Visionkeeper – Wrapping Things Up – 17 August 2012

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Summer is quickly giving way to fall now, colors are changing, smells are changing, the air is becoming crisp and decidedly cooler. We are nearing the end of summer, it is time to begin to pack up the beach towels and take the sweaters out of mothballs and slowly add the blankets to our beds. The gardens and flowers are wrapping up their growing season, the birds are beginning to come together to begin their move to warmer locations, and the trees are getting ready to change the colors of their leaves so they can  begin their final dissent to the earth below. The world is beginning to wrap up the summer season and put it to bed and we as well are beginning to wrap up our journey to our new world, for the time has come to leave the illusion behind and move ahead to a better life or remain prisoner in this 3rd dimension.

We have worked hard to hold the light and raise the frequency of the planet. We have learned to stay centered in our hearts and pour love and compassion out into the world. We watch everyday more segments of the dark ones world falling apart despite their attempt to increase their evil to destroy the world. They are falling away, their world of deceit and greed and murder is being wrapped up for them and indeed it is time to put them away, not just for a season, but forever! Summer is ending and their reign of control is ending as well. We are on the final stretch of this journey, the darkness is giving way to the light and we are able to finally see the fuzzy outline of the new world in the dimness.

Normally we prepare for winter, throw on the blankets and hunker down for the long winter months and veg out, but we cannot give in to this desire this winter. We must stay vigilant and on top of our game.  We must continue to awaken others and expose the truth to as many as we can. The war is now at full speed to capture our minds and be in control. Once we awaken enough we begin to vibrate at a higher frequency, we are no longer on a frequency band they can control. This is why we are able to observe the truth of what is going on and see the absurdity of it all. What they are manipulating is so obvious and it seems unbelievable that not everyone can see. They can’t see because their mind has already been captured! It is imperative we raise ourselves up above their grasp!

We have come so far now, this is not the time to be caught with our pants down so to speak.  There is a whole segment of society out there who have already had their minds captured and are being pummeled everyday with television shows designed to tear them down and dismantle morality. Go into Google and spend a few minutes researching for yourselves.  The government and corporate America have spent billions of dollars on researching how to control minds, how to get us to want to buy their products, how to get us to want to eat their products, how they can work with fear to get us to accept more laws and less freedom to be protected from some false boogey man. This has been going on for decades and has been progressing rapidly as their need for control becomes more vital.

We must not get sucked in because I don’t know how to get out from under once they have their hooks in us. To stay above them and off their frequency we must stay in our hearts and be love and gratitude for all that is. No more judging others and if we continue to do so then we are obviously not rising above! Judgment and greed and materialism are all part of the old paradigm, the very reasons that paradigm is self destructing right now. As the dark ones desperation grows in intensity they will try anything and everything to stop us and we must be ready at all times. We must be remain the light at all times and be love!

With military tanks being hauled by train all around the country by the thousands right now, the government buying up millions of rounds of ammunition, local police forces being heavily armed with military grade weapons, it is obvious they are getting themselves in position to do battle! The economy is soon to implode and a country with no money, no way to buy or get food, no way to get gasoline for their cars, no way to protect its citizens, it is very likely chaos will ensue and they are ready to move in. Lets face it, the sleeping side of society will freak out for they have not prepared and they are already based in fear. We will be challenged mightily to stay above the panic and remain calm and we must.

This will be the final challenge, to stay in our hearts when all we have ever known goes up in smoke around us. We will be needed to bring together the sleepers and show them the way up and out of the destruction. We know the alternative world is already setting up to take over when the old falls away, plans are in place and creative minds have been busy building better ways to run the world. This why there is no need for fear to enter in, we need and want the old to explode so we can begin to set in place the new world. We do not want to try to build the new world on a broken and shaky foundation. We must have the courage to let the old ways go and know in our hearts the new will slide into place and life will go on but in a new and beautiful and loving new way. Let us be ready for this final leg of our journey. Have faith, have courage, stand strong and stay in your hearts always!

Blessings to you all,

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