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Lisa Gawlas – Opening The Door To Your Soul – 13 August 2012

Before I get to sharing today’s incredible stuff, I rushed yesterdays sharing to a close simply because I woke up really late (after 7am) and didn’t give proper credit where credit is due.

The STAR acronym actually was a gift from the same man who gave my the airfare money.  It was actually a gift given to him by a spiritual councilor before be moved out of his old life and into his new one. Continue reading


Benjamin Fulford – Full Update – Pentagon Informs Netanyahu There Will Be No Greater Khazarian Empire – 13 August 2012

There was a time when the member countries of NATO could convince most of the world they were the “good guys” promoting democracy, human rights and economic development. Now, they are seen as gangster controlled rogue states trying to start World War 3 in order to set up a cabal controlled “New World Order” totalitarian government. Fortunately for us all, the pentagon and the governments of China, India, Russia, Brazil and most other countries have made it very clear this is not going to happen. That is why the horrifying mass murder being carried out in Syria by cabal mercenaries is not getting the intended results. Continue reading

SGT – MintChip : The Evolution Of Currency – (An Article With A Twist) – 13 August 2012

 by SGT,

The Royal Canadian Mint recently introduced the MintChip and they say “it’s better than cash.”

MintChip stores your money in digital bites. A the promotional video touts, “Today’s digital economy is changing faster than ever. And currency has to change too… Money as we know it, is fine, for today. But tomorrow is a different story. MintChip is currency in a digital form. Using a chip you securely load value onto a smart phone, USB device, tablet or cloud, MintChip is better than cash.” Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Change… – 13 August 2012


(picture http://www.favim.com)

Well, I’m a bit sad to say that autumn is fast approaching. All the yellows and browns of fall are creeping into the landscape as the vibrant, splashy colors of summer begin to fade away. I shall miss the warmth of the summer sun, the balmy breezes that blow the lace curtains about and the ever-present drone of cicadas and tree frogs. I cannot be too sad, however, because I so love the colors and smells of fall as well. The season is changing and so are we. We shall never be as we were at the start of 2012. Continue reading

Blossom Goodchild – 13 August 2012

Hello my friends. Another week done here on Earth. You have no time … yet how’s things been for you?

We are ensuring that although there has been mayhem and disruption throughout universal quandaries, all in all everything is flowing along beautifully.

How would you explain universal quandaries? Continue reading

Natural News – J.D. Heyes – Court Forces Chemo On Eight Year Old Minnesota Girl Despite Faily’s Desire To Use Alternative Medicine – 13 August 2012

(NaturalNews) Where once it was rare for courts of law to invade the privacy and purview of parents when it came to raising their children, in today’s America the wall between parental rights and the state’s Leviathan is increasingly being dismantled by activists disguised as public servants.

Karen Parisian of Minnetonka, Minn., told a local television station during a recent interview that her cancer-stricken eight-year-old daughter, Sarah, was having a lot of difficulties following a single cycle of chemotherapy. Continue reading

Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 13 August 2012

I know many of you have been feeling the onslaught of cosmic mischief-making over the last 21 days. The power to heal in a harmonious fashion all your Soul wounds may have been a bit overwhelming recently but relief is on the way. Beginning Wednesday we receive elemental planetary medicine that will allow us the vision to Trust that all change from this transformational year is happening for our benefit.    Continue reading