Rusty : Respons To The Latests GFL Message Through Greg Giles (With Comment Lucas And Short Comment Of Wes) Updated – 16 August 2012

Lucas : The following article is on Wes Annac’s Blog:  I post this as I have  myself some trouble with the messages of Greg Giles for some time, this is apart from me saying always to discern yourselves. I have my own insights on postings.  I post a lot and I do not concur always with postings or postings that are even expressing  negativity in a sense  but  my motto is “discerning yourselves and forming your own truths” and that is important to me.

But I am now coming to the point I will be  skipping  messages or not posting them anymore.  If they really do not resonate with me anymore they are not posted. My problem with Greg Giles his messages is that a lot of messages are multiple interpretable, some are even conflicting earlier messages and one was expressing things that had to be corrected the next day. Also a lot of messages are asking you or telling you to do things and therefore can be having a  negative influx on readers. Another example is explained also in the following article posted on Wes his blog.

Furthermore Greg does not give on his own blog the opportunity to react via comments or he has no e-mailadres for readers to leave their called upon I do’s, towards the things he asks himself or is asked to ask you, if you want, via “the GFL or Ashtar Command”.  Other re-bloggers of messages, which he himself has encouraged to post his messages, have their blogs cluttered with comments or have lots of e-mails and responses that are not their responsibility to answer or even do something with.

Greg should have made clear where they can leave their answers on the questions or called upon actions by him or his channels. He also has made me worry when he had to be stating he was altering his message with the addition of Light to it.  If you really are channeling from higher source or unconditional loving lightbeings and ET’s  you need not separate or exclude anything or anybody as being not from the light as a separation marker to set yourself apart as being the real and only one. That is not the correct way to show everything is one.  I see real channelings by whom ever channeled only to be from a higher source  if there is unconditional love in it and not negativity or manipulative talk to let you do things or a must believe this or that in it without stating clearly they have the free will to see it different or even ignore the message or do not do what is asked.

A higher source message will show the true ‘unconditional’ love and let’s free will intact without judgment in things or over you.That is the difference with spiritual writing which comes from the authors higher-self and is to see as his or her higher opinion or expression. A Lot of channelings are not clearly coming from the higher self or from  lightbeings. The channelings often are mixed with subconscious negativity and even the negative energy of the channeler or even entity that is channeled but is not a light being or  from higher source. (I will add to that this all said not applies to every channeler that now feels he is maybe attacked as I speak in general. If you feel that way ask yourself why, I did not name anybody but Greg and are not naming names nor will I.)  There are even channelings around that are purposely made for misinformation or even computer generated with certain parameters and keywords in it, also some channelers seem to connect with others and discuss what will be written and therefore are corrupting real channelers and channelings and are willingly manipulating things  (as mentioned in the NSA article and several other articles on mind control and disinformation, manipulation and mind control is real).  I will not go into mentioning names or exposing people as you yourselves will find out soon enough.

Also I am less going to post articles as I discern them and they are not resonating with me. I have been posting a lot but I really think some authors and channelers have been given to much credit and exposure by posting them every time as some are clearly exulting on the 3D mentalities and duality issues they are expressing themselves or are still fighting with and are clearly shutting out, separating or excluding people or even give them when asked a voice only to then ridicule them or throw them at the backdoor out as they are not anymore needed for their own plans, hidden agendas, money-making business or disinfo business.  Even threatening people is normal to some that have the  so-called “best’ intentions for this world. Hurting people, scaring them or even blackmail, etc, is used  to comply to their negative intentions or even blatant authoritarian being or  business model.

So if you are in future missing some posts it was probably that I discerned myself not to post it. I stay posting my discernment notices on articles, videos, channelings, etc, randomly as I want you  to know you need to discern with what I post.  News will be posted, even negative as it is important and tells the story what is going on. But not everything that seems to be news is news and is just out their to give an opinion or is wanting to influence, indoctrinate, manipulate, mislead and misinform  you or is brought to get you on board of their train. I will post that what I discern and feels right to me.  As Always it is up to you what you wanna read, see and  hear but that does not mean I have to be posting it.

My personal opinion is mine. And when I have an opinion on things or write an article myself it is  clearly mentioned.  I will not answer on requests why I post things or not. If you have real questions you can e-mail them but insults and other negativity or  your discernment I do nothing with. Wanting to make me eating your beliefs or truths as seeing them as mine is not going to happen. I will not go into discussions over it or have comments or e-mails answered on what I think is my truth and the truth of other authors is their truth and  not necessary that of mine, but I can concur or resonate with it or not. You are free to discern what is your truth and that needs not to be that of others.  I have no grouch or whatever personally with Greg but I have told you what my discernment and vision is. We can differ in things and still I say : ” Love and Light to all of you as we are still one also in our seemingly different visions, opinions, ways of lives or beliefs.”:   Lucas.

(Update: I wanna say adding to this that I am feeling people are too trustworthy towards others without discerning themselves. I know myself UFO’s and ET, angels and lightbeings, elementals are real, that has not to be your knowledge or belief. The question is, is every article and channeling real or genuine or with the right intent.  See behind the veil. You need to go inside to find your truth not walking with every channeling or channeler towards the path they tell you is true. Still you got to discern and see if it is your truth and not forget to check or and also read about backgrounds and connections or dots you can connect to give you a better picture.  See also if there are patterns emerging or things like repeated sentences, etc, a to coincidental response to something, or acknowledgment  or concurring with a message of an author or some other message by the channel.  I seek  in channelings and spiritual articles for genuinely channeled messages with the right intent and with no hidden agendas in my discerning choice. I also see that people (and therefore channelers, authors) can be wrong. I am said if  consequently things do not add up and people are falling in traps if they can not see what is wrong.  Go first and foremost with your gut feeling and look if things resonate with you. Waking up can be a challenge as there are people who are selling their beliefs as truths or as the one and only truth or path. Your truth is the only right truth and is part of the ONE truth of all that is.  I like to see you always have the choice and make the choice yourself. What you go with or not is your truth. So if others tell you you must or have to otherwise………………. you better watch out. If people are not writing in spiritual messages, articles and channelings in a positive way, leave you a choice to be not doing or going with what they say or say you have no free will and need to follow them as saviours, you should certainly be warned. In the end you are always yourself responsible for you, your actions, your decisions, the choices you make.  So if you think to find the solutions in others leading, or being your saviours or gurus  you will in the end feel trapped as you are giving your choice and freedom away. You are your master and teacher and also your leader.  Love and Light, Lucas.)

* Now follows the article on Wes his blog with short preface of Wes.


Note from Wes: I am posting this from a purely detached perspective, and allowing you all to feel your own ways about messages via dear Greg. As many know, we have recently made the decision to stop posting Greg here on this site. 

Dear GFL,

I have some issue with your recent messages. In [your latest message] you state our goals are not achieved threw defeatist attitudes but threw positive thought. Next you state not everyone will ascend during this next opportunity. This is a passive aggressive psychological pattern which engages fear & negativity.

Also stated [in such message] is that this is our choice. For this moment I am going to give you some advice because you asked for it and then give you my conclusion and move forward…

Under this current control system the Earth’s human population does not have much ability to conceive a total positive outlook to lead to a qualified mass ascension as you are purposing here. There seems to be a great fault in your logic that I can not quite identify specifically.

Earth’s humans do not have the ability to choose as you are stating here because the current control system is very overly oppressive. The average person does not have the time and information to make these kind of decisive decisions. These people who engage in technologies like the one we are using here are not the norm. If you are depending upon this medium as your source for decision making for mankind you are making a fundamentally flawed case for yourself. It is obvious to me after reviewing the content of these comments posted here (and other information) that the majority of mankind is not truly aware enough to facilitate a massive ascension of the kind we need.

If you are really serious about assisting for a complete mass ascension you need to stop wasting energy in this limited format and facilitate a global disclosure so the human population can witness a credible format with which to convene a public mass contemplation and decision to ascend properly and thoroughly as a whole threw a collective educational process.

I am not saying there is no benefit from what you are doing here because many people are benefiting from this format. But, when you subject this population to certain tactics that are questionable I can not continue to respond with seemingly baseless positive comments.

Please move forward in a clear and decisive pattern of credibility if you are for real.’  link to original article


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