Jean Haines – Neil Keenan Responds To A Reader’s Comment Under His Post: Cease & Desist Of August 16,2012 – 18 August 2012

Paul, who took the time to read Cease & Desist – Neil Keenan Papers, August 16, 2012 had a question: The pages which mention the BS Certuficates show 1965 and 1966 and JFK as a signatory. How can this be?

Neil Keenan took the time to respond to Paul, and because many of my readers may not yet be aware of this important information, I’ve chosen to publish Neil’s response here for everyone to read: 

On June 4, 1963, Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110 which held the authority to strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Government at interest.

With Kennedy’s signature, he declared that the Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business.

To this very day the Executive Order has never been repealed, amended or superceded by any subsequent Executive Order.  It is still valid.

When President Kennedy signed this order it returned to the US Government the Constitutional Power to create and issue currency—–MONEY—-without going through the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank.

As a result 4 billion in US Notes were brought into circulation in $2 and 5$ denominations.  The $10’s and $20 US Notes were never circulated but were being printed by the Treasury Department when Kennedy was assassinated.  Kennedy knew the Federal Reserve Notes being used as legal currency were in contradiction to the Constitution of the United States of America.

While the Green Hilton appears to be an innocuous document to read, in its full interpretation it is one of the most profound agreements ever made not only in the 20th century, but also in the history of the world because this agreement was made between a US President and the Trustee of the hidden but combined wealth of the world.  These assets are not the property of the United States, but centralized assets under the authority of a centralized system, to be used as independently deemed to be for the better benefit of the World.

Here is Executive Order 11110, Amendments etc……Executive Order 11110


By virtue of the authority vested in me by section 301 of title 3 of the United States Code, it is ordered as follows:
SECTION 1. Executive Order No. 10289 of September 19, 1951, as amended, is hereby further amended – (a) By adding at the end of paragraph 1 thereof the following subparagraph (j): ‘(j) The authority vested in the President by paragraph (b) of section 43 of the Act of May 12, 1933, as amended (31 U.S.C. 821 (b)), to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury not then held for redemption of any outstanding silver certificates, to prescribe the denominations of such silver certificates, and to coin standard silver dollars and subsidiary silver currency for their redemption,’ and (b) By revoking subparagraphs (b) and (c) of paragraph 2 thereof. SECTION 2. The amendment made by this Order shall not affect any act done, or any right accruing or accrued or any suit or proceeding had or commenced in any civil or criminal cause prior to the date of this Order but all such liabilities shall continue and may be enforced as if said amendments had not been made.

June 4, 1963

Once again, Executive Order 11110 is still valid. According to Title 3, United States Code, Section 301 dated January 26, 1998:

Executive Order (EO) 10289 dated Sept. 17, 1951, 16 F.R. 9499, was as amended by:
EO 10583, dated December 18, 1954, 19 F.R. 8725;
EO 10882 dated July 18, 1960, 25 F.R. 6869;
EO 11110 dated June 4, 1963, 28 F.R. 5605;
EO 11825 dated December 31, 1974, 40 F.R. 1003;
EO 12608 dated September 9, 1987, 52 F.R. 34617 The 1974 and 1987 amendments, added after Kennedy’s 1963 amendment, did not change or alter any part of Kennedy’s EO 11110. A search of Clinton’s 1998 and 1999 EOs and Presidential Directives has also shown no reference to any alterations, suspensions, or changes to EO 11110.

Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 and the US Notes he had issued were immediately taken out of circulation.  Why?  Because they knew that  if the silver-backed US Notes were widely circulated they would have eliminated the demand for Federal Reserve Notes.  Kennedy challenged the powers that exist behind US and World Finance and boldly faced the two most successful vehicles that have ever been used to drive up debt:

1).  The Viet Nam War and

2).  The creation of money by a privately owned Central Bank

When you tie the above two together what you find is that removing the troops from Viet Nam combined with executive order 11110 would have destroyed the profits and control of the Private Federal Reserve Bank.  As for the Green Hilton Agreement and the answer to many questions relating to the dates here is the answer:

The Green Hilton Agreement was not implemented until 1968 (this is why the dates differ between Kennedy’s signature and the dates of the assets) when Soekarno fell from office and when Global Trade made it imperative that the world have a Global Currency. As the Gold had been transferred to the US Treasury in 1968, a series of Bonds known as Kennedy Bonds were issued in order to honor the terms of the Green Hilton Agreement made between Kennedy and Soekarno, since the 1968 terms of the gold delivery to the United States were different than those made in 1934. When after 30 years, interest had not been paid as promised, the bonds were reissued in an increased number as commemorative notes and were accepted by the owners of the Gold: the Dragon Family held the Soekarno Trust, the Indonesian Elders, Holders and Gatekeepers.  The Soekarno Trust held mostly all the assets of Asia. link to original article


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