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Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Face To Face Showdown With Merkel; Wicked Irony Of Greece Bankruptcy – 16 August 2012

Greece is bankrupt. It cannot pay the bills. A Spending Moratorium proves just that.

Greece will only pay salaries and pensions.

If the state owes anyone else money, they can forget about it unless the Troika sends more money. If that causes more corporate and personal bankruptcies (and it will), then tough luck. Continue reading

Common Dreams – Jonathan Marcus – Leaked Israel Memo : Propaganda Or Iran War Plan? – 16 August 2012

Richard Silverstein – the American blogger who says he has been given the text of a memo outlining Israel’s plans for a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities – is clear about what he thinks it is.

It is impossible to verify the document, but Silverstein calls it a product of the Israeli military’s “dream factory which manufactures threats and then creates fabulist military strategies to address them. indeed an Israeli cabinet paper of some kind. He says it came from a senior Israeli politician – a former minister – and he describes it as a “sales pitch”, used by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Ehud Barak to try to win round sceptical members of Israel’s divided inner security cabinet. Continue reading

Julian Assange : UK Issues ‘Threat’ To Arrest Wikileaks Founder – 16 August 2012

Julian Assange Julian Assange’s Wikileaks published leaked diplomatic cables

Ecuador has accused the UK of making a “threat” to enter its embassy in London to arrest Wikileaks’ Julian Assange.

Mr Assange took refuge at the embassy in June to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he faces questioning over assault and rape claims, which he denies. Continue reading

Libor Scandal : Seven Banks Summoned In US Probe – 16 August 2012

Barclays was fined for trying to manipulate the Libor rates

Seven banks, including HSBC and Royal Bank of Scotland, are to be questioned in the US for alleged manipulation of the Libor inter-bank lending rate.

The other banks receiving subpoenas by the New York attorney general are Barclays, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan and UBS. Continue reading

Rusty : Respons To The Latests GFL Message Through Greg Giles (With Comment Lucas And Short Comment Of Wes) Updated – 16 August 2012

Lucas : The following article is on Wes Annac’s Blog:  I post this as I have  myself some trouble with the messages of Greg Giles for some time, this is apart from me saying always to discern yourselves. I have my own insights on postings.  I post a lot and I do not concur always with postings or postings that are even expressing  negativity in a sense  but  my motto is “discerning yourselves and forming your own truths” and that is important to me. Continue reading

James Tyberonn – Enchanted Rock – Stargate In The ‘Heart’ Texas – 16 August 2012

In the southwest ‘hill country’ region of Texas lies the powerful and sacred dome of Enchanted Rock. Visible for miles around, the impressive dome rises some 450 feet vertically above base (1,850 feet above sea level). Revered by the Plains Indians for centuries, it spirals a potent crysto-electrical vortex. It is called the ‘Ayers Rock of America.’ Enchanted Rock is indeed one of the most powerful points in the southwest, and it holds a special relationship to Sedona, Stone Mountain and indeed Ayers Rock itself. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Bringing Your Heart Forward – 16 August 2012

God said:

Hello, Beautiful. Hello, hello, hello. I have sought you, and so I have found you. Of course, it is your recognition of Me that I sought. I always have had you right where I wanted you, in My heart, safe and sound. Accept that you are in My heart, and what is in My heart, I value with all My heart.

Your recognition of Me and My value on the Earthly plane may not have been clear to you. Never mind all that – I mean, have your mind let go of all that. The mind cannot know what it cannot know. Your heart can know, and from your heart, awareness can sprout. From your mind, not very well, for the human mind likes to ponder and digest and fork over reasons and explanations. This is no offense to the mind. This is what minds do. Continue reading

Greg Giles – Message From The Ashtar Command – 15 August 2012

Hold on to your dreams and to the desires and the visions that you have had for your new lives and your new world, for they are just as possible as they have always been. They have gone nowhere. All and everything that has been discussed with you is still possible for you, you just have to make it happen, that is all. There is no reason to give up now. There is no call to see gloom on your horizon, for nothing has changed. Why are there those of you who believe anything at all has changed about your prospects, your outlook, your timelines, anything? We would like to know this today. We would like for those of you who believe that something has changed for you, that suddenly something is not possible for you, to share with us and explain to us what that is and why you feel some kind of rules have changed or that some kind of promise has been broken or that you can no longer have something that you thought you could. Continue reading