Dutchsinse – Update – New Bubbles Form Near Bayou Corne Louisiana / Grand Bayou – 22 August 2012

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Here is my previous video explaining what it happening generally — and what I believe to be the ultimate “cause” of this event . http://youtu.be/wcbLvO0-huQ

As I said in this original video , while showing examples on google earth off the coast of Louisiana.. the salt domes occur right next to one another, or even overlapping one another at some points.

It should be NO SURPRISE that the adjacent domes will be effected [damaged/fractured?] … thus producing NEW bubbles, eventually new collapses .

In order to understand why this all is happening .. one must understand the pressure on the craton is massive.. it is causing earthquakes at fracking locations due north in Arkansas, and just northwest in Oklahoma….. also earthquakes at locations just west in Texas (at drilling injection well sites)… move westward towards colorado/new mexico.. again earthquakes at fracking/injection well operations.. also the farther west you go, the more dormant volcanoes begin to show a rise in activity. Not even commenting right now on the “steam” activity in the SW USA.

The global unrest “event” is the culprit (overall). The fractured salt domes in the south USA are a symptom of the greater problem.

The ‘greater problem’ being the excessive pressure building on the North American Craton — pressure coming from the Pacific plate , which itself has gone into overdrive… also due to the global unrest “event”.

Clearly we are seeing the North American EQ’s occur at the drilled ‘weak points’ created along the edge of the plate — CO, NM, OK, AR, TX .. even VA, OH, PA, and southeast Canada near new brunswick…. again… these states have all experienced out of the ordinary earthquake activity this past year… which also shows the accelerating movement along the edge of the north american plate / craton.

The Louisiana salt domes are just the beginning — my best guess is that we shall see more developments in Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida coast.

One could say, at this point, underground salt dome storage might not have been such a good idea , the geologists were NOT counting on this global unrest “event” to occur anytime in this eon ….. the old saying “its not a matter of IF .. but WHEN”..

WHEN = NOW unfortunately .

WHAT is causing the global unrest “event” which is disturbing the pacific plate noticeably , then accelerating the movement of Laurentia , possibly increasing the speed of subduction, thus causing EQ’s and salt dome ruptures along the edge of the perturbed plate?

Internal issues having to do with magma/core interaction? External issues having to do with the Sun? Man made issues having to do with frequency? Galactic causes? Extra-solar possibilities ?

No one knows thats for sure, and if they do. Surely, no one can say “nothing is happening out of the ordinary”, when we’re daily / weekly seeing news like this develop.

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