Lucas – The Bigger Picture – We Are Almost There! – Watch! – 17 August 2012

Some say it is quiet. Some say there is something in the air.  Some say all is happening now.   They are all right.

It is quiet as things are in secret meetings and at closed-door conferences being addressed.  There is for sure something in the air if it are not our galactic friends that make them be noticed, we are having all sorts of waves coming in from solar electro magnetic blasts and from our Alcyone our great source coming lots of ascension energies. The air is also filled with frequencies of the ELF kind that Ha(a)rp us beautiful storms and clouds, earthquakes.

Also mother earths natural kind of cleansing via her eruptions, quakes, storms and rains, extreme droughts, fires  is peaking.
Also in the air are the data streams that keep going over the media servers, the banking servers and find via sometimes leaked happenings their way onto our internet.

We see the lies and hopeless efforts made of banking CEO’s and master puppeteers of the Illuminati kind to keep the system alive at any cost. If you have followed the last couple of months the news and saw the little signs that were told and have happened you would have seen great things are unfolding. I myself are getting info that some things are really going on now from for me very credible sources that I not can reveal.

Not only networks often more down than working , ATM problems,  banking accounts that are closed or temporary out-of-order,credit cards not (temporary)working or blocked without reason, the taking of assets of people without permission, lockets and safes at banks should be  emptied or they will be for you, gold stocking by central banks and known illuminati, countries talking in main stream news about having again a gold backed system, the main currencies exchange libor rate is down significantly, countries going back to trade in other nominations or values or currencies, lawsuits and liens are all over the place, and bankers, brokers and insurers get arrested or exposed, people awaken to see their money is robbed, embezzled, stolen, people get  blackmailed or hunted for telling truths or are whistleblowers, an increase and influx on controlling and enforcement laws and measures,etc. Need I go on. So many things to get you hopefully cheering and jumping out of your chair to dance on the streets. The end of the old is near and we will have as predicted probably after or in a bank holiday in America a shift that will be seen after the weekend when all will take place.

I say watch, see and learn and maybe it is sooner manifested than ever thought possible. Dear Jonny you need not play anymore as it is soon to be.

Love and Light,


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