Visionkeeper – Seasons Changing – 15 August 2012


As we try to grab onto the last few weeks of summer by placing the remnants of bright colored flowers into vases and placing them about our homes, one cannot help but smell the scent of autumn wafting in upon the air. It is closing in quickly and it stirs many in their hearts. I get a pang of sadness thinking about the warmth of summer days slipping away and the chill of Autumn filling the air instead. I love Autumn, it is perhaps my favorite season, yet I feel sadness at summers departure. It got me wondering about why it is we feel these emotions as the seasons change. Why do we have a need to hold onto things? We know, much like the sun that always shines down upon us, that as summer wanes away it will return one day soon for us to enjoy again. It is not lost forever, yet we feel the heaviness within and grieve in our own small ways.

I think one of the greatest evils the dark ones have done to us was keeping the truth of our immortality from us. The whole realm of spirituality was put away on a shelf and Christianity was pulled out and shoved down our throats and their control over the world began to unfold. Sadly over time we became to believe that we lived only this one brief life and when the time came, we said goodbye never to be again. What a horrible lie to have been placed before humanity! We have spent our lifetimes watching the sand in the hourglass drip slowly away. It has created an urgency within us all to hold on to what we have for tomorrow it may end. We were robbed of our pleasures to enjoy life knowing it never really ends at all!

And so we tend to hold on to everything as if our lives will be extended when we do. As our birthdays arrive each year we try harder to forget them and as we grower into our senior years we know with each birthday the end comes closer. Time doesn’t really speed up when we get older, we are just more aware of how little time we have left. What a huge injustice humanity was dealt. The omission of our immortality has radically altered how we live our lives and so we hold on to our lives as if they will end very soon. We must recognize this lie and move beyond it, we must learn to ebb and flow with changes as part of living and release our need to hold on.

Perhaps this need to hold on is part of the reason we fear change so much. If life stays the same there is less risk and therefore we are able to hold on better. This lie of death has permeated so many facets of our life. Change is not to be feared but rather embraced for change moves us forward into becoming more of who we really are. Each change shows us a new side of who we are, it offers new possibilities and deeper understanding. We have been made to be so fearful and insecure, change has become another ” C ” word to run away from. Imagine what life would be like if we had zero fear of change, it just became second nature to us. We would grow by leaps and bounds and embrace our lives fully! I highly doubt the trees and flowers and animals fear the change of seasons.

As we move out of the activity stage of summer into the slower, less active stage of winter, this is a good time to contemplate change and begin to understand how we have limited our lives by believing the lie that we die and go to heaven( If we are good that is!). How utterly ridiculous that concept is! We are energy and energy never dies. Our bodies die but our energy or spirit moves on to the next lifetime we are meant to live. We are magnificent human beings learning how to live in dense bodies for a short while before we learn how to become light. We were given the gift of procreation not to hold on to life on earth through our children, but to keep our human existence going long enough to finally experience ascension. We are nearing that shift now, we have almost completed our mission to evolve.

Blessings to you all,

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