Lucas – The Nano Technology You Should Know About – 22 August 2012

The term nano technology is nowadays wide-spread and becoming common. What it means is something very different.  Most of you think it is just a name for very very small. It is not to detect with the eye. On Molecular level Nano units denoting a factor of 10−9 (one billionth). On Nano scale things are at least one dimension sized from 1 to 100 nanometres.

The consequences of this technology and other far-reaching implications are not well know with the people.  The Nano field scatters into several fields of research  going from bio science, health sciences, chemical applications and synthetics,  till robotics, and molecular technology.

What is already done with those technologies is a lot and many things are not known to be checked for environmental  and health implications.

The reach of products goes from molecular motors (yes molecules that make up a motor), injectables,  nano-cameras and transmitters,  medical nano surgical robots, nano-sprays, nano-electronics, nano paints, etc.

The military, intelligence  and law-enforcement use of nanotechnology is for sure not forgotten. DARPA would not be long in business if they did not have this field already covered.

On Facebook  a picture is going round of a nan0-mosquito that can attach itself to persons for surveillance purposes (see picture above).  Not so long ago there was also talk about nano-drones that could be manufactured low-cost for surveillance and attack  use. You can throw millions out of a plane in a little box and cover great areas with them and they are if lost or broken cheaply replaced.

Also unwillingly being stung or infected with nano-botics flying syringes or needles is a very good possibility to use in bio-chemical warfare. It would surprise me if they not already experimented with those  ideas. I hope not that any outbreak of viruses that now is  present in the world is caused by such wicked ideas.  So be  warned about the nano-tech implications and uses. It is  not unthinkable but already in some cases used or experimented with. You can find articles on it on the net.  Just be informed.

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