Bill Ballard – Discernment In These Times – 20 August 2012

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All photos credit Bill Ballard

Link to photos Bill: Hurricane Katrina Eastern Eyewall On the Beach Photos

I want to post a note on discernment in these times. First you have to understand we are ALL CREATORS, each and every one of us. Our creation is what we term OUR TIMELINE! That timeline must be focused upon with your full heart for it to manifest. There is no half ways or oops when it comes to manifestations. YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY AND ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT REALITY! No one else is doing this to you, and you KNOW THAT FOR CERTAIN when you move into a 5th dimensional and higher awareness.

There are many channels who I post messages from. Some of you who are just now awakening, and don’t take this personally, have not attuned to your creation and own discernment of messages that resonate with your creation. YOU are looking for someone else to tell you what is going on, and to pin YOUR RESPONSIBILITY ON… This is NOT what taking responsibility for your creation is… YOU must decide what it is you want, and focus on that! But note, this is a time of the separation from materialism and higher spiritual life, maybe not on this present world you are experiencing as 3D, 4D and now into lower 5D…

There is NO ONE who is responsible for telling you what truth is… ONLY YOU can do that. WE EACH have our own truths, just as we have our own manifestations we have created. No one is doing this to you. With that in mind, it is up to you to decide what you believe and hold to that thought (crown chakra), vision (third eye chakra) and invoke it (throat chakra) while feeling it from your heart (heart chakra)… This IS how your manifestations work and are created… NO ONE IS DOING THIS TO YOU!

Since everyone here on Earth has their 1 part of 7 Billion in the collective manifestation, then you are responsible for the world YOU CREATE… As far as messages coming from another, Personally I don’t rely on anyone… ONLY MY OWN… Channeled messages or other information from another source I use as ONLY CONFIRMATION of my own inner messages and guidance, the signs…

There are so many persons saying they are upset as someone’s message, they take as a promise doesn’t materialize… WELL… that is not what you are supposed to do here… YOU who are doing that, are being sheeple, following what you consider a leader… That time is LONG GONE NOW… There are no Gurus or masters to follow now… This is the time of YOUR OWN MASTERY “IF” Mastery is what you so choose… It is a choice!

I’m growing weary of all the whiners, those sheeple (excuse me while I speak truth) who are following this or that rather than mastering themselves. Only I know what is right for me… I don’t know what is right for you or where you are, what you wish/desire to create…
Think of it this way. You can look in my own photo albums at my photos of being in Hurricane Katrina, the strongest most destructive storm to hit USA. If you look at my photos and see the location, I am on the Eastern Eye Wall (strongest side) of the Hurricane as it made landfall… some 25 miles from the actual eye wall… If you notice, I am outside, with debris flying and landing all around as buildings, piers, vehicles and other missiles and projectiles are flying all round me… I am totally protected. I am living my life to the fullest in the highest adventure I could create for that time..

Now, I asked Archangel Michael if I could do this, before this storm hit, and how would I be? Would I get killed? The answer was and astounding “NO”, that I would be absolutely protected and fine as long as I was in my heart and having fun! I did, and with literally “my world” crashing out all around me, I did so, outside on the beach. The land where I was on is 24 feet above mean high tide which was the ONLY survivable place to do that on from Texas to Alabama… I had the time of my life.

Now, I know I would have been fine there. BUT, if you were to be at my side, following my path… Would you survive? BIG QUESTION! Could I tell you that YOU would survive? Heck NO! I can guarantee MY SURVIVAL because it was MY CREATION… but NOT YOURS! So do you see? That following me, may be kind of dangerous or life taking, threatening for you… I will be just fine.

I hope you understand this when you don’t take responsibility for your OWN CREATIONS! There is NO ONE TO FOLLOW BUT YOU, IF you are on the path of mastery… Don’t take what I say as truth… What I SAY ~ IS~ Truth for ME… SEE? I create my reality… not yours…

When we speak of what will happen in the future… THAT IS MY TIMELINE! You are welcome to join, but whatever happens, when joining, you are accepting the timelines of all those others who are also joining… We each have only 1 part, 1 vote, 1 timeline of our creation to merge into the rest… GET IT???

So quit whining about this message or that message not being right or coming to fruition… If it is for myself and karma (other person’s timelines) is not influencing the outcome, my manifestations happen instantly… If other persons timelines (karmic influences) are affecting the outcome, then it takes time for all energies to merge into material manifestations… it is not materialization or instant manifestation… See?

So anyway… to all who are waiting on someone to show them the way… or wanting to point fingers… Either participate or quit whining! I’m getting darned tired of hearing it!
Be response~able~ understand?
or not!

or not!

Bill Ballard

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