The Birth Of The Sacred – 18 August 2012


Beloveds, the distance between Dimensions is closing Now, reducing the space between the spiritual and the physical.

This is the process of Ascension and it has already begun.

It is happening to all who are inhabiting the Earth at this time – to the collective human family as well as to the plants, animals and the inhabitants.The inner senses are opening, now, to reveal what was formerly invisible.

New awareness are emerging and a new sense of the Sacred is being born.

The new energy of light causes both body and the consciousness to vibrate at a higher frequency, the frequency of the higher dimensions of light.

It is not just a matter of opening to new perceptions, beloved ones, It is a matter of allowing the changes in the heart and in consciousness that have already begun to happen.
Your heart knows how to do this. It has been waiting for a long time.
It has been waiting for this moment in time that is here, not just for tomorrow.

Do not be afraid of being left behind by the tide of change, and do not be afraid of the unknown things that lay before you.

There is nothing to fear from love and love’s purposes.
This is the meaning of Ascension, and all of life is celebrating the Birth of The Sacred Planet.

Even if life reveals things that are unexpected it is a matter of trusting the unknown, for the Unknown is God.

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