Lisa Gawlas – 2 Complete Reboots (8/8 and 8/11) Give Ways To A Clean Slate! – 15 August 2012

Holy Cow Batman!!  What a way to start a day, to start a personal New Year and to kick off a new decade of change and adventure.  I have been reading my emails and facebook Birthday notes of Love for over an hour now.  There is no way I can possibly reply to each one of them, not without taking a week off (smile)  So let me use this platform to open my arms (you do the same please) and let’s have a big ole Group Hug!!  I love and appreciate every single one of you so much.  So incredibly much!!  Thank you for loving me and each other that much too!!

Before I get into todays sharing, let’s take a moment and Let’s Dance together with the incredible David Bowie.  Everyone, put on your Red Shoes of August!!

Now that I have some days and understandings under my belt, I feel we went thru a double whammy with the 8:8 Lions Gate opening.  And come to think of it, if what I had been understanding is true (and it is…smile) then we would have had to gone thru two complete reboot aspects (above and below.)

We all felt it coming and speeding up with the 8:8 date line (August 8th) which solidified on the 10th-11th of August.  But then, on the 11th of August man oh man, not only did everything intensify in readings, but the flipping visuals have gotten so strange… so utterly unfamiliar to me, that “reading” the new language of Light was/is challenging.

At first I thought we were only getting snippets of energy/visuals and that I was the one who had to adjust to this new, intense, did I say new…smile, light field of energy called YOU.

Not quite.

We actually got rebooted twice, once on the 8th and then again the 11th.  Like once wasn’t enough!! lol  But the second time was different, very different from the first.

There is an image from a reading that has stayed with me.  Granted the layout looks simple… not a whole lot of imagery to discern (yet it took the entire reading time plus to figure out what the hell it was saying.)

The first thing I could see was the inner and outer circle of this lady’s energy field…. the now familiar white cloud like energy filling the whole field.  I became aware of her calm center in the middle of her circle.  I still have not seen her yet… this is just setting up her energy field/inner and outer life.  There was not a single details beyond that when suddenly this thing started to appear.   At first it looked like a massive ice sheath that was vertical in her reading.  It stretched from her East field to her West field just on the right side of her “calm center.  This sheath of energy was about 3 inches thick and (going to scale of my vision field) about 7-8 feet high.

What struck me the most about this, or should I say, baffled me, was the entire top of this sheath was jagged.  There was not a smooth place anywhere on the top.  Altho it looked like ice, I knew it was an energy sheath, I could feel it.  But what the hell is that doing there.  It looked like a divider, yet, it wasn’t.  And where the heck is my client???

I eventually found her, directly across from her calm center at the West field point of her energy field.  Just to be clear, west is harvest, east is new beginnings.

She was just standing there.  I really didn’t care about that, what the heck is that big ole ice thingie doing in her reading and whats up with the jagged top??

Let me tell you, it took a while to really understand what this new, odd imagery was really saying… but we did get it!!

She completely broke free of the old energy!  Hence the jagged edges at the top.  This was showing how new the breaking away was and what looked like a thick ice sheath was actually a massive wall of energy protection completely aligned with the new.

We all know how difficult it is to break away from old energy, old relationships, old expectations of others and even ourselves… and some of the negative energy that can flow your way when you dare to do it anyway… let me tell you, the universe and all that is LOVE, got your back, and your front and everything above and below that too!!

Like after the 8:8 I had two clear days in readings then one (the third day) of nadda thing… same happened (kinda sorta) with the 11th… I was in wierdsville yesterday.  Both in my own body and world as well as within readings.  I always assume it is me and not all of us… wrong!!

For those who actually broke free of the old energy, your readings are new.  I mean so new there is not a lot of details to look at because it is us to you to create the new story of your life and where you are going.  Not even spirit can see what you have yet to put into play in your life.

I am going to look at this as exciting really, instead of frustrating when I cannot see much more than three details in your Light Field, because that means you are now creating as you go, the world is your oyster and what you do with it is up to you!!

Also, keep in mind, nothing is linear at all.  So I am still reading for those in the midst of changing their lives from the old and making their way to the new.

Now with all the wonderful intensity of the last several days of reading, it really caught up with my biology.  I started to realize something yesterday… everything I was in a reading that was intense, somewhere along the line I was coughing  hacking up a lung to be clear.  But ONLY in readings.  I got on such a coughing jag yesterday with the gal I read for twice, morning and late afternoon and realized her visuals did not change at all.  I really thought it was me… not!  She is in the midst of complete rebooting, the second cycle of it and the energy of it all was clearing my own lungs/heart/throat.  I started coughing and coughing during our second connection.   Thats when it hit me, something is clearing within me too.

Well, I musta received a really good dose of it all, because today I have a sore throat, a constant cough… but I feel good.  Just those annoying body things that clear the way to the new.

We are ALL so brand new, so filled with unlimited, unyielding potential supported and enhanced by the pure love of all the multi-verse and each other!

There is NO-THING out of reach… dare to dream as big and as wild as your heart can muster!!

We are NOW standing on the new earth I call Heaven, whatcha gonna do with it??

I love you all so much… I wish there was another way to express that feeling.  I am starting to feel like a broken record, but yet, it is soooo big inside my heart that I have to just let it loose in the only way I know how…. words of love.

And dancing!  Let’s Dance!

(((((HUGZ))))) of unlimited joy and even the inconceivable dreams come true!

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