient Egyptian Wisdom Keepers. At this time, your Sirian Light Family celebrate your “graduation” to independent status as the Wisdom Keepers and Earth Keepers of the New Earth.

Many of You who are ready are now activating your Solar and Galactic Light Bodies and moving into Multi-Dimensional Consciousness. You are taking great strides forward as you prepare yourselves for your work as Earth Keepers and Navigators of “Spaceship Earth”as she transits the 2012 portals into the New Earth Frequencies of Light. As you enter into this New Work, you will feel Joy, Strength, Purpose and a sense of Achievement as you move through this Transit without disaster or catastrophe, just as we assured you for many years!

Beloveds, this will be a confusing time for many around you. There will be a final “lifting” or clearing of the long held “Atlantis Syndrome” of fear, when the fear of global catastrophe and punishment will be released from the Collective Consciousness, and the Planet will move forward without any of the old belief systems that caused fear, lack and suffering. As this process occurs, many will feel confused and lost, as if without a center, as the Collective Consciousness begins to formulate a New Perspective on Life and on Social Evolution. This will be most evident in your political and economic systems and in the great changes that will be made in the next five years.

This is the “moment” for the Indigo Beings, those who were Children in the 1970s and 80s and who are now emerging into their adult years, ready to begin their mission in weaving or manifesting the Multi-Dimensional New Earth Society. Together with the Magnificent Crystal Childfren, this is their Spiritual Soul Task. They know, deep within themselves, how the Energy of the New Earth will Emerge and Manifest in the time after December 2012.

The New Earth Councils of Light

The Multi-Dimensional New Earth will be guided by her Higher Dimensional “Councils of Light”. These are the “Council of Elders”, the “Earth Keeper Council” and the newly established “Council of Children”. These Higher Dimensional Councils, working together with the Solar Council and the Galactic Council, will be tasked with guiding the New Earth into its Multi-Dimensional Future of Peace and Abundance.

The Major Decisions about the Earth’s Future Developments and its Relationship with its Solar and Galactic neighbours will be made in the Council of Elders in conjunction with the Solar and Galactic Councils. The Major Decisions concerning the Earth and the well-being and sustainability of the Planet will be made in the Earth Keeper Council.

All members of the Council of Elders will also be Members of the Earth Keeper Council, and these two bodies will work closely together.

Newly formed also, is the Council of Children, which will manage the affairs of the New Souls and the New Waves of Crystal Children that arrive on the New Earth. The Council will be dedicated to ensuring their well being on the Planet and that all are welcomed and cared for as they deserve.

Beloved Family of Light, as you begin to work with these Councils, you will begin to understand the true power of Higher Consciousness and your ability to Manifest a Peaceful and Abundant future for yourselves and the Planet as a whole.

Activating the Solar and Galactic Light Bodies

Beloved Family of Light, as many of you are aware, as you begin this transit of the 2012 portals, you will be exposed to many powerful incoming Cosmic Frequencies and Light Codes. But know, that as your Consciousness expands into Multi-Dimensional frequencies, your Light Body will activate the Solar and Galactic levels that will balance out these frequencies and absorb them at the proper levels so that the Physical Body is not overtaxed or damaged.

The Solar Light Body is your connection to Solaris, or the Sun. This Body consists of Golden Light, and it easily absorbs the enegy of the Solar Flares and Magnetic Radiation from the Sun. When this Body is activated, you will cease to be adversely affected by the Solar activity and radiation of the Sun. The Solar Light Body easily absorbs and conducts this energy so that it may be used in effective ways to energize the entire Light Body/Physical Body System with the incoming energy patterns and information delivered via the Solar Council Transmissions.

Likewise, the Galactic Body, when activated, is able to absorb and manage Galactic Transmissions on the Diamond Light Frequency, so that these are not disruptive of the Life Force Energy of the Being on the lower dimensions of experience. The Galactic Body is the Diamond Light Body, and it connects to the Galactic Center and the Galactic Council of Light. When these two Light Bodies are activated, the Solar and Galactic Bodies, the Being is fully activated to what we would call the Ninth Dimensional level, and is ready to accept responsibility as a member or co-worker with the New Earth Councils of Light.

Beloveds, you will recognize those who have ascended into Multi-Dimensional Consciousness. They will have a Strength and a Light in their Being, they will Radiate this Light from Within! They will be Empowered and Direct in their manner, while at the same time being Compassionate and Loving. They will be Joyful and Happy, living in the Present Moment without fear or resentment. They will be fully “human” in their ability to live life in all its aspects, while also able to experience the Divine and Infinite that is their Essence. They will be Spiritual Warriors, Leaders, Mothers and Fathers, Wise Men and Women and Elders.

It is indeed a time of Great Celebration, of Change, of Beauty and Joy! It is the moment that you came to experience and the time that you have worked towards for many lifetimes! What a Joy that Earth is ascending into Multi-Dimensional Frequencies of Love, and is unfolding as a Magnificent Flower of Light in the Galaxy. As this occurs, Beloved Family of Light, know that you too, each One of You, is a Magnificent Multi-Dimensional Being of Light, a Cosmic Jewel, a Star in the Heavens, a Spark of Divine Light!

Beloveds……we celebrate You at this Time!

We wish you Joy in your Ascension Journey through the 2012 Portals of Light into the Multi-Dimensional New Earth Reality!

It has Begun!

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