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Mish/ Mike Shedlock – “Break-Up Could Make EU Function Better” Says Finnish Foreign Minister; Finland Totally Committed To Euro, Yet Prepared Break-Up – 18 August 2012

Yesterday, Finland’s foreign minister said “Finland must face openly the possibility of a euro-break up

“We have to face openly the possibility of a euro-break up,” said Erkki Tuomioja, the country’s veteran foreign minister and a member of the Social Democratic Party, one of six that make up the country’s coalition government. Continue reading

2012 : Down The Rabbit Hole, All The Way! – 18 August 2012

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Faiza – Unity – 18 August 2012

Unity is a very important subject to touch on, especially with all the “stuff” going on , on our planet. Unity is, i am told, the 4th law of love. In love and unity, there is no separation. But, we must ask ourselves, what is true unity? I believe it is the coming together for a common cause that benefits the community as a whole, being one entity in a common cause for the betterment of all Beings…and for the betterment of our dear planet… Continue reading

John Kettler – Drake – Spookey & Overt Simultaneously?! – 18 August 2012

(Lucas : as you know already I want you to have different insights to support your own truth finding. The Drake heavily supporters not questioning anything will not be pleased by this article.This does not mean questions may not be raised by people who think things do not add up or even have some flaws in them. It is still ‘you’ that needs to decide what is your truth not I. Think about my discernment notices and what I wrote about it. Somethings may be not what they look like or what they pretend to be. Keep always an open mind!) Continue reading

Bashar – Evil, Domination And Darkness – 18 August 2012

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Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Let Your Heart – 18 August 2012

God said:

How hungry is the heart that is out of practice of loving. It’s not the heart’s fault that it has been kept sheltered. The heart has been stepped on, even isolated by the supervisory mind. The mind puts the heart in isolation. The mind may think it is doing a good thing for the person it occupies, raising its owner above others, keeping its owner aloof, keeping its owner in some kind of frozen eliteness, in a place where common everyday love is not good enough to express itself. Continue reading

Political Vel Craft – Volubrjotr – Roman Catholic Pope Benedict XVI: Earth’s Ecosystem Damaged By Rothschild Hoarding And Not By Healthy Carbon Dioxide! – 18 August 2012

(Lucas: about the article – it is an interesting take and switch on the Pope’s count after hiring his new ‘ex-google save me from me and my churches bad image’ source man. Seeing also the half-truths played out well. Why do people still wanna belief the climate change is carbon dioxide related (You know Lucas, because they still believe and are indoctrinated to believe the mainstream news and their university and school books since Margareth Thatcher launched the new brand talk we still use today as being “the truth “), though CO2 is not healthy in overly abundance, the climate change is caused by earth changes, universe changes and our sun changing. But whatever! You should believe your own truths. ) Continue reading

Helane Lipson – Lilou Mace Herself Interviewed – Embracing What Is Real – 18 August 2012

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Bill Ballard – Meditation Is Simply Going Within – 18 August 2012

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DL Zeta – Cultivating ‘Dream Futures’ To Energize Your Highest Potentials – 18 August 2012

If we wish to energize and live our highest and best potentials, it is necessary to perceive and visit our future before we take action in our present moment. When we visit our future in consciousness, we are in a sense able to observe the field of our future potentials and choose the one that allows us to best carry out our spiritual purpose in this lifetime. As we carry out our spiritual mission, all the things we have asked for begin to manifest, including love, abundance, radiant health, creative achievements and much more. Continue reading