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John Smallman – Jesus – The Utter Joy Of Returning To Your Natural Divine State – 19 August 2012

Your awakening is a done deal.  Nothing can prevent it from occurring exactly as divinely intended.  Many of you are anxious, wondering when you will see some positive indications in the physical environment of the inevitable arrival of this momentous event.  You are all accustomed to drama – earthquakes, floods, revolutions, wars, accidents – and may well be expecting your awakening to be equally dramatic, possibly preceded by shocking or amazing revelations trumpeted by the mainstream media. Continue reading


John Smallman – Saul – Not All Of You Will Awaken In The Same Moment – 19 August 2012

Humanity’s awakening is at hand.  Of course you keep hearing that, because it is a fact.  Within the illusion however, time often seems to drag slowly and relentlessly onwards without an identifiable destination or purpose, as pain and suffering continue to plague your lives.  Time is illusory, and in your perception it generally slows down when you want it to pass more quickly, and it passes more quickly when you want it to slow down.  That in itself should demonstrate very clearly to you that it can only be illusory. Continue reading

OpEdNews – Stephen Lendman – Dangerous Anti-Iranian Warmongering – 19 August 2012

America plans for Iran what it’s doing to Syria and did to Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan.  

America and Israel wage aggressive wars of choice. Enemies don’t exist so they’re created. Belligerence is standard practice. Reckless irresponsibility defines their thinking.  Continue reading

Peggy Black – Wisdom And Guidelines For Multidimensional Humans – 19 August 2012

Know that it is your birthright to awaken.

With a gentle heart love yourself free of all imagined limitations.

You are a vibrational being, practice raising your vibrations with each breathe all the time.

You are here to transmute and transform energy through the alchemical chalice of your heart. Continue reading

The Telegraph – James Quinn – Lord Rothschild Takes 130 Million Pounds Bet Against The Euro – 19 August 2012

Lord Rothschild has taken a near-£130m bet against the euro as fears continue to grow that the single currency will break up.

The member of the banking dynasty has taken the position through RIT Capital Partners, the £1.9bn investment trust of which he is executive chairman.

The fact that the former investment banker, a senior member of the Rothschild family, has taken such a view will be seen as a further negative for the currency. Continue reading

Howard Crowhurst – Megalithic Secrets Of Carnac, Brittany – Megalithomania 2011 – 19 August 2012

Uploaded by on 28 June 2011 Continue reading

EnnKa – A Golden Egg – Lady Ifegena From The Dragon Realm – 19 August 2012

My beloved people of Earth, today I want to speak to you again. After a long break, it is possible for me today to speak to you. I am very happy because I am bringing you good news.

Recently, I could lay an egg. A Golden Egg. It is the symbol of the coming Golden Age. Dragon eggs are rarely laid and a Golden Egg is very rare and even we can not remember when the last Golden Egg was laid. Continue reading

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – 13th Gate Crystals – About The Dodecahedron Shape – 19 August 2012


The ’13th‘ Gate Crystals are rainbow light-filled crystalline dodecahedron. These crystals are Brazilian of birth but the crystal matrix within them is pure light. They have the ability to lead us through the hall of reflections through the solar mirror, home to our true selves.  The ’13th‘ Gate Crystals show us the 12 faces of self, seen from a different point of time at each angle. The prodigal light comes home after a journey that was successful yet long and arduous. New light aspects meet each other as the 13th face (the I AM Christ presence) looks into and upon the 12 crystalline reflections of the 13th Gate Crystal. Continue reading

BBC News – Julian Assange Expected To Make Statement – 19 August 2012

Julian Assange is expected to make a public statement later on the diplomatic row that has engulfed him since being granted asylum by Ecuador.

Wikileaks says its founder is to speak outside the Ecuadorean embassy in London, where he has been since June. Continue reading

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Sometimes ‘Wanting What You Get’ Is Better Than ‘Getting What You Want’ – 19 August 2012

A portal of possibilities exists at every turn of ones life. Are you brave enough to enter a place of holiness and risk losing yourself to a higher light? What is it you really want and are you ready to receive it?

The very energy of the word ‘WANT’ is a Portal, an Entrance and EXIT.   Want is a #13 vibration, which asks one to go to the edge, jump and learn to fly on the way down. It asks one to walk into the invisible and step without fear. 13 is all about the courage ‘to be, Just BE’. Continue reading