Lisa Gawlas – Your Notebook Of Finished Energy And New Life! – 18 August 2012

 I think about what the transition must be like for a brand new baby once he emerges down the birth canal and is pushed into created Life.  He arrives into a world so opposite of where he just came from.  Bright lights of the delivery room, loud sounds of people talking and celebrating (some cussing) his arrival, being weighted, poked, prodded and the sensation of his skin on his mothers.  To feel hunger for the first time, or have a bowel movement, or spit up. Everything so new and weird and exhausting to him!

Then I think of us, where we just came from, exactly like the above set of circumstances. Now we are in a space of the complete opposite, energy wise.  There is nothing except pure radiant light.  A drift away from all the noise and distraction of yesterday into the land of calm magic.  Only now we have to remember we are no longer a part of the noise and chaos of yesterday.  That the word struggle and even the word illness is yesterdays news.  We can, of course, bring any of it forward, if we choose, but why clutter up the landscape with what no longer works?

I share that because what we are seeing in readings is really amazing and pretty much void of a whole lot of details, depending of course, where you are within yourself.  I suppose I can liken it to being in a land of clay that has yet to take form and you are the clay master!

There were so many things I wanted to go over in today’s blog, since I was busy downloading and getting my new computer functional yesterday (which I accomplished) but I also woke up really late today… again, so I don’t have a lot of time between now and my first reading to write.

There was also something else going on inside of me yesterday, I think the universe became incredibly reflective of my new computer.  I started downloading all the things I needed to make my world functional on this new beautiful machine the moment I got it.  I do believe, the universe started downloading into me too.  I woke up yesterday and it felt like someone did the Mexican hat dance on my neck and the base of my skull.  As I became more and more awake I started to wonder if I had some loose screws inside of my head because every time I moved my head the pain in my skull (not the brain, but the skull itself) would move and with my head movement.  I finally raised the white flag and took some ibuprofen about 10am… which cured me!

Then as I awoke this morning, the monthly cycle that usually comes with the full moon energy decided to do an inner pole shift and waited til the new moon cycle to cleanse. Can we say bloated!! (smile)  Ohhh I love this body and what all is happening within!!  Yeah right!!  But I must say, there is this enhanced clarity today, even tho I am barely a whole coffee into my morning!!  That alone is a minor miracle!

There was a really powerful and simple exercise that came thru for a lady I was reading two days ago that I wanted to share with y’all.  Let me just give you here very simple, but my lord, information full visual. There was nothing around her.  Nothing above, below, behind or in front of her.  Even the sides were nothing put pure radiant energy (which shows up looking like mutalable cloud energy.)  Except one tiny detail emerged.  A set of steps that looked very much like a step-ladder set up over what would be the threshold of her west field doorway.  There were five steps up, five steps down and the top step, which would be the top that connects the two together was the 6th step.  Now we know 5 represents change, in my world 6 represents soul partnership (domestic harmony within) and of course change would have to both precede as well a proceed soul partnership.  Living as one with your soul.

Her steps were a golden energetic outline, showing both the high spiritual vibration she is walking as well as activating each intense magnetic field within and around her world.  But there was also something she was doing as she walked higher onto each step.  She was making completely different choices in relationship to old stuff.  She was realizing that she had the opportunity to be an observer thru what otherwise would have been a really negative event of yesterday and choose to act differently.  And doing this, cleared all debris from her energy field.

Just feel how profound that is.  You cannot change the world around you, but the moment you change yourself within the world around it… everything must change, starting with you!!

I could feel the pull in her muscles as she lifted her foot from the 2nd step (duality) and making her way to the third step (action and communication.)  Living differently than ever before is not always easy, especially when the adversity builds around you.  But that is truly when you know you have changed!!  Because old reactions don’t just fly out of you… there is a calm, a contentedness that calls for new action.     Even if that is simply closing the door to those who strive to bring you down!

And even tho I could follow her energy to the other side of this step-ladder going down, there was not a single detail that emerged to “see.”   Like so many of us right now, we know we have changed, but we don’t know what it is that we wish to do with our change… or even how to make it happen.

Ohhhh, I bet this is how Merlin felt the moment he realized he had always posed that powerful wand of creation!

So her team gave (us all) a wonderful exercise to start our creation process.  Today, there is even an added detail to this exercise.

Get yourself a notebook.  Not one that has been used before… but one that is empty and filled with blank potential.  New.

One the first page write something like:  New Life  on the very last page write something like Finished.

Then start writing, but only from a positive energy flow.  I will give you my own few examples of how my notebook is unfolding:

New Life:                                                                                                                    Finished:

Effortless and exciting financial flow                                                            Worrying about money

Gentle Feather, super-spirited counterpart                                              With all I needed to do alone

New approach to creating abundance thru helping others                 With anything involving the old energy construct.

Hopefully you get the idea here.  Start simple, no details.  But leave some space between each thing because you will find as you go, the inspiration of how to achieve that new life will be presented to you, write it under your intent.

Remember, this is now a partnership… you and life, spirit, the All, co-creating together.

Add to both ends of your notebook every single day.  You may find you have less and less to add to the finished part and more and more to the new life part.  As something comes your way that was once listed as your new life and is NOW part of your new life, just write next to it:  Received, Thank You.

I do want to give a shout out to The Soul Gym, the more we complete, the more that is added.  The webmaster (Heather) is brilliant!!  There are three area’s that will enhance your overall fitness:  Mental Fitness – Emotional Fitness – Soul Fitness.  Like I said, it is still be constructed and I cannot wait till you have your first look around.  hopefully next week sometime!!

I love you all so much!!  Enjoy your notebook and your New Life of wonder and bliss!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of gratitude and love for all you do and continue to do!!

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