Natalia PH – How To Stay Healthy And Disease Free – 13 August 2012

How to Stay Healthy and Disease Free…

We are supposed to live long, healthy, happy, and productive lives. We have the power to be disease free.  It’s called PREVENTION – mental, emotional, and physical – in which your mind, body and spirit are all playing together in harmony and energy flows smoothly throughout your entire body.

I get somewhat irritated when I see news and articles about “fighting cancer” or “the war on cancer.”  There’s a much better way to think about ridding oneself from cancer or any adverse health condition.  We need to shift our focus and think, talk, preach – whatever word suits you – HEALTH, HEALTH AND MORE HEALTH!

Cancer doesn’t happen without reason. All disease is a symptom of our body being out of harmony, out of ease (look at the meaning word “disease”, even the word points you into the right direction).

I know this is a very controversial subject, but I want to give you some real life examples, including my own, to de-taboo the subject. Some people think, it’s disrespectful to talk about such serious disease as cancer this way, well, let me tell you my story and you can draw your own conclusions.

I Was Diagnosed With Lymphoma in 2001

In 2001, I was diagnosed with lymphoma. I’m sure you know what that is. Yeah, it’s a very “nasty” type of cancer. I certainly wasn’t ready for such news as I was getting ready to conquer the world – not to be at the hospital for months.

I started asking I would think usual questions people ask in such moments: Is that it? Is there all there is to life? Was my purpose to come and go so quickly?

I went to the doctor and he, with a very gloomy expression, announced that I should reserve six months out of my calendar as I was going to go through a heavy ordeal of chemo and such.

I asked what about my hair? (Somehow it seemed important to me at the time.) He answered, “well, what about it, it will fall off.” :(

I got so upset, I went outside crying. But, the doctor’s diagnosis didn’t feel right, so I knew I was ok. I simply refused to hear him telling me I was sick as I felt it my core – I had this strong emotion – that I was OK. I had read about cancer and disease and I knew that disease was nothing else but the body out of ease.  I also knew that we all have cancer cells within our system and that when energy of any negativity accumulates and is not released, then the energetic imbalance can cause cancer to form.  See:

I Pictured Myself as Healthy and Vibrant

Doctors had found a tumor in my throat.  So OK, something was there. But, I decided not to call it cancer. I pictured and created the feeling of myself as healthy, vibrant, energetic person. I also saw my body as a sea of cells where energy floats smoothly.  As I did that over and over again, each day with more and more conviction, a knowing occurred: I knew that the cancer was gone and I was healthy.

Of course, big mouth that I was, I shared this with oncologist and he just kept on telling me how sick I was and that there was no way I was OK.

My parents decided to call in bioenergotherapist who could sense the energy field of the body.  He checked me and was flabbergasted why docs would claim I was sick.

Nevertheless, the doctors wanted to operate and remove the tumor from my throat. I thought OK – sometimes you need to remove a tooth or your tonsils, so let’s do it.

After My Operation, Doctors Confirmed What I Already Knew

While I was being operated under local anesthesia a group of doctors came into the operating room with some trainees. They started talking as if I wasn’t even there, and made comments such as: “oh such a pretty girl, so young what a shame; it’s helpless.”

I was stunned – literally. If I could have, I would have screamed and said what do you think your negative comments do for a person’s confidence?

Have you ever read the amazing book “Anatomy of Illness” by Norman Cousins in which he explains the importance of cooperation between doctor and patient and how crucial the doctor’s reassurance and belief that the patient will be healed is?

Similarly, Dr. Jill Bolte–Taylor, in her outstanding book “Insights of the Stroke,” stressed the importance of belief in treating patients and the incredible role feelings of love and compassion play in recovery.

My doctors, failing to recognize the connection between the body and the mind, neglected to do any of important things suggested above.  If it wasn’t for my strong belief and the absolute belief of my parents, I don’t dare to think what could have happened.

My doctors had planned for me to go through chemo and such procedures shortly after removing the tumor. I vividly remember my parents receiving a phone call from one of the head doctors on the day before Christmas. The doctor said that he was absolutely embarrassed to admit that no cancer cells were found in the tumor.   He was in awe as things like this just didn’t happen, admitting that it had been nearly 35 years since such an error had occurred.

Our Thoughts and Beliefs Determine Our Outcomes

Knowing what I know now, all results and outcomes are possible, and the determining factor to achieve an outcome is our belief system.  Science has confirms that there is a field of energy, the field of all possibilities, that is influenced by our thoughts and beliefs. (If you want to go into the depth of the subject, read “Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton.)

How you focus your thoughts is not only crucial, it is the most important factor. If for a second I believed that I was sick, I would not have been able to heal myself.  That’s for sure

If we live our life from a place of love, gratitude and appreciation as opposed to fear, bitterness, and dissatisfaction, then diseases simply won’t appear in our body.

I know that for those of you, this notion is hard to swallow. So, let me give you some more examples.

A Healing Caught on Film from a Medicine-less Hospital in China

Below is a video of an absolutely amazing case in which a woman is healed before your eyes in medicine-less hospital in China, where patients are treated and cured with Chi – life energy. You can watch the video at the link below.  Be sure to read the description of the video carefully, and then focus on what is happening.

Mind you, just because it is on YouTube it doesn’t diminish its scientific value. Scientists like Gregg Braden have used a similar example in their teachings. Here’s the video:

What happened there?

If you understand the basic principles of quantum physics, then I believe that you can grasp what took place.  Everything in this universe is energy that vibrates at different frequencies. Also, everything and everyone is connected in some way via the Zero Point Field (ZPF) – aka the Divine Matrix.  .  Science also tells us that the ZPF is a field of all possibilities – all outcomes are already there.

Our feelings are even more powerful than our thoughts in creating the vibrations that influence the ZPF. Using the power of our feelings, we create the outcomes which shape our lives.

What happened in the video was what some might call a miracle, while others who understand the principles will call it a very skilful use of the language of the heart to energetically communicate with the field and influence the outcome.

Practitioners and the patient agreed to work together in harmony where their thoughts and feelings were in sync and they generated enormous amounts of energy to achieve the desired outcome. They focused their thoughts and felt the feelings in their hearts as if the tumor was already gone. The healing happened with no judgment of the cancer.  That is, no EGO was involved.

They together, in harmony generated incredible amounts of energy and visualized the healthy body, the practitioners put themselves in a state of absolutely gratitude by chanting words that could be translated as: “it’s done”, chanting they saw the desired outcome already achieved, patient received the energy, and was in a state of absolute belief, grateful for the healing.

Now, do you see how crucial it is to eliminate EGO from the equation? In such cases there is no room for doubt, no room for judgment – only pure, loving energy coming from the heart.

The healing shown in the above video is as real as it gets. Having studied and practiced the power of belief for years, this is nothing new or extraordinary.  But, I can understand that some people might believe that it is a fake. The only reason why the mind would ever doubt or question such results is simply because we were conditioned to believe certain things – especially in our western culture where left brain hemisphere thinking dominates our lives.

What mind doesn’t believe, the mind won’t conceive. So, let’s look at yet another case if you need more proof to cement your belief that such things are not only possible, but they could be the norm if we all embraced this technology.

The Case of Anita Moorjani

Anita Moorjani wrote an incredible book about her story with cancer: “Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing.” Anita was diagnosed with late stage of Hodgkin’s lymphoma and went through the most amazing transformation from fear to love. Here is a great video interview where she tells her story:

How could a woman who had over 20 tumors of a size of a lemon that had spread throughout her entire body and who had zero chance of survival (according to the doctors) still be living?  How could she experience near death, then heal and recover within weeks? How, I ask you?

Anita went through a beautiful journey to give us a message that we are co-creators who forgot about our abilities – our inner power – and we were programmed to live in fear. The purpose of our life on this planet is the expansion of happiness. But, we bought into a social hypnosis of victim hood and powerlessness.

We are to live fearlessly. There is no reason to get sick.  There is no reason to live with a diseased body.  Your life can be a long, beautiful, and healthy adventure!

Anita’s near death experience and fast recovery is an encouraging example of breaking away from fear and unleashing our potential. We need to release all of the low vibrating, enslaving fears and trapped emotions that are often injected into our lives by those who either do it purposely or those who don’t know any better – as they themselves live in this state.

It is my hope that I got your mind going a bit here with these real life examples.

Living a Happy, Healthy, and Fearless Life

We need to wake up to understanding that a happy, healthy, fearless life is possible – right here and right now!  We don’t need doctors who are no more that “legal drug pushers” (to quote Deepak Chopra).  We also don’t need doctors who tell us that unless we undergo chemo, we will die.

I appeal to your inner wisdom to start doing your own research. It is not in drugs where healing lies and it is not in the world of Western medicine.  The healing lies within us.  We can heal ourselves by the power of our belief and our intentions, and by taking inspired actions towards that which we desire. What our society needs are more doctors who understand these concepts. Some have already awakened to combine Western medicine with Eastern medicine and the knowledge of the mind-body connection to achieve incredible results.

No matter what is going on in your life, no matter how frustrated you may be, if you consciously choose love, appreciation, forgiveness and start feeling these feelings towards people and circumstances that peeve you it will melt away all the negativity from your life and you will start seeing life from a completely new perspective.

I am all about INSPIRED ACTIONS.  So, let’s start implementing some of these concepts RIGHT AWAY!

Prevention for the Physical Body

Prevention in all aspects is the key to staying healthy and cancer free. Let’s start with something basic: proper nutrition. Nutrition is a challenge in a world where food is filled with preservatives, fillers, and other harmful ingredients.  But, by making smart choices, we can avoid health challenges.

First off, start thinking consciously about what you put in your mouth. When you go to the store, do not buy anything that has ingredients with names that sound like something out of this world – the closer to nature the better. Also, use your common sense. Avoid fast foods, sodas, premade food products, and food substitutes.  You know as well as I do, that eggs come from chickens, NOT some lab or fake food mill, right?

Do drink a lot of pure water, would be best if you replaced all the other drinks with pure water, freshly squeezed juices and herbal infusions, of course there should be balance so if you need to have your morning coffee have it, but remember to drink equal amount of water, since coffee dehydrates, water will bring moisture back to your system.

I am definitely not going into extremes here, I drink coffee in the morning, I occasionally have coke it being a totally conscious choice, but I clean and clear with waterJ

When it comes to foods I can guarantee to you that unless you live in virgin (not polluted with pesticides and other chemicals) countryside, you will experience some challenges with finding the ones you are looking for.  But that is no problem whatsoever as what nature has to offer is also offered now in the form of supplementation.

I am very health oriented and as much as I care about what I eat. But, I am also realistic. Since I love to travel, it is often difficult to find healthy foods.  But by using natural supplements, I provide my body with all that it needs.

You can very easily protect your cells from cancer developing in your body. You just need to look into the wisdom of the ancient cultures.

Cordyceps, for example, is a rare type of mushroom that inhibits cancer cells from growth. If you don’t know this, then my guess is because big PHARMA finds it extremely useful to block access to such information from general public. Here is a great article from Health Ranger where you can learn more about amazing qualities of cordyceps and how it can protect your cells from cancer.

Now, when you combine proper nutrition, supplementation with moderate amount of exercise – 30 minutes per day should suffice (it’s great for you cardiovascular system, very beneficial for your nervous system, not to mention your fitness) – you are going to guarantee yourself a long, and healthy ride in that body of yours.

And one more thing – DEEP BREATHS, very, very important – try to breathe deeply from your belly, Dr Sue Morter calls it “Buddha breath”, you know when your belly becomes big and round from the bottom, it energizes the entire body and supplies oxygen to all the cells – literally everything starts functioning better! When you do it, imagine bright, golden lights penetrating your entire body, it is an amazing feeling – try it!

FYI, I can recommend some fantastic supplements that I am taking myself and I am PERFECT HEALTH.J Contact me for details.

Prevention for Your Mental and Emotional Bodies

Now that I’ve briefly covered how to take care of you physical body, it’s time to discuss your mental and emotional bodies.  Your thoughts, feelings, and the words that you utter (self-talk) are crucial to the preservation of a healthy body and avoiding or healing disease.

In order for us to manifest perfect health – we need to think it, feel it, and speak it, we need to become one with the vibration of our desires, in short we need to BECOME what we want to MANIFEST. I know it’s not easy, especially when someone is ill, but remember as Einstein said “Logic will get you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere” and “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge”, think of my lymphoma storyJ

Now, let’s check the vibrational synchronization of your desire, such as “to be of perfect health”

Understand this key point: you can’t attract what you want; you can only attract what you are if not yet physically, be it in your thoughts, feelings, words…

Therefore, if you want your perfect health, then you need to LIVE IT, AFFIRM IT, and FEEL IT AS IF IT IS ALREADY YOURS IN THE HERE AND NOW.

You need to become one with the vibration of what desire – a vibrational match.

An Exercise

Here is a little exercise, I learned from Gregg Braden to see if you are matching you desire.

Draw 4 columns that indicate your Desire, Thoughts, Feelings, and Emotions

Write what comes to mind in “thoughts” column.

What thoughts do you think concerning your health:

–          I smoke too much

–          I wish I was healthier

–          I should stop overeating, etc….

Our thoughts are our guiding systems, but they need energy to fuel them with life. Without that energy they just exist in that quantum soup of all possibilities.

There are 2 basic emotions that can enliven our thoughts: LOVE and FEAR. Most of the time, it is the emotion of FEAR that drives us. (Our media doesn’t help, instilling fear over and over again.)  In the “Emotions” column, write down whether it is LOVE or FEAR that is the motivation for the desire.

When you combine a thought and emotion you get a feeling.  For example, when you combine the thought “I wish I was healthier” with the emotion of FEAR what feelings do you feel?

Anxious? Sadness? Anger?

Write down whatever comes to mind in the “Feelings” column after combining the thought and emotion.

Knowing that you need to become one with the vibration of your desire/intention, that your feelings are being mirrored by the field and manifested in your life, having feelings such as above HOW CAN YOU MANIFEST BETTER HEALTH? Does it make sense?

Remember, your current state of being is only a consequence of your previous thoughts and feelings conscious and subconscious, your power to change them is HERE and NOW, no matter how bad you might think things are, the time to change your attitude has comeJ

Focus on LOVE, stop FEARING, believe that your desires are always answered, you just need to perfect the communication skillsJ

Feel free to ask me if you have questions, regarding that exercise or setting your intentions.

The Recipe for Better Health

Here is the recipe for better health: Love your body, love yourself, and affirm “I am perfect health.” See yourself as healthy, vibrant, and abundant. And, feel the feelings of already being healthy, vibrant, and abundant.

You have the power within you to change your life and shape it the way you want it.  But, you need to perfect the language of your thoughts, feelings, and words that you speak.

Your body is your temple and it responds to your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Your body can become blocked by any negativity you bury in it.  For example: a traumatic, emotional experience that you never resolved. If you get a chance, check out a book called “Feelings buried alive never die” by Carol Truman.  Let go of feelings anger, resentment, and guilt. A good book that can help you with letting go of suppressed and repressed negative emotions is “Heal Your Life Now” by Dr. Kandis Blakely.

Speak of that you wish to become, be it, think it, and feel only life affirming, loving thoughts and feelings.  Do that and you will see how wonderful your life will become.

Now, start creating your healthy, disease free life and live fearlessly, joyfully – while loving, laughing, and spreading your light to those around you!

If you got inspired, visit my blog and subscribe for a free portion of positive brain food that I send out 2-3 times per week to help you stay on the path of enlightenment and love.

With Love & Light

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