In5D – Raquel Spencer – Second Half of 2012 – Where Are We Headed? – 20 August 2012

So much has been written about the Cosmic Alignment. So much had been said about the great shift that is coming. However with the state of the world as it currently is, many wonder how much this cosmic alignment will really impact the world and humanity. We know that what is happening right now within the cosmos is only but a shift in the way the earth will receive energy. Or more accurately stated, the place in which the energy will flow from or be accessible after the cosmic alignment is what truly is changing.

It’s a new cosmic alignment! Simply a placement in the cosmos. Just think about how much better your car drives when the tires are aligned. Or how much better your body and back feel with your spine in proper alignment. You can use these analogies to help understand what the cosmic alignment will mean to providing the ‘space’ to connect to source energy. However, remember this alignment is already in full swing and the energy that is becoming available for the human mind and body to assimilate is already here. So how is that affecting or changing your reality?

I believe in miracles. I see them every day. But the true miracle that is happening at this time is the HOPE that is spreading across the planet. Hope for things to really change. Hope that compassion will become the norm. Hope that humans will remember that we are all connected and that every action we take affects others. It is this awakening and remembering that is truly what this 2012 marker is really all about.

The new cycle we are entering into is once again another 26,000 year cycle. Do you believe that we will wake up on Dec 22, 2012 and have a whole new perspective and understanding of our world and our relation to it? Maybe. Do you believe that every human being will have a deeper knowing in their soul? Hmm. What is happening is that humanity now has the ability to access purer and different frequency information. Those who can assimilate and understand or interpret those frequencies will begin to remember their truth at a much deeper level than prior to the cosmic alignment. That is why so many are waking up and beginning to remember.

Each new day brings us closer to remembering our truth. We hear so much about Full Disclosure, world markets collapsing, all the changes that are happening. The change will occur. The question is, who will be in the position to lead the world into a new level of awareness and understanding? The next generation, i.e. the children, live in a very different reality than we do. They perceive, act, think and process information differently. Many of the children remember and are awake to the fact that we are part of a galactic family. At least much more than we are. We, the adults if you will, are in the midst of breaking patterns, paradigms, thought processes and the common and habitual ways in which we do things. This is opening the door for the next generation to make real shifts in the outer world.

Unless there is a cataclysmic event, which I personally do not believe is coming, then the change that is occurring will happen over an extended period of time. We are in the middle of that extended period of time. Understand this and work every day to lay the new pathways, set the new blueprints and change the thought patterns within yourself. This is the real work of the forerunners, the lightworkers to make a true impact and change in this reality.

Each actions, each decision, each though has an impact. As a collective whole, we can affect our world for the positive. Stay true to your knowing and live each day as if you DO impact everything and everyone. Stay focused on the change you want to facilitate in the real 3D world. Break the old patterns so that the next generation can make the changes we envision.

We need to be thinking about strategic long term change. Yes, perception and reality can change over night for an individual. Therefore, the more individuals that can change their perceptions and understandings, the more the collective whole can. This is not a quick adjustment we are making. This is a massive change in the way humanity exists and interacts within the world and hopefully in time within our galactic family.

Don’t be disillusioned or lose your faith either. We signed up for a massive task and mission to make a course correction in humanities evolution. It’s been going on for years and will continue long after the Dec 2012 dates. We need to be in it for the long haul. We have to be strong enough to go into January 2013 knowing that we are still in the midst of the long term strategic plan of changing the course of humanity. Many will ridicule the light workers and try to tell us we were all in illusion. Many will try and use the fact that everything didn’t change on a dime to prove us wrong somehow. We will have to keep the vision and Light even stronger as we move onto the ‘other side’ of the galactic alignment. But with the full alignment in place, things that have still been a struggle for us in getting connected to source should become easier and clearer.

Hold steady, stay strong, know who you are and believe your actions make a difference. We are the ground crew, the specialist, the strongest in the cosmos who lined up to be here at this time. We have the strength and commitment to see this through. Remember who you are! Compassion and living through the heart is the way home. Live it every day! link to original article

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