Lucas – I Choose Love, Only Love Rules – 19 August 2012

In recognizing all the things going on in channelings, radio shows and articles in people wanting to play out their own powers, their own truths and forcing theirs opinions through and even degrade others to not being from the light and being  dark, that love still is not fully in the hearts accepted and activated.

It is said to see  there is still  separation and the right or wrong game is still played as  all is in the end just all Is.  Divide and concur and winning of souls, in putting your interest of power and money above all will give you not the insight that this all is not needed to Unite.  Only  “Unconditional love” is needed with a high-five.

It would be nice to see the weapons laid down, to see the arguments, arrogance and denying others their truth or opinion stop. This will let you see all is part of One.  All is love.  So just say: I Choose Love and Only Love Rules. All fear,  power hunger, ignorance and hurt will turn in to bliss, gratitude and happiness.

We all are worth the love we long for deep in our hearts. No more being afraid of accepting, giving  and feeling love.  You are love. Just choose it to be your reality. Let love rule your life in all facets and see the sharing of it will kickstart all positive and beautiful as never seen before or imagined.

In remembering this  above, just listen to this song, it  says it all.

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Love and Light,


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