Jelaila Starr – The Niburian Council – Jeleila’s Weekly Message – Is It Time For You To Walk In Two Worlds? – 20 August 2012

(Lucas: Jelaila has apparent mixed up her date in here newsletter. She mentiones 30 instead of 20 August.)

Hey ,
It’s interesting how information that the 9D Nibiruans gave me over a decade ago is now being scientifically verified.

As many of you know, I decided to return to the 3D business world recently.  As previously explained, my decision was based on fulfilling several purposes the most important being getting out of the house each day–I was too isolated.

It wasn’t until I reflected on my first week back in the working world that I realized how good the decision was.  As I sat on my deck enjoying an iced coffee last Friday, I recalled what a struggle it had been to give myself permission to make the move.

It also occurred to me that if I was called, I now fully believe I was, to return to 3D, and then others are experiencing the same.  And if that is the case, they are most likely having the same or similar struggles with their calling as I had.

So what are the signs of being recalled to 3D?

The first would be that you are presented with a job opportunity. The second would be that you are very interested in this job meaning that it is something you’d enjoy.  The third is that metaphorically speaking; you are experiencing the doors closing on your current work.  Opportunities are drying up along with funding and you have lost the passion you once experienced.  If you are experiencing all three signs then it just may be time for you to make the move.

What is the higher purpose behind returning to 3D?

It was this understanding (took me a while to get to it) that finally allowed me to make peace with and take action on the signs.  As I said, I really struggled mostly because I felt I would be doing this work until at least the end of 2012 and with that, the funding would continue.  When it, along with my passion, virtually stopped I was very confused.  But now I see that there is a reason: we need teachers or wayshowers of how to live in two worlds.  In other words, how live in a physical world–but with a higher consciousness.

Like with most individuals, I could only speculate about how things would look in 2012 and beyond.  I also believed that it would be just the Third Wave, awakening en masse in the final years that would provide this guidance.  It never occurred to me that the teachers of the First Wave would be called to return.

First Wave and Third Wave explanation:

If we are going to create a new reality, we need lots of folks in the 3D realm that have the knowledge and awareness to make it happen.  People learn best through emulation.
We need people with a higher awareness actively involved in the various areas of 3D life.  We need them showing us by example, how to raise a family, especially one with children who are most definitely not of Earth.  We need them to show us a higher way of working through conflicts with neighbors, bosses, the grumpy grocery store clerk.  We need them to show us how to alter the outcome of a lawsuit or bring healing to a long standing health issue. We need them showing us by example how to create unity in diversity in all areas of life including religion, race and politics.  As we all have been told, we cannot be effective in creating change within a system if we are standing outside of it.

The rewards of heeding the call.

Many years ago my guides said, “It is the right of all mankind to enjoy all the good things that 3D has to offer.”  Once I took the first step by picking up the phone and accepting the job, rewards have abounded.  I found a new sense of joy that had been missing in my life.  I realized I was having fun driving from one appointment to another meeting new people–in person rather than over the internet.  And though this may sound a bit silly, I’ve felt an unexpected girlish delight in dressing each day in nice clothes and wearing lipstick and perfume–a real change from jeans and sweats.
Getting out of the house helped eased the grief I’ve been moving through and has helped my overall emotional outlook tremendously.  It had started becoming a real battle to awake with a positive attitude.
Then there are the unexpected rewards for this work.  After being But the most surprising reward was a renewed enthusiasm for this work; along with the understanding that it was not that I should end it but add something to it, the return to 3D.
And finally, the sign that this was correct is that the money began flowing again to support this work…and this is on top of what I’m earning in my 3D job!
In closing, I’ve come to see that my mission is not yet over, there’s a new assignment at hand.  I couldn’t see it because it involved returning to the 3D business world and that was something I had long felt would never be required…guess I was wrong.
So, I will continue this work but in a new and different way.  Now it will include sharing stories of life being lived in 2 worlds…should be interesting, eh?
If you are being called back to 3D, I hope my sharing will give you the confidence to make that move.  You are needed to again show the way.

In service,

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