SGT – MintChip : The Evolution Of Currency – (An Article With A Twist) – 13 August 2012

 by SGT,

The Royal Canadian Mint recently introduced the MintChip and they say “it’s better than cash.”

MintChip stores your money in digital bites. A the promotional video touts, “Today’s digital economy is changing faster than ever. And currency has to change too… Money as we know it, is fine, for today. But tomorrow is a different story. MintChip is currency in a digital form. Using a chip you securely load value onto a smart phone, USB device, tablet or cloud, MintChip is better than cash.”

The claim is that a MintChip transaction is completely private. But the truth is that only cash, HARD cash (or better yet, physical silver and gold) can maintain your personal financial sovereignty. A cashless society is a Luciferian Bankster’s wet dream end game. And it must not be allowed.

The Bankster’s have raped and pillaged every aspect of our society since the inception of the privately owned Federal Reserve System in 1913. According to the limited GAO audit of the Federal Reserve that was mandated by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, the grand total of all the secret bailouts conducted by the Federal Reserve during the last financial crisis was $16.1 trillion.

So let’s recap: The international banking elite has given the world $700+ Trillion in derivatives fraud, the HSBC drug laundering fraud, the MF Global fraud, the high frequency trading pilfering and stock market fraud, the manipulation of the precious metals and bond market fraud, the MERS mortgage fraud, nearly countless individual frauds from both Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, and the international LIBOR interest rate fixing banking fraud, just to name but a few recent FRAUDS and breaches of Bankster credibility and trustworthiness.

Why on earth you would trust these criminals with your money on a chip?

According to filmmaker Aaron Russo, a personal friend of Nick Rockefeller – a direct heir to the Rockefeller banking empire, the final goal of the banking elite is to move the entire civilized world to a cashless system under their total control. All of your personal financial information and wealth, stored on an electronic chip which they can turn off any time they like.

This disgusting, duplicitous and evil ‘cashless society’ meme has picked up considerable steam in the mainstream financial press. As I highlighted in my article CNBC Anchor and CFR Member Erin Burnett Pushes Her Bankster Master’s Agenda: What if We BANNED Cash?, the Rockefeller founded CFR has been busy using its shill TV personalities to peddle their cashless society agenda via their mainstream mocking bird media outlets. It’s transparent and pathetic, but only if you know what your are watching. Sadly, million of Americans don’t.

Recently on CNBC, Erin Burnett, a CFR member and shill for the Rockefeller banking syndicate stated the following: “What if we got rid of cash? After all, cash is what keeps terrorists, drug dealers and gun dealers in business.”

But with MintChip the hard sell for a move to a cashless society has gotten far more sexy. Now the marketing will be targeted at the youth who will find the convenience of having their “money” on their iPhone trendy and cool. Soon after, the Bankster’s will begin the push to implantable chips that can be “safely” stored in the human body. Why bother with a clumsy e-device which you can simply scan your hand?

MintChip marks the slippery slop into absolute pit of hell despotism, serfdom and slavery. Your every financial move will be tracked and your every purchase logged. And if you step out of NWO line you will relinquish the “privilege” of buying or selling. It will be the fulfillment of the Lucifierian Bankster dream.

It will be a nightmare for free humanity. Resist. Resist. Resist. At all costs, resist. link to original article

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