Lucas – The A1 Route Comes With Obstacles On The Way – Your Invited Now The Clear All – 15 August 2012

no previewLight your light of your car or whatever vehicle you have to see the last bits of obstacles on your road. You have to stop and take it in, let it go and see again a bit of cleared road.  The way of the Lions gate clarity and the  coming Lions or Leo Moon are having for you wanted and unwanted consequences in being confronted with for you basic fears, structures or patterns, ideologies, beliefs that need to be cleared to give your next level of energy increase a place to settle. You need so to say make room in your car moving around with all that unwanted baggage and clutter.

You will perceive the coming days and weeks in having clarity,  being  confronted with  yourself, feeling the new energies at work, sleeping difficult, having nightmares or lucid dreams, and even being totally at ease or in a relaxed state without thought or your mind trying to feed you with feelings of doubt, questioning things or your choices.  It al is and has to happen. Let it unfold. Seek rest when needed, seek like-minded for support, keep away from things or persons or situations  that get you in a negative state or influence your energy negatively. If necessary seek solitude, being alone is sometimes better. Go for a walk in nature.

Yes the bumps in and the blockage on the road will be hard for some that will not let go of things as those things will be coming back stronger and stronger. It is time to surrender . Give yourselves over to the source of all that is. Know it will provide in everything as It  is your father and mother and it is your abundance, your life-force as it is of everything. Feel what it brings you in letting go of all that what is not needed anymore.  No more judging others and yourself, no more  right and wrongs, no more feeling doubt or fear. The stage your are  now entering is the beginning of unity and oneness for all and in all.

If we cleared the road of our own struggles, pains, fears, blockades, we will be able to co-create new things. Yes, the things we co-create will be the new building blocks of our near future. Only it is already here in the now we just need to see it and manifest it.  Everything already is and therefore  it’s  like the light you shine in the dark  and see by that new things unveiled. More and more will be coming clear and some of  you will experience new abilities and new possibilities.  The A1 road is not closed anymore. You are invited to drive on it as you have cleared all and find your end destination very soon.

Be at peace.

Love and Light,


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