US Hypersonic Aircraft Crashes Seconds Into Military Test Flight! – 16 August 2012

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* Program details classified; cost undisclosed

* Goal to be able to get missiles anywhere in an hour

LOS ANGELES, Aug 15 (Reuters) – An unmanned experimental aircraft designed to fly six times the speed of sound broke apart over the Pacific Ocean seconds into a military test flight due to a faulty control fin, the U.S. Air Force said on Wednesday.

The problem with the fin on the craft known as the Waverider or X-51A was identified in a test flight on Tuesday, 16 seconds after a rocket booster on the remotely monitored craft was ignited to propel it forward, the Air Force said in a statement.

Dis-InfoWars Comment : We are delighted that this was the press release. Because, it proves a point. To the untrained eye, it appears to be a failed test of new advanced technology. Right?

Well? Thats what they want. They dont want you to feel, and think that this type of technology has been around for years. Its called Resocialization. If you have not taken an upper division sociology class then you might be in the dark a bit. We’ll explain another way.

People, say they want change and that they are ready to assimilate advanced material, but when one puts the material infront of them, what happens? They freak out! Time and time again they do not take in the material. What people say they want, and what people want, are two different things.

So, what was done in this case, was to produce the Headline “4,500 mph plane” it was placed in your mind. The alledged crash happens and you forget about it. But, the mind really doesn’t function that way. The mind does not forget about it. It rehashes it over and over.

Then, the next time you are confronted with a 4,500 mph plane you are more apt to assimulate it without backlash.

If you think this is far fetched ask a regular Bud drinker to switch to Coors, ask a Chevy fan to drive Ford, ask a Red Sox fan to scream Yankees, ask the rich to drive a $5,000 dollar car, tell a Dentist that amalgaman fillings are toxic, tell an MD that herbs heal, and for the real test – try to drive to work a DIFFERENT way.


Fifteen seconds later, when the X-51A separated from the rocket booster, it lost control due to a “faulty control fin,” the statement said. The 31 seconds of flight fell far short of the military’s goal for the X-51A to fly for five minutes.

The aircraft broke apart immediately and fell into the Pacific Ocean near Point Mugu northwest of Los Angeles, said Daryl Mayer, a spokesman for the 88th Air Base Wing at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

Even if the test had been a success, the aircraft would have crashed at the end of the flight in any case and was not considered retrievable.

The Waverider was designed to reach speeds of Mach 6 or above, six times the speed of sound and fast enough to zoom from New York to London in less than an hour. The military has its eye on using the Waverider program to develop missiles with non-nuclear explosives that could strike anywhere in the world within an hour, analysts said.

The cost of the experimental aircraft, which military officials said was dropped from a B-52 bomber before its rocket booster was ignited, has not been disclosed because many details of the program are classified.

The aircraft is known as the Waverider because it stays airborne, in part, with lift generated by the shock waves of its own flight. The Boeing Co’s Phantom Works division performed design and assembly on the craft, the military said.

The fins on the rocket booster kept the aircraft on-course during the initial phase of the flight, despite the problem with the control fin on the X-51A itself, Mayer said.

A Boeing spokeswoman declined to comment on the test flight, citing an Air Force request to have all public communication come from the military.


This was the third of four X-51A aircraft built for the military, one of which flew for over three minutes at nearly five times the speed of sound during a 2010 test flight, the Air Force said in a statement.

The Air Force, which is analyzing data from Tuesday’s test flight, said one X-51A aircraft remains and that a decision has not been made “when or if that vehicle will fly at this time.”

The Waverider is part of efforts by the U.S. military to develop a prompt global strike capability to hit targets anywhere in the world within an hour, said Guy Ben-Ari, senior fellow with the Center for Strategic and International Studies.(continue) link to original article

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