Visionkeeper – The Garden Gate – 20 August 2012


As I was looking at this picture as I always look at them until one speaks to me and tells me what to write about, this one stopped me and so I looked at it a short while and then I saw the message. We are all standing at this beautiful gate looking out into the field of the new world beyond.  We are close enough now to the end of our journey to be able to glimpse what lies in wait for us on the other side. We can see and taste and feel freedom floating about in our field. Just as in the picture, we are standing amidst the flowers that were placed there to give us the illusion that this side of the gate can offer us more, it is where we are meant to be.

We are led to believe the field is barren and has nothing to offer us unlike the plethora of flowers all around us. We stand here looking and longing now because we know there is far more than what meets the eye on the other side of the gate! Let us at least pick the flowers and enjoy their scent while we wait patiently for a way to climb over the fence to freedom. We are close, so close, and we must stay strong now and prepare for the end of the journey.

The fact we can more clearly see now what lies on the other side allows frustration to creep in and threatens to throw us off track. This is often referred to as walking between the worlds. Living in the land of lies at the same time knowing the truth. It is often a difficult balancing act to have our feet planted on the shores of two rivers. It is good to know the truth so we can stay aware and know what is happening around us, but at the same time it is painful to know we are being lied to. We are given the choice of remaining mired in the muck of lies or jumping up on the rocks and staying in the truth despite the pain it causes.

For many it seems too difficult to walk in both worlds. Their foundation has been rocked causing the earth beneath their feet to shift throwing  them off-balance. They grab hold of what is familiar to hold onto, not daring to climb the rocks to the truth. Our self-confidence has been eroded over time by the dark ones, our self-worth torn apart and cast asunder. If we all look around us and take note of the many who are walking in both worlds, we see it is doable and those doing it actually seem to be thriving. This is the truth of this moment. We are strong and capable of doing anything we put our intentions on, so now it becomes a choice we have control of and because we have choice, we must be honest with ourselves. Are we running from the truth or are we facing it? If we face it, we awaken and join the journey.

So while we are waiting to climb the fence to the other side let us all take the time to enjoy all we have been given in our lives and feel gratitude despite the dark ones attempts to pull us under. We are all blessed in our own ways. Let us pick the flowers around us and pass them back to the end of the line to be enjoyed. If we must wait let us make the most of our time. Use this time to do your final sweeping out within and ready the now empty space for love to enter and take root. Take time to finally know yourself and become a trusted friend you can rely on. Reach out to others and help to lift them up where needed or just be a support to those who remain fearful of the change. We do not have long to wait now, however, so do not procrastinate. Be love and be light!

Blessings to you all,

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