Visionkeeper – Creating The New – 15 August 2012

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Isn’t this really what the new resistance we are experiencing is all about? We no longer want to fix the old and broken and outdated way of life. We are ready and excited to create something new, something better! It is refreshing to feel this excitement. The thought of remaining in this broken and disturbing life is oppressive and depressing on so many levels, especially now as we are fast learning how to release the old. Who wants to hang onto what isn’t working anymore? The very thought of creating a new way of living stimulates our creativity center and fires us up. This is good, we need to hang out in the space more often and let the energy of it move us forward, together and in unity. So many brilliant ideas for better ways to live our lives are percolating out there in the universe’s Rolodex, all we need do is come together and put them into action!

I think the way we have all been taught to live our lives has suppressed our creativity big time, and without it life feels dull and meaningless. It is time to reclaim our creative minds and begin creating new lives for ourselves. The illusion that we are trapped in this cold, hopeless world is just that, an illusion created to control us. The world is alive and vibrant with a gazillion ideas of how we can do better. It is like walking into a paint store and seeing the millions of choices you have to paint your room. You get excited and start imagining your room in new ways you hadn’t thought of before. Your imagination opens up and suddenly everything becomes possible. You can paint your room any color you choose, create any theme you choose, change the entire feel of the space!

The same holds true for our world. We have been told or made to believe this is the way it has to be, but is it really? It is if we don’t have the courage to change it or if we don’t open our minds up to view all the possibilities we didn’t realize were available to us. If we remain stuck and in limbo, guaranteed nothing will change. Yesterday I wrote about change and our fear of it. Let this be one of the first changes we work on in ourselves! Change is exciting, for change equals freedom from what was. How depressing it is to feel stuck in a world that does not allow us to grow or supports our growth. There is no creativity in such a world and as a result there is no hope! Life has no meaning without hope!

Think of this time in our existence as blank canvas, a space wide open to all kinds of colors and shapes and ideas. There is no point in building our new world upon a rotting foundation. It is best to tear this world down and begin rebuilding new structures that are strong and supportive to us all. The creating of the new has already begun and I try to write about them as I find them so you can see there is hope, it is all coming together and there is nothing to fear. How can we fear change if it is for the better? This fear of change has been ingrained in us for decades and it is something we must work to change about ourselves. Change equals new possibilities and new possibilities equal freedom. Rejoice!

I would imagine the majority of my readers are feeling the heaviness of life within the illusion. It is suffocating and the chains that hold us captive are tightening around our necks. This is not an enjoyable experience and it most certainly is not how we are meant to be living our lives. We can use this uncomfortable and suffocating experience to disconnect from our controllers and create a new world. We are blessed to have the ability to create change, we must embrace this gift of change not pull away and fear it! We now know the truth of the illusion bubble we have been trapped in and it is time to courageously face this truth and use it to create change. Our freedom is close at hand, this is no time for fear to hold us back. Stay in your heart, have courage, be creative and our new world will be born.

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