Greg Giles – Message From The Ashtar Command – 15 August 2012

Hold on to your dreams and to the desires and the visions that you have had for your new lives and your new world, for they are just as possible as they have always been. They have gone nowhere. All and everything that has been discussed with you is still possible for you, you just have to make it happen, that is all. There is no reason to give up now. There is no call to see gloom on your horizon, for nothing has changed. Why are there those of you who believe anything at all has changed about your prospects, your outlook, your timelines, anything? We would like to know this today. We would like for those of you who believe that something has changed for you, that suddenly something is not possible for you, to share with us and explain to us what that is and why you feel some kind of rules have changed or that some kind of promise has been broken or that you can no longer have something that you thought you could.

Please tell us why you feel this way. If it is something that you believe we have said, then please explain to us what you believe we have said, perhaps in previous messages, and tell us what you believe we have said in recent messages that in any way stipulated that any possibilities have changed for you. This is what we would like to see today, as it will help us greatly understand this sudden mood swing that some of you have experienced over the past few days. We see your days ahead as rich in glorious possibility. We see no limits or boundaries on what you can achieve for yourselves, what you can have for yourselves, and where it is you can go from here. We say to you that we see more clearly your future timelines, but we also say to you that these timelines are endless, they are for all intents and purposes limitless. You can have just about anything it is that you wish for, that you dream about, that you want and expect. There is just about nothing that you cannot have. So why today is there a cloud of gloom above the heads of some of you?
This is what we would like to discover today, and we ask you to please continue to leave your comments beneath our messages and share with us your inner thoughts, for we wish to once again be clear about this; we have no way of learning your inner thoughts unless you share them with us through your comments beneath our messages. There are those of you who continue to feel we use our telepathic or psychic abilities to trespass into the inner harbors of your personal consciousness. We say to you again and we wish to be perfectly clear; we do not violate anyone’s rights of their personal domain which is your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual vessels. We respect, honor and obey by the laws governing this universe in regards to the personal and sovereign rights of each and every individual and collective in this universe. We feel we have been again very clear on this, and we can move on to other topics today.
We feel the frustration of some of you that may wish to begin witnessing for yourselves firsthand changes in your world. We say to you that changes will become apparent to many, but we also say to you that you must begin to look for these changes in alternative directions, as turning to your television sets and your newspapers will not provide to you the evidence that you seek. Not at this time. This we see will happen, as it is merely an eventuality when the walls concealing truth and reality come crumbling down and your media outlets feel safe enough to begin to report these stories to you. This is not yet the case, but it will be, as your world is headed for many changes and this will be just one of them, although a very important change indeed.
Today we suggest to you to seek evidence of some of the changes you wish for yourselves through alternative news sources, for these men and women have found the courage, the bravery, the integrity, the will, the desire and the need to report to their brothers and sisters the truth of what is transpiring in their world. To these courageous, honorable and professional men and women we say bravo to you for a job very well done. We say to you please continue your efforts, for many eyes will fall upon you and your work for your brothers and sisters very shortly in the days ahead as events will continue, and like a ripple in a pond will grow and expand and begin to fill the collective consciousness of the people of your world, and it is you and your tireless efforts that will be most needed to sound the call of truth.
We say to you that we, the Ashtar Command, have begun to find evidence of the arrests of the members of your criminal cabal throughout your Internet medium, and we say there is no reason that more of you cannot begin to amass a steady flow of these mounting proceedings. We would like to see more of you combing your Internet into its farthest reaches, just as we explore the universe into its farthest reaches, for one never knows how far one will have to look before finding what it is they are searching for. Sometimes large things come in very small packages, and we wish for you to remember this when searching for what will be for you valuable pieces of the evidence so many of you wish to see.
Moving on to another topic today, we say we are making great strides in filling our rosters for the first initial project we will undertake with you. Once again we will be constructing protective barriers in the form of seawalls not too far off of the coast of more than a few areas around your planet where we feel coastlines do not in their natural states offer adequate protection in the advent of rising sea levels that will make their way towards shorelines in the days ahead. Our monitoring services again reinforce their earlier findings and conclude once again that there will be certain areas of your planet that will experience these rising sea levels, and further state that if these areas are not protected in one way or another that they can expect damage in the form of flooding. This is the third report from our scientific division in charge of the analysis of your oceans and seas in relation to your coastal landmasses, and we share with you today that this is the third report that has reached the same conclusion with no major deviations or alterations in their findings.
We wish you to understand that great care, time and energy go into our studies. These studies are not conducted quickly, loosely, haphazardly or carelessly. Our studies are meticulous, they are well performed, they are carried out in depth and they are overseen and they are conducted by highly qualified members of our organization who, in many cases, have taken part in and have conducted similar research many times in many different parts of this universe. We wish you to understand that, although there may be variations experienced to what our final projections will be, that these variations may be very slight, with barely any visible or traceable differences or outcomes.
We wish for you to begin to prepare for such eventualities, as preparedness always goes hand-in-hand with preventive measure. We, with your assistance, will work to prevent as much damage as possible by building with you the seawalls that we have spoken of. These seawalls will protect large areas of coastline. They will not protect every square mile of coastline around your planet, as this would be a task beyond our time constraints and other areas of conceivability, and we do not feel the most appropriate solution is to cover every square mile of your landmasses with seawalls. Instead, we would like to construct these walls in very strategic areas that will protect not only the local coastlines of these areas, but will also prevent large amounts of water from filling into other areas, causing spillovers of water onto these coastal shores.
To understand this; think about a river flowing through your oceans that must release into another body somewhere, whether it be another ocean, sea, bay, river or landmass. We wish to prevent this by cutting off the flow of these rivers of water that can and will build in size and strength when tectonic plates in your planet’s mantle begin to move and vibrate very strongly in the days ahead. This will be the cause of what we wish to manage concerning the waters of your planet.  There will not be a collision with a ‘rogue’ planet, if you will, entering your solar system, we wish to make this perfectly clear. There will be no rogue planet, asteroid or comet entering your solar system and causing any problems for your planet in any way, whether it be a collision or gravitational effect. We have been clear on this, and we’d like for all of you to share this piece of information with those who you see leaving these misleading items throughout your online circles.
We wish not to cause a panic, and we feel when others spread inaccurate stories such as a large planet will be colliding with yours in the days ahead, that this can certainly cause panic and fear to rise, and we ask you who would this serve better? Would it serve you, the people of your world, to begin to panic and fear the days ahead? Would it serve us, your allies of the galactic commands who wish nothing more than a peaceful reunion with you? Or would it serve someone else? Would it serve the dark masters who have enriched themselves so greatly in wealth, in power and in control by time and again exploiting the emotion of fear in your world? We ask you to always take a moment and think about something when reading an article on your Internet. Ask yourself who benefits from this type of story being spread? If it is clear that someone very particular benefits from such a story, ask yourself one more question. Who is the likely author of this story?
This is all we have to discuss with you today, and we will leave you with these words; why is it that so many of you have gotten down in the last few days? What is it that you feel has changed for you? If it is that you have learned that it is not everyone in your world who will ascend into the higher dimensions in the days ahead, we ask you why it is you feel this would include you among those who will not experience ascension? Why just a few days ago did you think you would experience ascension, and why today are there many of you who feel you won’t? Is it simply because you have learned that not everyone will ascend? So why do you think this would automatically include you? This is what we wish to understand better today, for if there are reasons why you feel you would not make the ‘list’, as it were, to ascend, can you not work on rectifying these problems or ‘deficiencies’ or reasons why you feel you will not ascend.
Why suddenly quit? Why give up so easily? Why not simply say to yourself; “There are changes I need to make in myself and make them now”, and then do just that. That is what we ask you to explain to us today by leaving your thoughts beneath our message, for we wish to better understand why there are those of you who feel there are aspects of yourselves that are unchangeable, ‘uncorrectable’, and please share with us further and tell us what some of these things are that so many of you seem to simply believe are fixed, are permanent, are unchangeable within yourselves, for we see absolutely nothing within yourselves that you cannot change immediately with a little effort, focus, determination, drive and will. These are some of the things you possess inside that will never change, and we say to you today to apply what it is you have and make the changes that you know deep inside need to be changed.
We are here in offers of our assistance to help you make these changes.  We are the Ashtar Command.

As channeled through Greg Giles link to original article

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