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In5D – Raquel Spencer – Second Half of 2012 – Where Are We Headed? – 20 August 2012

So much has been written about the Cosmic Alignment. So much had been said about the great shift that is coming. However with the state of the world as it currently is, many wonder how much this cosmic alignment will really impact the world and humanity. We know that what is happening right now within the cosmos is only but a shift in the way the earth will receive energy. Or more accurately stated, the place in which the energy will flow from or be accessible after the cosmic alignment is what truly is changing. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – If Love Were Food – 20 August 2012

God said:

Perhaps you have been pouncing on evidence of not being loved rather than citing evidence of being loved. Like a cat pouncing on a toy, you pounce on your being overlooked. Or, someone indeed may love you. There is clear evidence ten times over, and then there is a time or two when you do not seem to get top billing, and you are devastated. Then it is like you are the wicked witch in Sleeping Beauty and you question: “Who is the most loved of all in all the land?” If the mirror of your mind names someone else, you are upset to distraction. Continue reading

Lisa M Harrison – A Conversation With Kelly La Sha – 20 August 2012

A conversation with Kelly La Sha

Kelly La Sha is the Author of Liquid Mirror. In this conversation she shares her introduction to the Dark Side as a child of 4, her rescue and spiritual training throughout childhood by a very special being and much more. Continue reading

SFP Fire At Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 Possible – 23 Old Mark 1 Reactors In US With Same Problem – 20 August 2012

Uploaded on 19 August 2012 by Continue reading