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Tazz & Paula Radio Show – Blogtalkradio – Interview – Sheldan Nidle says : “Our Planet’s Truth is Emerging” – 23 August 2012

The show aired today 23 August 2012

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Sheldan Nidle says ” Our Planet’s Presently, from every corner of our planet truth is emerging and the dark agenda is being exposed rapidly one step at a time as you can see on the internet and now even in the media. In Sheldan’s last update … he says, that the “matrix” we all are part of … will be dismantled. Continue reading

A Planet Of One – 23 August 2012

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RT – ‘Greece is bankrupt. Full stop. Game over’ – 23 August 2012

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Wes Annac – The Ascended Masters : Your New Lives Are Just Beginning – 23 August 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Energies of a Crystal resonation and vibration are being funneled down through your bodies and chakras, and many of you are beginning to recognize these energies as they are given through you. You are recognizing that these energies are indeed a sign of things to come, and this realization is making way for your unlimited powers of natural Creation to become known in wonderful ways. Continue reading

Jamye Price – Weekly LightBlast – Rest! – 23 August 2012

How funny that after last week’s LightBlast lecture ;o) on Fortitude we now are told to rest?!  Actually, it is a beautiful continuation of Universal Law that supports Life.  Rest is essential.  Not only to our physical bodies, but to Creation.  It is another way of saying equilibrium or balance.  When we are at Rest, the direct flow has an opportunity to open and receive new information.  From that point of Rest, new choice is made and creation begins anew.  This is part of creation and you recognize it as the Feminine aspect of Life.  Rest is a point of reception as the interaction with Life, the unity, is honored. Continue reading

Gregory Mannarino – The FED’s Monetary Scam Is Coming Apart – 23 August 2012

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Shanta Gabriel – Archangel Gabriel – A Vessel Of Peace – 23 August 2012

Dear Ones,

The past two weeks have been a powerful period of awakening. In the process you have been instrumental in creating a new template for Divine Love on the planet as well as assisting in bringing an immense download of this love and powerful light to create positive change on the Earth. Because Love will literally bring up all that is unlike itself within you, many are experiencing upheaval in their emotional states. In fact you may be noticing increased turmoil in many areas of your life. Continue reading