Brenda Hoffman Channeled Creation Energies – 22 August 2012

Show from 19 August 2012

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Summary of 8/12/12 Creation Energies show – the free, 15-minute, show channeled by Brenda Hoffman: Your personal New Age software is now downloaded. You might already be testing your new software. But before your physical being changes dramatically, your spiritual and emotional beings will explore your new interests/software.

Joy is Your Teacher; Pain is Your Compass was the title of last week’s Brenda’s Blog – her free, weekly, channeled blog for

Even though both Brenda’s Blog and her Creation Energies show may be about the same or similar topic, they are channeled on different days and so contain different information.

Overview of 8/19/12 Creation Energies show: Competition is no longer an important element. Golden Indigos are no better than Indigos. All who are or have been on earth are important parts of this transition. The next few days and months are about learning new skills and testing your personal New Age software through your heart. A new skill indeed available to all now on earth.

Internationally noted New Age author and channeler, Brenda Hoffman helps you have fun with your new and enhanced creation skills.

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