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Kevin Ruff – All About The Ego – 18 August 2012

We cannot look for outward confirmation of ourselves. All the external factors that we believe makes us who we are are always variables, so they always change. External factors are for example: Age, Looks, Nationality, Profession, Circle of Friends… Continue reading

Spirit Science – The Four Elements – 18 August 2012

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The Birth Of The Sacred – 18 August 2012


Beloveds, the distance between Dimensions is closing Now, reducing the space between the spiritual and the physical.

This is the process of Ascension and it has already begun.

It is happening to all who are inhabiting the Earth at this time – to the collective human family as well as to the plants, animals and the inhabitants.The inner senses are opening, now, to reveal what was formerly invisible. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – “Break-Up Could Make EU Function Better” Says Finnish Foreign Minister; Finland Totally Committed To Euro, Yet Prepared Break-Up – 18 August 2012

Yesterday, Finland’s foreign minister said “Finland must face openly the possibility of a euro-break up

“We have to face openly the possibility of a euro-break up,” said Erkki Tuomioja, the country’s veteran foreign minister and a member of the Social Democratic Party, one of six that make up the country’s coalition government. Continue reading

2012 : Down The Rabbit Hole, All The Way! – 18 August 2012

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Faiza – Unity – 18 August 2012

Unity is a very important subject to touch on, especially with all the “stuff” going on , on our planet. Unity is, i am told, the 4th law of love. In love and unity, there is no separation. But, we must ask ourselves, what is true unity? I believe it is the coming together for a common cause that benefits the community as a whole, being one entity in a common cause for the betterment of all Beings…and for the betterment of our dear planet… Continue reading

John Kettler – Drake – Spookey & Overt Simultaneously?! – 18 August 2012

(Lucas : as you know already I want you to have different insights to support your own truth finding. The Drake heavily supporters not questioning anything will not be pleased by this article.This does not mean questions may not be raised by people who think things do not add up or even have some flaws in them. It is still ‘you’ that needs to decide what is your truth not I. Think about my discernment notices and what I wrote about it. Somethings may be not what they look like or what they pretend to be. Keep always an open mind!) Continue reading