Lucas – The Beautiful World Of Tomorrow Is Manifested Today – 22 August 2012

A great feeling of bliss and happiness I feel when the streams of life to source where acknowledged and the world of manifesting everything in unconditional love and in all for the best of all is reaching out to me.

It is a struggle to set aside all you know, your beliefs, your (false) thrusts and things you are confident in, to abandon all you have  learned and your parents or guardians said to be right not to be needed anymore. It is truly unveiling the layers of the onion. First you get the part of crying and then get to the taste of the real thing that is pure and pleasant.  (Maybe not for all of us, in this analogy).

Hasn’t it  always been that way! Some things you have to experience to understand what is of true beauty, bliss  and joy. You look back and remember often why thinks where that difficult with the knowledge of the now and see it now as a piece of cake, because you know it is what you got in the end that made it worthwhile.

I am confident we all will get there in the end. Even if it is a struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I say always: “Look at that light. See it and  visualize it being in front of you. The light is not at the end of the tunnel it is right in front of you and always was.”  It is just the way you perceive reality that makes it you see it or not.

It is the same as that what will take place in you. You have to get away from your mind thinking and going towards feeling with your new thinking center the heart.  It has always been from conception till now your real mind but this knowledge was kept from you via manipulation and  duality.

It is now you will find your solution going back within and feeling the feel of non-judgement, non-polarization, absence of duality in you being connected with your heart and the source of all that is.  There IS only in this state. Envision to be a child playing and having fun with others, building things, imagining things, creating things.

You did this all probably in your early childhood as free as birds without having any beliefs, patterns, teachings , education, without having a thought about fear, without having  a government, law enforcement agency, your boss or whatever or whomever to say to you this is not permitted or wrong.

It is that feeling of ‘being’ you, you probably will have. But you will get more if you step out of the box and see your new world. You will see you can tap into all the knowledge of existence. You can be what whatever you want to be  and be whenever you want to be  and with whomever your want to be with.There  is no limitation of time anymore. There are no boundaries.

You will have all the abundance you need, as you need nothing more than you need and all is available all the time. In this fluid way of being alive like a drop of water connecting and being a drop and then an ocean or stream, lake or sea, or being steam and condense or even a snowflake or ice.  The living together and co-creating will be in this fluid way also.

There will be some leading or guiding things but just in that way as they are in the form to be the right ones to do this at that moment. All will always be done  for the best of all.  There is no more power or duality or emotions behind things done. Co-creating will be done in a certain organic way, a fluid way.

What is needed to be manifested for the all is  brought together as the drops in the ocean. The manifestation is then brought into existence by vibrating  the frequencies matching the form. You may have seen the film The Abyss where a water fluid like creature manifested.  It can have any form, taste, feel,  it needs to have as it is manifested that way in co-creating between the drops so to say.

You may see this analogy in micro and macro configuration everything is created that way from multi-dimensional universe to the amoeba and the atom. All is  vibrational creation originating from the source, the unity and oneness. If you see this you may see why there is never ever anything being wrong or right, it is just a matter of how you perceive things at a certain vibrational level in existence. We will go now into a higher vibrational field and therefore perceive things different.

Elevation of energies is being going on for some time. It is that what has and will eventually awaken all to its natural state of being One with the source. Being connected to the source from our heart and connected with our Gaia. We just have to live the unconditional love from our hearts and it will set all free.

We will manifest the world of tomorrow today if you are ready to make the leap! Let go. Do not see it as Pandora’s box opened but see it as the matrix that is revealed. The box of illusion you will see fading away. Remember there is only unconditional love from all and your source, god, creator. There is thus no need for doubt or fear. But know whatever you choose it is your free will and know you are loved and your choice honoured.

Love and Light,


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One response to “Lucas – The Beautiful World Of Tomorrow Is Manifested Today – 22 August 2012

  1. thank you Lucas for all your hard work, and for this very insightful message.
    It is good when those of you who spend so much time bringing through information that may assist in evolution of our souls, stop and speak from your heart directly. I love it when Wes Annac does this, himself just 19 or 20 and a walk in who shares his messages at Aquarius Channellings, and once in a while he just breaks down and tells it like he sees it himself…with his own doubts, and insights, fears and joys. We are all sharing the human condition in a state of massive flux and shift, and your own voice is always crucial to add in to your postings.
    robert lee morris