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Lucas – The Bigger Picture – We Are Almost There! – Watch! – 17 August 2012

Some say it is quiet. Some say there is something in the air.  Some say all is happening now.   They are all right.

It is quiet as things are in secret meetings and at closed-door conferences being addressed.  There is for sure something in the air if it are not our galactic friends that make them be noticed, we are having all sorts of waves coming in from solar electro magnetic blasts and from our Alcyone our great source coming lots of ascension energies. The air is also filled with frequencies of the ELF kind that Ha(a)rp us beautiful storms and clouds, earthquakes. Continue reading

Jon Rappoport – Dear Dallas : No One Ever Proved West Nile Disease Exists! – 17 August 2012

Now that Dallas officials have decided West Nile Disease has killed 14 people in the area and infected 557 more, the aerial spraying of a pesticide called Duet will begin. The objective? Wipe out mosquitoes that carry the virus.

But here’s the bombshell: there is no evidence that the supposed virus causing West Nile exists. This means there is no proof West Nile disease exists. Continue reading

John McIntosh – Dream Yourself Awake – 17 August 2012

While in the dream – the 3D world of opposites, of separation of limitation – nothing you have learned, none of your history is True except … as you believe it to be. Even then, it is still not True but seems True to you while you give it Life through your belief.

When you come to the Moment when you finally see you are dreaming and choose to Wake from the dream all you have is what you have learned within the dream to use to Wake from it … call it your history.

John Ward – Troika To Accuse Greeks Of Building Secret Survival Fund – Alarming French Debt Data Shift Eurozone Balance Of Power Back To Berlin – 17 August 2012

As the true extent of Greek ally France’s short-term debt problems came to light, French sources today reported that the Troika will produce “a damning report” on Greek austerity and debt repayment progress….alleging in particular that Athens is building a ‘survival fund’ to give it greater bargaining power. This muddies the waters still further in relation to the European tour of Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras next week:  Berlin now looks to be in a stronger position than previously. Continue reading

Bill Ballard – HAARP – Induction Magnetometer – 17 August 2012


HAARP lots of missing data … this is real time and will soon change…
Check it out!

Induction Magnetometer

The image below is a time-frequency spectrogram, which shows the frequency content of signals recorded by the HAARP Induction Magnetometer. This instrument, provided by the University of Tokyo, measures temporal variations in the geomagnetic field in the ULF (ultra-low frequency) range of 0-5 Hz. The spectrogram images are produced by computing the PSD (power spectral density) of successive 102.4-second segments of timeseries data, and plotting these spectra as color/intensity slices along a 24-hour scale. If the images below are not too interesting, you might want to look at 02 Sep 2004 for an example of narrowband PC1 pulsations, or 27 Jul 2004 for an example of wideband ULF noise during a magnetic substorm. Expanded plots of the last 12 hours, last 6 hours, last 3 hours, and last 1 hour are also available. Continue reading

3 Minutes News – 17 August 2012

Uploaded on 17 August 2012 by Continue reading

Geoffrey West – Cosmic Vision News – InLight Blogtalkradio -17 August 2012

Cosmic Vision News

by InLight Radio

Call in to speak with the host : (323) 784-9697

Direct link to radioshow

Central USA – 17.00  PM 17 August 2012 – Mainland Europe 18 August 01.00 AM

CVN host, Geoffrey West offers news, talk and commentary about the latest events unfolding with regards to what is arguably the most guarded secret, and yet the most important event to improve the human and planetary condition.

Disclosure, as a global awareness event is now happening.  CVN is among the first to formally declare disclosure as real and peaceful.CVN will be an evolving program, adapting to the events unfolding upon, within and beyond our planet.

CVN will also address current events that support a shift to a peaceful planet.

A program to promote and encourage courageous dialogue worldwide, while preparing everyone to be re-introduced to our galactic families.

A beautiful future is unfolding! Know it, and share it! Cosmic Vision News – the truth is out there…and it’s in here – the heart of Gaia, and the heart of you!

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