Lucas – USA Attacked By West-Nile Virus?! – Spraying!? – Drugs Promoted!? – 20 August 2012

In a recent posted article the West-Nile Virus was clearly indicated not to be existent (1). It has never been proven to exist. What virus there is found is not clear. We are also not sure if it is not a bio-engineered virus that has “escaped” from some sort of secret laboratory or is released on purpose or even is coming from another source or just could be mutated or even is a new natural virus or whatever.  ‘The West-Nile virus’ not proven but guilty.

Remarkable is that the anti-viral drug Ribavirin (2)  is mentioned and I forgot this could be a big pharma gold nugget in providing a solution.  Also the spraying pesticide manufactures are clearly happy!

The mainstream media are also getting into this ABC, CBS,  etc.  ABC is vigorously reporting about the ‘virus’ and also did in last september in mentioning that  in Israel where also reported deaths of  West-Nile Virus (2*).  Strange.  A never proven to exist virus is reported in Israel and the USA. I wonder if we hear soon some country is to be blamed for spreading it!?

Now in a counter measure all over the USA pesticides are sprayed (3).  It seems to me that this could be even more deadly than the virus. It is like the chemtrails story where lethal substances are sprayed in the air.

The chemical released from the planes, synthetic pyrethroid, mimics a naturally occurring substance found in chrysanthemums. The Environmental Protection Agency has said that pyrethroids do not pose a significant risk to wildlife or the environment, though no pesticide is 100 percent safe.(4)
There is still a row over the toxicity of the pesticide for humans and animals and plants or even aquatic life. It seems there is no guarantee  it is totally safe as already said. So this spraying is a big risk that can not be undone.

Could this be the first stage of getting to a National Emergency Alert and will we have FEMA control as shadow government over the country? Will those FEMA camps be used?  It all seems to much coincidence as the Euro and Dollar are near a collapse and the fiat-currency system and all what is connected is coming to an end. There must be a way to regain control for the dark ones and illuminati. This emergency FEMA control and all powers coming with it could be it.

This is a possible scenario painted above. If  those little things seemingly not connected are connected it would be for sure an  indication  the system failing and crashing is imminent. All ingredients are here to make it the biggest domestic  USA false flag ever.  A takeover whilst in a national emergency status is a very good strategic option.  And if this scenario is getting another bigger dimension  somebody could be the scapegoat and made into a bio-terrorist (it would for sure be Iran that got blamed)  and maybe this will help the desperate dark ones  to start their war?  I think this will not happen, but it will be tried.







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