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Matt Taibbi – AG Eric Holder Has No Balls – 16 August 2012

OPINION ~ I’ve been on deadline in the past week or so, so I haven’t had a chance to weigh in on Eric Holder’s predictable decision to not pursue criminal charges against Goldman Sachs for any of the activities in the report prepared by Senators Carl Levin and Tom Coburn two years ago.

Last year I spent a lot of time and energy jabbering and gesticulating in public about what seemed to me the most obviously prosecutable offenses detailed in the report – the seemingly blatant perjury before congress of Lloyd Blankfein and other Goldman executives, and the almost comically long list of frauds committed by the company in its desperate effort to unload its crappy “cats and dogs” mortgage-backed inventory. Continue reading

NaturalNews – J.D. Heyes – Enormous, Possibly Radioactive Sinkhole Swallows An Acre Of Louisiana, Causes Forced Evacuations – 16 August 2012

sinkhole(NaturalNews) A huge, foul-smelling and potentially radioactive sinkhole has gulped an entire acre of cypress trees south of Baton Rouge, forcing the evacuations of about 150 homes and leading affected residents to file a class-action lawsuit against the Texas Brine Co. for its alleged responsibility.

“On Friday, August 3, 2012, a sinkhole, 422 feet deep and 372 feet wide emerged releasing a foul diesel odor and created salt-water slurry, which contains diesel fuel,” the suit begins. Continue reading

John Ward – Greece Breaking : One Third Of Greek Deficit Lost To Tax Evaders, Greek Elites Earn Twice As Much As They Claim – 16 August 2012

New research nails structural evasion as being endemic among the powerful

Tax cheats have robbed Greece of some 11.2 billion euros, say Greek and American researchers who used bank records to analyse the likely tax evasion level.

The method is precisely the one used by private   banks to determine the real income of loan seekers. Surprise, surprise, this is more accurate than looking at tax records, often themselves falsified in the first place. The study concluded that the true income of the average Greek is about 1.92 times larger than the tax declaration.

Continue reading

3 Minutes News – 2012: Ocean Health Index – 16 August 2012

Uploaded 16 August 2012 by Continue reading

NaturalNews – J.D. Heyes – U.S. Banks Told To Prepare For Financial Collapse – 16 August 2012

banks(NaturalNews) Is the nation and the world headed for another financial meltdown? You would think so, judging by what U.S. banks have been told to prepare for by regulators.

According to documents obtained by Reuters, officials from the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency have directed five of the country’s top banks -Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup Inc., Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase & Co. – to develop plans for preventing a collapse if they once again faced serious problems because they wouldn’t be able to count on government assistance. Continue reading

Korean Boffins Discover Secret To Quick-Charge Batteries – 16 August 2012

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Posted in Science15th August 2012 04:13 GMT

South Korean boffins say they have found a way to cut battery charging times for electric cars from hours down to just minutes.

The discovery changes the way materials used in regular batteries are treated, according to aYonhapreport. Continue reading

John Ward – Olympic Effect – Rooster Boris In Booster Benite Bollocks Drive Shocker – 16 August 2012

Drill into the ‘London boost’ numbers, and you will discover a myth

It’s become almost impossible now to find a headline anywhere in the Daily Barclaygraph that isn’t about how Boris Johnson must surely be the answer to all problems everywhere. Today’s business lead screams ‘UK unemployment falls amid Olympics boost’, one of those odd uses of false correlation to which biased newspapers are prone.

I feel a deconstruction coming on. With a 42,000 drop in unemployment, London accounted for just under a quarter of the national reduction at 201,000. However, London as a City has a gdp of $600bn, almost exactly 25% of of the UK’s $2.4 trillion gdp. So there has been no London ‘boost’: the capital put on real jobs in line with the rest of the country. Continue reading

Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Fortitude And Control – 16 August 2012

Building on last week’s release of Forced Power, we come to Fortitude and Control.  There are Universal Laws to Life and they support Life.  They determine form, they determine progress and they are based in Love.  Universal Law does not limit freedom within.  It merely shapes Life so that Life continues.  It does not limit Love, it merely gives space for Love to form, inform and reform.  The cycle of Life continues.  Your Fortitude, dear Lightworker, is called forth in this time of transition, as we build new form; first unseen and resisted, then shaped through the focus of time.  Fortitude and Control, when based in Love, have the momentum of the Universal Laws that build worlds.  Don’t give up! Continue reading

OpEdNews -Phil Rockstroh – Beaten Down, Isolated, Angry, And Distracted: “Awake We Share The World; Sleeping Each Turns To His Private World.” – 16 August 2012

A couple of decades ago, upon returning to Atlanta, Georgia, after spending a year abroad, I would frequent an independent bookshop that contained a small coffee shop/cafe, where I would sip tea, read books and periodicals, and engage in the nearly extinct art of long form face-to-face verbal discourse with other habituates of the cafe. To this day, I have long standing friendships with a number of people I came to know during those years. Continue reading

Infinite Waters – What Matters To You The Most—The Truth Shall Set You Free…Time For Elevation! (Live Free) – 16 August 2012

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