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Tanis Heliwell – Elementals – 15 August 2012

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Kata – Adama – The Threads Of Time And The Eternal Solstice Code – 15 August 2012

Greetings to the Masters,
This is Adama High Priest of the Lemurians in Mt Shasta and the Universal Masters of the New Humanity. I greet you from ours’ and yours’ soon to be dimension called the Fifth, in your linear measurement.

There are rules in your recent physical reality that will be left behind in the process of getting more insights in your soon available Fifth dimensional existence. The New Earth, as we have talked about so many times, is getting imprinted into your heart with such a vivid joy; and it is ready to be yours completely. Continue reading

Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Horus – 15 August 2012

There is something taking place within the earth these days that is warranting our steadfast attention. It is the seismic activity that is taking place not only on the surface, but in the lower levels as well. It is not as severe for us as it is on the surface, for within the earth’s crust it is so much more relevant to our structure that is according to our history and the levels of attention that has been given it. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Seasons Changing – 15 August 2012

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As we try to grab onto the last few weeks of summer by placing the remnants of bright colored flowers into vases and placing them about our homes, one cannot help but smell the scent of autumn wafting in upon the air. It is closing in quickly and it stirs many in their hearts. I get a pang of sadness thinking about the warmth of summer days slipping away and the chill of Autumn filling the air instead. I love Autumn, it is perhaps my favorite season, yet I feel sadness at summers departure. It got me wondering about why it is we feel these emotions as the seasons change. Why do we have a need to hold onto things? We know, much like the sun that always shines down upon us, that as summer wanes away it will return one day soon for us to enjoy again. It is not lost forever, yet we feel the heaviness within and grieve in our own small ways. Continue reading

Business Insider – Goldman: QE Not Happening – 15 August 2012

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In recent years, deteriorating economic data has led to Fed stimulus in the for of quantitative easing (QE) or operation twist – both efforts to lower borrowing costs for businesses and consumers.

However, a pattern emerged: in the months following a new Fed easing program, markets would rally. Continue reading

Laura Bruno – Attitude Of Gratitude – 15 August 2012

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Jon Rappoport – FDA Drug Reviewer : “One Manager Threatened My Children” – 15 August 2012

In a stunning interview with Truthout’s Martha Rosenberg, former FDA drug reviewer, Ronald Cavanaugh, exposes the FDA as a relentless criminal mafia protecting its client, Big Pharma, with a host of mob strategies.

Cavanaugh: “…widespread racketeering, including witness tampering and witness retaliation.” Continue reading